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Anupama 31 August 2022: Kavya threatens Anu to call back Vanraj at any cost or else she will file police complaint that she and Shah family are trying to stop her marriage and mentally torturing her. Anu fumes. Adi asks her what did Kavya say. Anu says they need to return to resort right now and says Vanraj will not let them in peace. She calls Samar, but Kavya snatches his phone thinking Vanraj called and asks when is he coming. Anu asks to return phone to Samar as she needs to speak to him. Kavya disconnects call. Adi asks Anu to relax as stress is not good for her health. Kavya blames Shaha family that they all sent V away to stop her marriage. Dolly says they didn’t but want to now. Baa says good her son left and doesn’t want to marry Kavya. Kavya says if that happens, they all will go to jail as she will file a complaint that they have mentally tortured her and made false promises of marriage. Samar says its a lie. Kavya shouts shut up. Rakhi tells Kavya that she has gone insane in love and asks how low will she stoop, then asks Baa to speak.

Kavya says good she is not speaking or else she will spend more time in jail. Baa warns to slap her. Rakhi jokes. Samar says Kavya is doing wrong by threatening a family whom she is marrying into. Kavya threatens that if Vanraj doesn’t come, she will destroy them all and will send them all to jail. Rakhi goes aside. Kavya says she wanted to send Leela and Hasmukh/Baa and Bapuji to old age home, but now will send them to jail. Samar reacts. Rakhi says its 3 years’ jail for this crime. Kavya says she will call police right now. Nandini asks her not to.Anu walks in and challenges Kavya to dare call police. Rakhi says its a tussle between ex and would be samdhan, there will be a good entertainment. Anu warns Kavya to call police and even military. Baa thinks if Anu will really send them to jail. Samar says let mummy speak.

Anu threatens Kavya that she will send her instead to jail for having an illegal affair with a married man and breaking her marriage, mentally harassing Pakhi, wrongly alleging Samar and trying to send her to jail, troubling Baa and Bapuji, and trying to commit suicide also is a crime. Kavya says she Rakhi and pandit will give evidence in her favor. Pandit requests to spare him. Anu says Kavya has only 1 evidence, but she has whole family and even Vanraj. Rakhi says she will send home-cooked food for Kavya. Kavya shouts shut up. Adi asks Anu to calm down, he will find Vanraj. Kavya says these people have purposefully hidden Vanraj. Anu says how will they hide a 6 feet man and says Kavya broke her marriage and house and continuing to trouble them. Kavya says she interferes between her and Vanraj always. Samar and Toshu warn Kavya to mind her language. Rakhi asks Toshu not to interfere in this drama.

Kavya continues threatening Shah family to call back Vanraj or else she will send them all to jail. Adi asks her to calm down as anger is not a solution. Kavya continues shouting and pushes Samar. Anu pulls her and warns to dare not touch her son. Kavya says she will slap her children. Anu challenges to dare touch her son. Adi asks her to calm down. Anu warns Kavya if she dare touches her son, she will break her hand and then she won’t be able to hold Vanraj’s hand during wedding. Kavya tries to slap Samar. Anu pulls her aside and warns to stay away from her children. Baa challenges gym going Kavya to try her best and free her hand. Anu also challenges Kavya and warns if she shouts against family again, she will break her wedding mantap. Samar gets call from an unknown number. Anu picks it. Vanraj speaks. She asks where is he, he should return right now as family is threatened because of him. He says he wants to talk to him alone. She says he should come and speak here, running away is not a solution and he has to return back one day, he should return before situation worsens more. Kavya snatches phone and asks where is he. He disconnects call. Baa says her son doesn’t want to even speak to Kavya and says if she has a bit of shame left , she should leave. Kavya denies. Rakhi says Vanraj doesn’t want to marry Kavya. Adi says its good to know that Vanraj is safe.

Vanraj returns. Anu asks where had he gone uninformed. Kavya questions him next and asks why wasn’t he picking her call after her warning not to leave her in mantap again, she was tensed and fought with everyone. Baa says maide ki katori threatened to send them al to jail. Rakhi says she even commented on her age. Baa warns her to shut up. Kavya holds Vanraj’s hand and says let us get married now. He frees his hand and says he doesn’t want to marry her at this time.Rakhi taunts Toshu, Samar, and Pakhi that their papa’s favorite film is Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na. Vanraj tells Kavya that he cannot marry her. Rakhi asks Baa if Vanraj is weird since childhood. Baa warns her to shut up or else she will slap her. Kavya asks reason and continuing to shout warns to drag him to court and destroy him, says he has not seen her anger yet and if she can commit suicide, she can even kill him. Anu shouts to shut up and says its not their bedroom to fight openly and let children interfere between their fight. She asks Vanraj if he doesn’t want to marry Kavya, he should look into her eyes and tell that and not trouble family and her; she doesn’t want to come between the, but they drag her in always; she divorced already and they should leave her alone now; Vanraj can decide whether to marry Kavya or not, she didn’t like Kavya due to her heinous acts, but he left her and broke her house to be with Kavya and now he doesn’t want to marry her; Kavya had an affair with Vanraj for 9 years to forcefully marry him; they both lead dual life for 9 years, Kavya acted as friend and Vanraj acted as husband; Vanraj fell in her eyes after 25 years, but must have fell into his own eyes much before, Kavya must be ashamed to act as her friend, Vanraj must be ashamed to see her wearing his named sindhoor and mangalsutra; her family is suffering since one year, they did all the drama to leave each other after 9 years;

she doesn’t know what they liked in each other, but knows they loved each other once; his superego and Kavya’s bitterness will not let themselves and others be happy; she cannot support Kavya after her heinousd act, but she is worried for Vanraj’s happiness as her family cannot be happy without him; even Kavya should stop forcing Vanraj when he doesn’t want to marry her. Kavya asks why is she worried for her. Anu says she is worried for her family and not Kavya and if Kavya forcefully marries Vanraj and he runs away again, what will she do, she should learn to win and not snatch; Kavya snatched a husband, a father, a son; if Vanraj can dare to love Kavya, he should dare to hold her hand and marry her; she knows the pain of living alone since 1 year; she left her husband, family, and house and is blamed as a divorcee, etc. She continues her speech and says she wants to move on, so Vanraj should take one final decision and end this issue right here

Advaith says he doesn’t want to interfere, but since this issue is happening in public place, he just wants to tell them to take a decision by heart and decide whether they want to marry or not. Kavya says Vanraj should either marry her or go to jail. Vanraj asks if she thinks she will get him by threatening him, she can do whatever she wants to and even hang him, but he does whatgever he wants to at any cost. She says but.. He says he is not finished yet; if she thinks she got afraid and ran away, he was suffocating and went out for a fresh air, but Kavya threatened his family and if she does it again, he will not spare her. Kavya starts crying. Rakhi says she is sorry for her that she didn’t become her samdhan and asks panditji to leave and not worry about his fees. Vanraj shouts at Panditji to sit back as he will marry Kavya not for fear but for love. He holds Kavya’s hand and walks into mandap. Anu walks away from there. Vanraj marries Kavya. Rakhi wishes them happy married life. Kavya says she has arranged a pooja in resort’s temple and walks away holding his hand happily.

Anu returns to her cottage thinking wedding must have finished by now. She sees sugar candy and realizing Bapuji has returned happily rushes to him. Vanraj also rushes to him ignoring Kavya and they both touch Bapuji’s feet. Rakhi taunts Kavya that Bapuji came from Jamnagar to bless bride and groom, but Baa didn’t come from next cottage. Bapuji suggests him not to move ahead without his life partner. Vanraj returns to Kavya. Rakhi comments that old bahu’s graha pravesh happened instead of new bahu. Bapuji asks Anu how is she. She says she is angry on him as he didn’t come early. He says he would have if he could. She asks if he is fine. He says he is fine and now her father will stay with her. Rakhi comments if he will bless only old bahu and not new one and asks Baa if she will not bless new bahu with happiness and lots of children, then asks Vanraj if he wants to have children and get a sibling for 25-year-old Toshu. Vanraj shouts at her to shut up. Rakhi asks Baa why didn’t she welcome and perform new bahu’s aarti.Baa says she would have if she she considers Kavya as bahu, Kavya threatened and insulted her sometime ago, so she will perform a postman and vegetable vendor’s aarti but not Kavya’s.

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