Blue venom girl update Monday 28 February 2022

Blue venom girl 28 February 2022: Malay enters store room calling Apu and and Kalpana. Kalpana and Apu hide in secret cupboard. Malay looks at cupboard door but walks out searching them. Apu silently comes out and asks her what happened, why is his shirt wet. He says her new veiled servant dropped water on him and told you are in store room. Kalpana comes from backside silently and asks why will they go to store room.

Vardaan watches them coming out of store room and silently enters store room and opens cupboard. She gets afraid seeing herself in cupboard mirror and thinks why is it empty and why it has big mirror. She sees rat and gets afraid and shouts. Apu hears sound and walks down. Vardaan toches glass and is surprised to sees secret door. Kalpana sees store room door open and enters it. Vardaan hides behind wall. Apu sees salt packets torn and thinks rats must have done it. Vardaan silently slips from behind. Apu senses her running and walks towards her room. Vardaan silently goes and sleeps on her bed. Apu sees her sleeping and walks out. Vardaan calls Nandita and informs her about the secret door. Nandita asks her to check what is inside. Vardaan prays god to help her.

Electricians decorate lights at Kalpana’s home and due to wrong wiring, short circuit happens and house catches fire. Vardaan feels hot and wakes up to see fire all over. She wakes up everyone. Mittal family and neighbors see fire and rush towards house. Malay tries to jump in but Abhi stops him. Kalpana, Dida and Tapur come out. Apu calls for help. She realizes her mother didi bhai is in secret room and runs to bring her out. Malay forcefully enters house and sees Apu bringing Didi bhai.

Malay rush into Apu’s burning house and sees her carrying a lady. He crosses fire, picks lady and takes her out. Kalpana runs and holds her calling didi bhai. Apu calls her maa and feeds her water. Nandita is shocked that didi bhai whom she tried to killed 18 years ago is alive. She realizes Kalpana played a trick to take revenge and angrily walks to her home. She confronts Harshvardan that the lady who ruined her life is still alive and is living as neighbor since 18 years, now her sister is trying to take revenge by getting her daughter married to Malay.

Neighbors ask Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her sister. Rasik and Malay take family to Mittal house and after they relax, Rasik asks Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her didi bhai and tells story how an evil man crushed her didi bhai and jijaji with his car and killed jijaji, didi bhai went into coma. When she filed police complaint, police did not do anything as man was from rich family and instead troubled her. Apu is didi bhai’s daughter and Tapur is her daughter. She came here thinking of her family’s safety and did not let even tell children about didi bhai and hid her till now. Nandita fumes hearing the story. Malay picks didi bhai and makes her sleep on bed.

Kalpana tells Apu that Nandita knows their plan now. Apu says nobody can harm them now. Nandita hear that and yells at Kalpana that she is a good actor, she had an affair with her husband and tried to snatch father from Malay. She will not be able to take revenge now. Kalpana says she will take revenge for sure, she did not know that Malay was married, else she is not a one who would build her house on someone’s grave, now didi bhai daughter will take revenge. Nandita says she will tell truth to Malay and then he will kick them off his life.

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