Aparajita Zeeworld update Saturday 3 June 2023

Aparajita 3 June 2023: Aparajita asks Dadi why is your foot paining so much? Dadi says things are changing. Aparajita says even I don’t know what to do, I didn’t like the way Chhavi talked to me today, it seems like Akshay is filling her mind against us. Chhavi hides and hears that. Aparajita says I am worried that Akshay might be right that I might lose Chhavi. Dadi says she is yours so he can’t do anything. Chhavi leaves.

Aparajita 2 June 2023

Aparajita says I am not scared of Akshay now, I will do anything for my house and my kids.In the morning, Aparajita gets a call and says I will bring Dadi there. She ends the call and leaves. Mohini hides and hears that.Aparajita comes to the shop, Chhavi is working there but she leaves as she comes there. Aparajita thinks she is still miffed with me.Disha comes home after jogging. Chhavi says we have to go to the market for laundry items. Disha ignores her and says you can go with your father where you want. Chhavi says you keep taunting me, why can’t I think about our father? He is right that we can leave so Mohini can live here. Disha says do you even know if there is another house as your father claims? I am not coming with you. Chhavi says I will go alone then. She leaves from there.

Mohini comes to the laundry shop in a mask. She gives her clothes to Guggo and finds Aparajita’s phone there. She exchanges her phone with Aparajita’s and leaves. Guggo sees that and tells Aparajita that she mistakenly took your phone. I will go behind her. Mohini messages Gaurav from Aparajita’s phone that she wants to meet him as a friend. Guggo comes there and takes Aparajita’s phone from her.

Mohini smirks and calls Bappi.Aparajita gets Gaurav’s message that he will meet her at a cafe. Aparajita leaves from there to meet him. Disha comes there and asks Guggo where did Aparajita go? He says she went to meet Gaurav at the cafe.Chhavi is going to the market alone and is scared so Veer comes there and helps her in crossing the road. He holds her hand and smiles. He says I am here so don’t be scared. Chhavi says you are following me? Veer says I just want to say sorry for taunting your sister that day. I am sorry for saying all that about your mother. I just want to be your friend.

Chhavi tries to leave but he says your hand got burned that day, is it okay? She nods and leaves from there. Veer smiles.Guggo tells Disha that a woman came here and mistakenly took Aparajita’s phone, she was covering her face with big glasses. She asks if she was wearing yellow saree? He says yes. Disha says that was Mohini. I have to go to the cafe.

Aparajita comes to the cafe and finds people dancing and drinking. She feels weird. Mohini is there too. Aparajita finds Gaurav and sits with him. She asks why did you call me here? Gaurav says you messaged me to come here. Aparajita says what? Gaurav says you shouldn’t have called me here. I am engaged so please.. Aparajita says I didn’t send you any message. Gaurav shows the message to her and she is stunned. Mohini hides and hears all that. Aparajita checks her phone and is shocked. Bappi comes there and looks at her phone. She shouts at Aparajita that you tried to trap my young brother?

You should be ashamed. Aparajita says I didn’t send him a message. Gaurav’s fiance comes there and insults Aparajita. Aparajita says there is some misunderstanding. Bappi says you think you can have an affair like your husband? You should be ashamed. Disha comes there and asks what happened? Bappi says your mother called my brother here. Aparajita says I didn’t message him. Gaurav tells her that I can’t take your case now. Her fiance asks Aparajita to stay in her limits, he is my fiance. Disha throws ketchup at them in anger. Disha tells Aparajita that Mohini sent the message from your phone.

Aparajita takes her from there. Mohini hears all that and says my work was done as Aparajita doesn’t have a lawyer now.Bappi is gossiping with people that Aparajita tried to lure her brother. Disha says let’s leave from here. Aparajita says I didn’t do anything wrong so it’s okay.Akshay comes to meet his brother-in-law in his office. Akshay says you have become fit. His brother-in-law says you are my friend first. Akshay says you are a drama queen. He says why are you coming here to meet me now only? Akshay says Aparajita is being smart now, she even hired a lawyer. His brother-in-law says I told Mohini I could handle the lawyer but she is stubborn.

Mohini comes there and says I have done the work. She shows the video of Gaurav telling Aparajita that he can’t take her case. Akshay asks how did it happen?Asha looks at the video in which Bappi is blaming Aparajita for luring her brother. She shows it to Chhavi.Akshay tells Mohini that you didn’t need to do all this, you should have consulted me first. Mohini asks if he is feeling bad for Aparajita? Akshay says I don’t care about her but she still wears my mangalsutra, if people laugh at her then it’s a shame for me also. He tries to leave but Mohini stops him and says we have to go for the pooja, everyone will be there. Akshay leaves. Mohini tells her brother that he didn’t even appreciate me. His brother leaves took.

Aparajita is in the mandir. Akshay and Mohini do pooja together. He takes the sindoor and is about to apply it to Mohini but he stops and goes to Aparajita. He is about to apply it to Aparajita but she stops him. All look on. Aparajita says this is not your will to do it when you want, you have no right left. Akshay takes her photo and says really? then why are you still wearing my sindoor? what right do you have? Akshay says you can’t allow me to apply sindoor but you are still in my house? Disha says I can answer you. Aparajita says we don’t need to confront him here. Mohini says you were applying sindoor to her in front of your own wife? Akshay says this is my fight so let me handle it.He tells Aparajita that you don’t want to talk here because your real colors will come out? You are using this sindoor and mangalsutra to own that house but you can’t allow me to apply sindoor to you?

Dadi says Aparajita has done a lot for that house. Akshay says you are making me feel like I am not your son. He asks Aparajita why do you show more right on my mother? Aparajita says right is given with hard work, I had to sacrifice for my kids, I took care of them when they were ill,I took your mother to the hospital, took my kids to the schools but now you want rights on that house where my kids were born and raised? This house has memories of my kids so I have right on it.

I have taken care of Amma here so I have a right on it, I kept the family together after you left so I have a right. I am wearing this mangalsutra and sindoor for your mother, she gave me that right and not you so stay away from me and my kids. She leaves from there. All look on.Aparajita comes home and recalls everything that happened. Dadi and the kids come there. They see her crying. Dadi says don’t cry, don’t even think about leaving this house.

Disha says don’t cry, you are Aparajita and we are your daughters. She takes her inside the house. Chhavi tries to go behind them but Dadi stops her and says you can’t go to her and try to become your father’s lawyer. She leaves. Chhavi says I love my father but that doesn’t mean I can’t go to my mother? She gets Veer’s call and looks on.Disha brings Aparajita to her room and looks around. Aparajita asks what happened? She finds her sindoor and says this is behind all the mess. She throws it away. Aparajita says what did do you? Disha says this fake, we don’t have a father and we don’t need him.She tries to wipe her sindoor but Aparajita says this my identity and relation to this house. Disha says I can’t see him insulting you because of this. She tries to wipe her sindoor.

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