Blue venom girl update Friday 29th April 2022

Blue venom girl 29th April 2022: Avi informs Apu that he is going to office. She says good he is trying to move ahead in life and wishes him all the best. She thinks even Mandira is not at home and Malay is also going out, she would go to some place now. Mandira fumes that Apu spoilt her kheer plan. She thinks of one more plan.Malay is about to leave for office with Avi when Mandira acts as slipping and twisting her leg. Malay drops her to her room. She in lieu of applying pain spray to her ankle sprays it on Malay.

Malay gets hypnotic. He goes and starts luring Apu. Apu asks what happened to him. He kisses her, lifts and takes her to his room. She resists. He forcefully removes his shirt and gets intimate. Mandira gets happy that if they consummate, she will get Vishkanya’s chid. Apu slaps him and pleads to come into his senses.He does not and continues kissing her. She says Mandira is black smoke who killed Vardaan and Nandita. He does not listen an forces him on her and wears blanket. The consummate.After some time, Apu wakes up with tears and Malay is seen sleeping on bed with blue lips. Apu opens door and says Mandira you won black smoke, you will get what you wanted. Mandira laughs and says she wil get Apu’s youth and power and for that, she can sacrifice 100 Malays, looks at sleeping Malay. Apu asks if she can meet mom now. Mandir says she can as she is kind hearted black spirit, she will gift her anything she wants for the baby she is giving her after 9 months.

Mandira lifts Malay’s hand and sees him in deep sleeep. She asks Apu to give him a kiss once. Apu stands crying. Mandira then asks if she does not want to meet her mother and drags her from there.Mandira forces Apu to sit in a car if she wants to meet her mom. Apu calls Malay silently. He wakes up and asks her to keep her phone on. He wipes blue color from his body and reminices hearing Apu and Mandira’s conversation and realizing Mandira is a black smoke who killed Vardaan, real Mandira, Chikki, Nandita, etc.He tells Apu that he exchanged things in Mandira’s room and asks her to keep her phone on so that he can know where Mandira takes her.Mandira starts driving. Apu starts telling address over phone to Malay and Malay starts following. Mandira realizes something is fishy and checks her bag and finds mobile in it. She sees Malay’s last dialed number and realizes Malay is alive. She disconnects call.

They reach a hospital where Kalpana is kept. Goons try to stop Apu. She removes her neem-tulsi beed anklet and shows her vishkanya form. They all get afraid and run. Kalpana hears Apu’s voice, frees herself, runs out and sees Apu.Mandira catches Apu and shouts how dare she is to betray her, if not her child, she will kill her now. She tortures Apu. Apu says she will be finished today. Mandira starts strangulating her. Malay reaches and tries to burn door, but matchbox falls in water.He then sees kerosene bottle nearby, throws it on door and somehow burns it. Kalpana prys god to save her daughter. Malay reminisces Apu’s words to stab evil spirit with knife to kill it. He picks knife and runs towards Mandira. Mandira/black smoke strangulates Apu. Malay throws knife on Mandira and she leaves Apu. He runs and asks Apu if she is fine. Apu says yes and scratches Mandira’s face and herself feels pain. Mandira says if she kills her, even she will die. Apu says she is okay with it.

She drops her blood on floor and it catches fire. She asks Malay to take care of Kalpana and fights with Mandira. Mandira says she is wasting her precious poison and energy. Apu says maybe god has made her to destroy black smoke. She kills black smoke and black smoke vanish. Malay shouts Apu.. Apu comes back unhurt.Apu goes back to Mittal mansion with Malay and Kalpana and tells Malay that she is going to stay at a sadhu’s ashram in hamalayas from here on and even Kalpana wants to stay at herhome booth badi.Malay goes to his room and feels emotional, he realizes he loves Apu now. He thinks if he is betraying Vardaan. A flower falls from Vardaan’s photo and he thinks Vardaan also wants him to reunite with Apu.Kalpana packs Apu’s bags. Sadhu comes and asks if she is ready. Apu says yes. He gets rabbit and asks her to remove her neem-tulsi beeds and touch rabbit. Apu says innocent rabit will die. He says do as he says. She does and rabbit does not die. Sadhu says devi maa cured her poison and she is a normal human now.

Malay comes out and asks Apu will she love him again. Apu gets emotional. Kalpana says god reunited Apu and Malay.Apu and Malay hapens. Malay carries Apu to their room and consummates with her. In the morning, Apu performs pooja and gives aarti to Malay and Avi. Avi says Malay that Apu may be his wife now, but she is his friend since a long time, so he will get prasad first. Malay and Apu leave for office. Apu thanks god for giving back her happiness.


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