Bitter Sweet Love Starlife update Sunday 7 April 2024

Kunal lecturing Pammi, Guneet and Bobby. He says you are not managing the company, but damaging it, I need a solid team to achieve my goals, sorry, your team is of no use, its enough, party is over, your team, they are all fired. He asks Bobby to get a new team. He says I want music in them, I will do the hiring this time, I want the best, I will find out. Vandana asks what, 25 lakhs loan. Hemant says I had taken the money for business.

Vandana says then go and return it, we are middle class people, we can’t mess up with the goons, they will come again and beat the family members, no, repay the money.

Anagha says wait Vandu, Hemant, tell the truth, did you lose the money. Hemant says I invested in the market, the market changed suddenly, what shall I do.

She asks when will you learn from your mistakes. He says I was helpless. They argue. Vandana cries. Hemant says dad didn’t sell the house, I had to give security and take the loan. They ask what did you keep as security. Vandana asks did you mortgage the house papers. Anagha worries. Vandana asks how can you do this with dad. Kunal says I have to do this for dad. Pammi says you are taking stress without a reason. He says I gave you many reason. She says we will make the company number one, don’t worry.

Guneet says we will try it together. Pammi says its Rakhi, Vedika isn’t here, I will tie the rakhi to Kunal and Bobby, we are one family. Bobby says it will happen as Kunal wants. Kunal says there is a deadline, I have to find that voice in one month, we have to achieve this in one month, else go back to your city and put a food stall. Pammi cries.

Vandana says you have put the property of crores for 25 lakhs. Hemant asks what option did I have. She says just dad had a decision. He says I didn’t plan to cheat, my business deal was going to happen, I didn’t know they are so dangerous people, I have to return the money in one month, else they will make us out of the house. Anagha says we will lose the house. He says sorry, forgive me. Vandana cries.

Anagha asks how will Vandana repay the loan. He says Vandu, help me, else our family will shatter. Vandana says no, this house is my dad’s heart, I can’t let this break. Kunal calls Kuldeep and Vedika. He says they aren’t answering, I miss Vedika. Vandana says its Raksha bandhan, it doesn’t matter a brother protects a sister or vice versa, I will protect my family. Anagha says don’t think of taking your savings. Vandana says it will also fall short. She goes and gets ready. Kuldeep asks how did Vedika get money and book the ticket, she left the house, you all are idiots. Parisa calls him.

He gets shocked seeing Vedika with Parisa. He asks where are you both. Parisa says chill, we are going to India. He scolds Vedika. Vedika says its Raksha bandhan tomorrow, Kunal is in Mumbai, I m going to him. He asks Parisa why is she doing this. He says Kunal went there for business. Vedika says I promise, I won’t trouble him. He says just shut up. Parisa says sorry, mom was missing Mamu a lot, don’t tell anything to Kunal, we are going to surprise him, love you bye. He gets angry.

Parisa asks Vedika to calm down. She cheers her. Vandana thanks Rohan. She goes to sing. He asks her to sing with the chorus. She sings with the chorus singer. Kunal walks on the road. He sees Bappa idol and prays. He misses Vedika. Vandana passes by the road and prays seeing Bappa idol. She checks the cheque. She recalls the girls’ taunting her.

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