Barrister Bahu update Monday 4 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 4 July 2022: Episode starts with Saudamini talking to Anirudh. He says I won’t like if anyone questions you or lays bad sight on you, I can’t tolerate it. Saudamini thinks if he worried for me so much then he would have married me, instead he is solving his wife’s problem. He says you are helping women, its imp than my respect, I want to help you, I know we have to wake up Bondita and take her to the washroom. She sends Bondita to washroom. Saudamini feels cold. Anirudh gives his coat to her. She smiles and thanks him. She falls asleep. Anirudh sees her and goes out. She wakes up and thinks he didn’t wake me up. Anirudh asks Bondita to wake up. Saudamini wakes up Bondita and takes her to washroom. Time passes. Anirudh feels sleepy. They rush to Bondita every hour and send her to washroom.

Saudamini sees Anirudh sleeping and says I won’t wake you up, I will defeat you then I will be winning, you are just mine, Bondita has to leave from your life, I always wanted to see you in the morning, this will happen soon.Its morning, Trilochan asks Bihari will the baba’s remedy work. Bihari says why not, it will surely work. Trilochan asks him to go and wake up Bondita. He says don’t know how will Bondita wake up today, will she piddle in the bed even today and get impure. He coughs aloud. She wakes up and sees the wet bed. Trilochan calls out to ask if she got rid of the illness. Bondita cries and says I had piddled in the bed again. Trilochan shouts to Anirudh. Anirudh comes. Binoy scolds him. Bondita says its not Anirudh’s mistake, he woke me up at night, even then this happened, if my mum had come here. Saudamini says I will make her take the bath. She opens the door.

They all get the bad smell. Trilochan asks Bihari to clean the room. Binoy says why would Bihari clean the room, she is Anirudh’s wife, Anirudh will clean his wife’s dirt and foul smell, Anirudh you will be cleaning the room, make this bad smell away. He stops Bihari. He says Anirudh likes to make dirt away from the society, it will start from home, can there be anything good. Trilochan asks what are you saying.Binoy shouts on Bihari. Trilochan asks will this suit Anirudh. Binoy says he is not just a son or husband, he is a great revolutionist, he has to clean it, he just can’t talk big things. Anirudh recalls his words. Rishta tera mera….plays…. Anirudh feels like puking. Bondita cries. Saudamini says I will do. Anirudh says just go, let me fulfill my responsibility. He runs and vomits in the washroom. Binoy smiles. Saudamini rushes to Anirudh.

Binoy says I told you Trilochan, Anirudh can’t do this. Trilochan says Anirudh can’t do this, but I feel bad for him, he is doing this because of this girl. Trilochan asks Somnath to make the list for mahapuja. He punishes Bihari. He calls Bondita. He asks her to stay away. He asks about the taweez he had given her. Bondita says I have it, see it has hurt me, I didn’t remove it as Trilochan told me, but how can this solve the problem if it hurts. Trilochan asks her to stop it, doesn’t she have any shame.He scolds Bondita. Bondita runs away. Trilochan shouts where did she go. Anirudh reads a book. He says this solution will affect her. She runs inside his room. The book falls off his hand. He asks couldn’t you knock the door and come, don’t you have manners. She asks what’s manners, forgive me. He says fine. She says sorry for pushing you and sorry for troubling you, you had a vomit while cleaning the bed, send me to my mum, my mum never made any face or vomit while cleaning the bed, none can take mum’s place, can anyone love like a mum, why aren’t you sending me to my mum.

He says this won’t be needed, I found a solution for your problem. She asks what new solution did you find now, you have stopped me from eating sweets and giving less water, what’s new now. He says we have to start something new, come.Saurabh’s mum provokes him against Sampoorna. He asks did Sampoorna really say this. She says yes, I had told you because you insisted. He says you are really good, I wish Sampoorna was a bit like you. Sampoorna brings the tiffin. He throws it and scolds her. She cries. His mum Sumari looks on.Anirudh says I got your problem’s solution in this ayurvedic book. Bondita asks how will I read it. He asks why, its written in hindi. She says I don’t know reading it. He says maybe you are not able to open eyes due to sunlight, let me read, yoga can solution for every physical problem, one day, everyone will know its importance. He explains the exercise. He stands on one feet and falls down. She laughs. He does it again and shows it.

Bondita and Anirudh talking. He says we always have solution around us, we just have to find it. He goes. She says don’t know what solution will he bring now. Bondita’s mum thinks of her and cries. She thinks who is taking care of Bondita there. Mami comes and says Bondita is like an iron piece, while Anirudh is a diamond. She insults Bondita. Maa argues with her. She says I wish I could know why Bondita is doing this since the last six months. Mami says these excuses won’t work in Bondita’s Sasural, they will not find a solution, they will throw her out. Anirudh says I got the solution. Bondita says its Batuk’s clothes, I can’t wear boys clothes. He asks why not, is it written that you can’t wear it. She says girls can’t wear boys clothes. He asks her to wear it and do yoga. She says people will laugh, if anyone scolds me, I won’t wear it. He says girls and boys are same. She asks how shall I believe this. She thinks and smiles.

She gets her saree and asks him to wear it. He says fine, if you will understand it this way then I will wear it. He wraps the saree around. She gets surprised. Trilochan says pandit Ramprasad is coming with his disciples, Bihari clean the house well, there shouldn’t be any dirt. Bihari says fine, but if pandit knows Bondita’s problem. Trilochan says he won’t know, he is coming in day time. Bondita comes wearing Batuk’s clothes. Anirudh asks her to do the yoga. She tries. She feels hurt. She thinks I can’t tell him about Trilochan’s remedy. She stands on one foot, as Anirudh guides her. He says now we will learn second Asan. She asks why can’t we learn it later, my bangles broke, I have to wear bangles. He asks why is it necessary now. She says girls wear bangles, didn’t you see. Saurabh comes and sees her in Batuk’s clothes. She hides. He thinks why is she wearing boys clothes, maybe Anirudh is ending the difference between girls and boys. Anirudh asks her to continue the yoga. Saurabh says you had called me, you think the village women will agree for having public toilets. Anirudh asks Bondita what did she tell before. Bondita says I don’t want to wear boys clothes, I told about bangle seller. Anirudh says you have given a good suggestion, I will bring bangles for you. He says Saurabh, we will go to bangle seller, women will come there, I will explain the women. He asks Bondita to do yoga. He goes to the bangle seller.

Anirudh tries to explain the need for public toilets. Vimla says sorry, we don’t want the public toilets, just leave. Anirudh and Saurabh leave. Bondita gets tired of yoga. The woman refuses to Anirudh’s suggestion. She says we won’t want any change, let us be on our own. He says there is not a single woman who has courage to raise a voice, why, tell me. She shuts the door. Trilochan washes pandit’s feet. He says thanks for coming. Pandit says we have come as your bahu has come, maha puja could not be done here before. Trilochan says yes, you know it best. Pandit says call your bahu, I will explain her about the puja. Trilochan asks Bihari to call Bondita, tell her to get decked up and come here, and not argue with brahmans. Bondita says I m also looking like that naughty Batuk. Anirudh says no one wants change, not a single woman has agreed for a change, how will they move on, they will have to learn asking questions for their rights, who will explain them, can I talk to Sampoorna, I m sure she will agree, maybe other women get courage. Saurabh says but.. Anirudh says I know Sumari and Biraj won’t agree, but we have to make a start. Saurabh gets thinking. Anirudh says we will go to your house.

Saurabh says no, you are my Maalik’s son, Sampoorna will agree because of you, change will be forced on her. Bihari asks Bondita to come, pandits have come, Trilochan asked her to get decked up and come downstairs, don’t argue to insult the elders. Bondita says I will get ready and come, its good Bihari didn’t see me, Trilochan would have punished me, I will change my clothes now, none will know. She gets worried. The pant zip gets stuck.She says how will I go out now, its happening because of Anirudh. She recalls Trilochan’s words. Trilochan asks why didn’t she come, how long will pandit wait for her. Pandit does the Aarti.

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