Blue venom girl update Thursday 10 March 2022


Blue venom girl 10 March 2022: Vardaan brings water for Atosh and finds him unconscious on bed. She calls whole family. Whole family rushes in and wakes him. He wakes up and shouts Apu killed cat and will kill even him. He says cat is on floor. They see nothing on floor. He runs and opens fridge and shouts seeing cat’s deadbody there. Family runs and opens fridge and does not see anything. Harsh asks Malay to call doc. Atosh shouts he is not mad and doc will mix poison in his medicines and will kill him.

Family gets Atosh ready for court hearing. Apu is brought handcuffed by judge and inspector. Atosh panicks and shouts Apu will kill her and tried to kill her in hospital. Judge scolds inspector for accepting insane person’s complaint and wrongly arresting Apu and dismisses case. He warns inspector that he will be suspended if he does this mistake again and suggests Apu to file defamation case on Mittals. Apu says they are her neighbors and she does not have any issues with them.Atosh gets out of control in room and his 3 siblings hold him tightly. He shouts Apu will kill her. They say he is so vast, why is he afraid of Apu. He says he will kill Apu then. Nandita slaps him and shouts he spoilt her plan.

He orders her puppets to lock Atosh in a room and they all leave locking him inside a room.Malay sadly stands near window thinking. Vardaan comes and insists to see Kolkota. He agrees and gets up and they both clash. He gets nervous and says sorry. He says let us go.Nandita tells her puppets that like Kalpana told, she got Apu released, now she will plan something else. They all hear Atosh shouting to get him out. She says let him be inside room until his madness goes. Vardaan with Malay comes down and says they are going out and will be back by the evening. Nandita says they can go. They hear Atosh shouting again, but Nandita sends them out.

Atosh continues shouting. Apu comes and says if he wants to have food. He knocks dooor shouting to open door. He turns and sees Apu not there. He writes a letter and runs away from window. Apu watches him running hiding behind pillar. Atosh eats pani puri on street. Kalpana comes. Atosh asks if she came to kill hm. She says yes. Panipur vendor opens veil and Atosh is shocked to see Apu. Atosh eats pani puri at street stall and gets afraid seeing Apu as pani puri vendor. Nadita reads Atosh letter that he is going from her house as she did not agree that Apu wants to kill him. Apu removes her neem/tulsi bead necklace and her skin turns blue. Atosh asks what is happenig. She says he will die now. He gets engrasped in ditch slowly.


Apu says he will die like he killed her. He asks then how did she escape. She says she is vishkanya. She cuts her finger, blood falls on groud and leaves on groud burns. Atosh totally gets engrasped in ditch and vanishes.Malay ad Vardaan walk on road. He buys roses and dors in Vardaan’s hair and wiggles her hair. A romantic song plays in the background. She enjoys emotions closing eyes. Malay calls her and she opens eyes to realize it is just her imagination. He buys her icecream. She says Kolkota is really beautiful. He says that is why he brought her to this place and he used to come here with Apu, then stops seeing her..He says he does not know anything about her except her name, asks if she loves someone. She nods no.He says good, else she would have suffered like him. He starts coughing, she asks what happened and tries to touch him, he pushes her and says it is okay and then they both leave from there.Kalpana smirks after Atosh dies and says Apu one murderer is gone, she has to punish rest of culprits. Apu say she will punish Nandita’s brothers and then Nandita. Kalpana asks what about Malay. Apu reminisces Malay’s immense love for her and stands silently.

Kalpana asks if she is listening to her. Apu says yes, she will get rid of whatever comes between her and her goal. She further says he has planned a surprise for neighbors tomorrow morning. They both smirk.Vardaan comes to Malay’s room. Malay under shower reminisces judge prounoucning Vardaan innocent and freeing her. He comes out of bathroom and sees Vardaan there, hurriedly wraps towel around him and asks what is she doing here. She asks why can’t he lock door when he bathes. He says he does not have habit of locking door and says she should have been careful. She slips and holds her. Their chit chat continues. Nandita calls them to finis remaining rituals. Malay wears clothes and they both go down.Malay asks mom what he has to do. Kumkum says he has to find out his wife among veiled women. Madan jokes. Malay checks womena and is about to open Vardaan’s veil when Apu comes and stands wearing veil. He leaves Vardaan and walks towards her, extends hands to remove her veil, and gets emotional seeing Apu. Apu smiles while Nandita and her puppets fume.

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