Aparajita Zeeworld update Sunday 4 June 2023

Anupama 4 June 2023: Leela packs tiffin for Adhik. Anupama tries to help her, but she refuses Anuapam’s help. Anupama asks why is Pakhi staying here. Leela says let her stay if she feels good here. Anupama says Adhik may not like it, Pakhi is just showing her stubbornness. Leela says its none of her business, Anupama should look after her house and she will look after her house.

Aparajita 3 June 2023

Anupama walks to window and hears Adhik telling Pakhi that he can’t wash the dishes daily and Pakhi should also help. Pakhi insists for a dishwasher. Adhik asks if she needs a dishwasher for 2-3 utensils. Pakhi says her nails will be spoilt and she hates dirty dishes. Adhik says those are our utensils, utensils won’t automatically wash by themselves, one needs to add dishes and detergent themselves.

Pakhi says she will doit if he brings it. Adhik says he brought washing much which she hasn’t used it yet. Pakhi says Kavya washes her clothes.Adhik asks why can’t she wash them, he doesn’t like his MIL washing his clothes. Pakhi says so what. Adhik says she neither wants to study nor take up a job and just want to show her rights on Kavya, Leela, and Kinjal and crossed her limits when she made Hasmukh iron his clothes.

Pakhi asks so what, he was ironing his kurta and she asked him to iron Adhik’s shirt also. Adhik says its enough now, she should go and take care of the house. Pakhi says she already told him that she doesn’t want to become like Anupama. Adhik says she can’t become like Anupama even if she wants to, Anupama even after many restrictions reached a place where Pakhi can’t even think of reaching. Pakhi asks him to go to work instead of lecturing.

Adhik says he will and asks her to inform Leela that he left as Pakhi won’t work and just put on weight lazing around. Pakhi shouts don’t body shame her. Adhik says she learnt these 4 words, but didn’t learn showing concern to her husband. Pakhi says Leela says girls put on weight after marriage. Adhik says she can become a balloon but not do any chores.

Pakhi walks way angrily. Adhik notices Anupama listening to their argument and walks away.After some time, Pakhi lazes on sofa when power goes off and she fumes. Anupama walks to her holding a torch. Kinjal hopes Pakhi understands what Anupama explains. Kavya says Anupama should give Pakhi a tight slap and make her understand, Leela is supporting Pakhi as she would be alone at home now after Kavya and Kinjal leave for job and Pakhi is giving her a company.

Kinjal hopes again Pakhi gets some conscience. Anupama asks Pakhi if they can talk and shows her frizzy hair. Pakhi yells that everyone has problem with her hair, weight, and attitude. Anupama says its truth and not taunts. She suggests her to pursue her education and become self-dependent like Adhik who was dependent on Barkha earlier but now does everything himself,

Pakhi should stop looking at others for help. Pakhi feels irritated and yells. Anupama says her mother will always be near her whenever she needs help. She gives her example as a housewife who handled everything alone, but Adhik is helping Pakhi and she should learn from Adhik.Pakhi yells that just because Adhik washed 2 utensils, Anupama’s behavior towards Adhik changed.

Anupama says she should respect relationships and not take them for granted before they start leaving her; she should equally support Adhik and prepare herself for any unforeseen events. Leela walks in and yells at Anupama to stop pestering her granddaughter. Anupama says she is teaching her ways of life. Leela asks to teach Dimple instead. Anupama warns her not to spoil her granddaughter by supporting her arrogance and lazy behavior.

Leela asks if she will teach even her. Anupama says if need be, she surely will and gives a speech no how Leela is spoiling Pakhi. Pakhi walks away angrily. Anupama asks Leela if she would like Dolly staying at Shah house, she should teach Pakhi to support Adhik when Adhik is supporting her so much. Leela yells again to look after her house and Dimple and not bother about them and walks away.

Anupama thinks Pakhi shouldn’t force her to explain her in a different way.Hasmukh walks to Anupama and says not only the world, even life is round which revolves and returns to the same point repeatedly. Anupama says in satyug, Ganeshji revolved around his parents, but in kalyug, parents have to revolve around children; she tried her best to change Pakhi in different ways, but she failed.

Hasmukh asks her to just pray for Pakhi and offers her cream roll. She asks howmany cream rolls did he have, and scolds him for having 3, and takes whole box along. Hasmukh asks her to take the torch also to her house and not bother about Shah house. She leaves asking him to take care of Pakhi. At Kapadia house, Anuj gets angry on Adhik for giving a wrong quotation to client and losing both contract and a big client.

Adhik apologizes and promises to correct his mistake and thinks he losing on his job because of family stress and shouldn’t lose the trust Anupama and Anuj have on him. Anupma returns home, hears their conversation, and offers him cream roll to calm him down. She asks about little Anu and Dimple. He says they are making Christmas preparations. Adhik fumes seeing Pakhi’s not a single call or message and her careless behavior.

Pakhi thinks why should she call if he doesn’t call her, she will not be like anupama who will says surri surri/sorry and roam around her husband. Anuj continues venting out his anger on his careless staff for losing projects. Anupama thinks he looks handsome when he is angry.

During breakfast, Kavya informs family that she is getting a bonus salary as her company is doing good. Everyone congratulate her. Vanraj asks Samar about his work. Samar says its going good with Dimple joining him. Leela warns him to stay away from Dimple. Samar asks why is she saying this. Leela says he is roaming around that girl a lot these days. Samar says they work together.

Vanraj asks him to calm down. Samar says he tries to ignore Leela’s taunts, but its going overboard. Vanraj says Leela didn’t mean that. Samar says she mean that, they work together and interact. Leela gets adamant not to meet that girl as she is searching a girl for him and doesn’t want him to mingle with such girl.Samar asks what kind of girl, whatever happened with Dimple was an accident which can happen to anyone,

she shouldn’t bother about his marriage as it will happen whenever it has to. Leela says he was ready to marry a few days ago and now is making drama. Samar asks her to stop her taunts.During breakfast, Anuj gets angry that his hard earned reputation is at stake because of his employees and its his mistake that he didn’t focus on work due to his family issues and chose wrong people in his team.

Adhik returns home tired and seeing a messed up floor shouts no… Ankush tries to calm down Anuj. Anuj says he can’t put his reputation at stake and will not mingle his personal and professional life. Barkha tells Ankush that this is not just professional frustration, he needs to calm down. Anupama thinks Anuj is unable to concentrate on his professional life due to family issues, she needs to keep him away from family dramas.

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