Blue venom girl update monday 14 March 2022


Blue venom girl 14 March 2022: Malay takes Vardaan to market and suggests her to shop. She joke she will not fall on him in market and goes to washroom. Malay gets busy playing game. Apu passes via him and enters washroom. Vardaan is also in washroom but does not notic Apu. She enters toilet. Apu applies hair extension and dusky south Indian makeup. Vardaan comes out and does not notice her even then and walks out. Apu completes her South Indian makeup with jewelry, specs, etc., and walks out. Nigam waits at lottery shop. Lottery vendor says once his madam enters, Nigam’s fate will change. Apu enters as lottery vendor’s south Indian boss and asks Nigam if he is ready to invest/play game in 5 min or he will leave.

Nigam says she will not find a gamer like him in whole India and he is very rich. She says now she will enjoy playing with him, game. He says he has seen her somewhere. She says must be, there are 7 people with same face. Vendor asks if deal is final. Nigam says final.Vardaan does vegetable shopping with Malay and says let us have aloo puri and tries to bargain with seller. She starts boring Malay with her bak bak. Malay goes to wash hands when she sees Apu at a distance speaking over phone and starts following her. Apu goes into lottery shop and wathes from a distance, thinks she cannot see Apu properly, calls Abhi to asks him to come there right now. Apu tells Nigam that he will get double amount if he wins lottery, if he invests 50 lakhs, he will get 1 crore. Nigam’s eyes widen with greed and asks what if he loses. She says he will get back money as winning amont will be given by her company from their pocket. She gives him 1 lakh rs postdated cheque. Nigam greedily looks at cheque. Vardaan silently walks towards lottery shop and is about to peep into window when Malay comes and asks if she plays lottery also. She nervously says yes… He says let us go hoeme. She tries to peep repeatedly but stops seeing Malay and walks with him.


Vardaan comes back home and tells Abhi that she saw Apu for sure. He asks her to chill. She sees Apu coming home. Apu goes home and hides her hair extension in cupboard, gets a call and gets busy. Vardaan says Abhi that she needs to know Apu’s plan to save Malay.Apu shows Nigam’s secret locker to Kalpana. Kalpana digs ground and tries to open locker and says it is locked, says Apu she has to get key from Nigam at any cost, else how will they give money to Nigam. Vardaan calls her and invites her for a get together tonight. Apu says she does not understand what is in her mind. Vardaan says she has fasted for Malay’s long life and has invited other neighboring ladies also. Apu says if she is fasting for Malay, then she will definitely come. Apu say Kalpana that Vardaan is a fool to call her to Mittal mansion, she will get key from Nigam somehow now. Vardaan thinks she needs to know Apu’s plan at any cost.

Apu does seating arrangements for ladies. Nandita and Kumkum praise her that she got adapted to their house so soon. Ladies start coming in. Malay comes and Vardaan slips on him as usual and apologizes. Apu enters. Nandita asks Vardaan to prepare halwa for Malay. Vardaan says she does not know to prepare it. Abhi says he will get online receipe. Vardaan prepares halwa. Malay tastes it and spits it shouting it is very salty. Apu smiles and says she has brought Malay’s favorfite halwa and feeds him. Vardaan gets jealous.Apu tries to leave to get key from Nigam, but Vardaan forces her to get mehandi on her hands. She herself rushes to Apu’s house and starts checking her room. Apu serves halwa to everyone and serves Nigam, Madan and Sunder. Nigam tastes halwa and starts vomiting. His key falls down. Apu takes its print on soap and returns it to Nigam. Vardaan finds hair extension in Apu’s room and thinks what is Apu up to now. She runs and breaks vase on the way.

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