Is this why Nigerians don’t care about making bucket list?

Before this question can confidently be answered, you may need to gauge the knowledge of the average Nigerian man concerning bucket lists. But get ready to be shocked after finding out that five out of ten dont really know what bucket list means, have not heard about it before and don’t seem interested in creating one.

For majority of us here, life is simply a daily task of sourcing for livelihood and providing for the family. The remaining time is allotted towards pursuing religion (for the religious type) and a little fraction for self gratification and death defying adventures like Running of the bull. 

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You don’t expect a black man to believe you’re in the right state of mind when you tell him that one of your bucket lists involves jumping off the Grand Canyon or partaking in  running of the bulls or scaling Mount Everest or maybe sailing round the world in 30 days. He would simply gape at you incredulously like you’ve just signed your own suicidal note.

I remember telling my mom while watching Bear Grylls Man vs Wild adventures on Discovery Family that I don’t need his survival tips because I am never going to be in such ‘hostile’ environment in the first place.

What could possibly take me to the harsh desert conditions of the Sahara or make me eat insects, reptiles or wild berries as food? I have no sense of adventure right? Agreed. 🙂

Well,  safety for us is sacrosanct and anything trying to rock that order is outrightly rejected. No wonder a local saying ‘Nobody wan die, but dem wan go heaven’ clearly explains the life of an average Nigerian.

What then is a bucket list?

Bucket list is a phrase coined from the saying ‘to kick a bucket’ which means to die. It therefore loosely translates to a list of items that a person hopes to achieve before they kick the bucket. Items worthy to make this list are often times daring and unusual; an adventure worthy to be done at least once in a life time.

But then again, this is where the problem lies, bucket lists loosely connotes a death wish and definitely not a stock in trade for people who comfortably want to exist, rather than live. The only people brave enough to follow through with creating and checking off outrageous bucket lists are those who hold the saying You Only Live Once close to heart.

Now the question that begs answer is: Are you that Nigerian?


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