Bitter sweet love starlife Thursday 16 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu saying I will keep all the relations in Sasural and become your daughter., just permit me to keep terms with my Maayka, job and music. Savita and Vaibhav permit her. Vandu thanks them. She hugs Vedika. Vedika says you are very imp for this house, don’t worry, I m here. She asks Vaibhav to keep Vandu well and give her much love.

Vandu takes Pammi’s blessings and hugs her. Vijay cries. Vandu hugs her family members. Kehta hai Babul…plays… Vijay hugs Vandu and cries a lot. Vandu gives a pic to Anagha with a note. Everyone sees the notes and gets emotional. Vandu cries and takes a farewell. Vijay blesses Vandu. Anagha asks Vandu not to look back and see them. Vandu cries a lot. She steps out of her house and leaves, while making a video of her bidaai.

Vijay shouts Vandu and goes to the door. He stops at the door and shouts Vandu.

Vandu leaves with Vaibhav. Kunal looks on and says I wish you don’t know the truth ever or know it at the earliest, I don’t want you to get cheated, it hurts the most, I know it well, be prepared, I wish you don’t get cheated, all the best, Vandana. Vaibhav and Vandu come home. He asks Vandu not to cry now. Savita asks Vandu to hit the kalash and come inside the house. He gets Mrunal’s call. Vandu thinks I will have this relations in my heart and do the best for them. Vaibhav goes back. Vandu stumbles and the kalash falls backwards.

Everyone sees Vaibhav. Savita says Vandu, what’s this, the rice fell outside, it’s a bad omen. Vaibhav says no, its not a bad omen, I have office work, go in and do the rituals. Savita says aarti will happen when you come inside with your husband, come in alone, we will see the aarti later. Vandu gets sad and steps inside. She sees Vaibhav’s family pic. Parisa says I will make a photo album, and gift it to her.

Pammi says the wedding wasn’t bad. Vedika says Vandu has invested her savings and maturity in it. Savita says Anjali is tired, guests have come, make ginger tea for them. Vandu says okay. Savita says make good tea and coffee. Vandu says I know. Savita asks her to write down and not make any mistake, keep the tea there, Anjali will come and serve it to the guests. Vandu says its my first rasoi in this house, I will make it the best way. Vandu prays and starts cooking. She tucks her saree. She makes the tea. She checks her phone and says where did Vaibhav go. She keeps the tea and coffee ready. Anjali comes and asks how long will you take. Vandu asks how is your headache. Anjali says fine. Pammi asks Kunal where did he do. Kunal says I did a lot, its not my responsibility and guarantee, Vandu it married in a wrong house, now bear it, all the best.

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