Anupama update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Anupama 19 July 2022: Kinjal continues confronting Pakhi. She says papa made a mistake, but she punished mummy; she herself left home and went to papa, but when Kavya didn’t treat her well, she returned home; its understandable, but why is she venting out her anger on family, which is unacceptable; her problem is not Kinjal or mummy, but herself; she doesn’t think much before speaking without thinking others may feel bad, they forgive her thinking her as small, but enough now; she and mummy love her, but she will not back off from saying her bitter truth as she is not too small not to understand difference between right or wrong; its up to her to say here or at Kavya’s house, but if she stays here, she should make sure that she shouldn’t hurt mummy again; its better she stays at Kavya’s house as everyone are selfish there like her who think of only themselves. Pakhi stands shocked seeing Kinjal’s anger side.

Vanraj calls her and asks why did she come here without informing him. She apologizes and hugs him. He smiles and says now its looks his birthday now. Anu asks Baa to ask Vanraj if he will stay back for party after pooja as Kavya must have planned something. Baa scolds that she is worried more about her sautan than saas. Kinjal touches Vanraj’s feet and wishes him happiy birthday. Baa tells Vanraj let us finish pooja and play video game. Kinjal asks if she plays videogame. Baa says she plays videogame on her son’s birthday. Mamaji jokes that she is unfit to play even ludo. Toshu challenges Baa. Baa says they will play game and party in the evening. Kavya messages Vanraj asking when is he coming. Pakhi informs family that papa is going out with bestie Pakhi. Baa gets sad and says her son’s birthday is like Janmastami for her and when Kanhaiya is absent, how can she celebrate festival. She starts crying. Anu asks her to let him live his life the way he wants. Baa emotionally says she lets him live his life for 364 days and just asks 1 day; he left home leaving her in shock, even then she agreed for his happiness; he and Anu decidced for divorce and she kept quiet; earlier it was bahu’s right and then maide ke ki katori Kavya’s, what about a mother’s right, etc. Bapuji says everything changed over time.

Baa says her son hadn’t change since he was born and changed after maide ke katori came in his life. Kavya calls Vanraj repeatedly. Bapuji asks her to stop crying and send her son happily. Baa continues speaking emotionally and says the only she got happy was when he cried for the first time, she is happy with his happiness since then, etc. Family tries to console him. Vanraj sings Dekhsakta Hoon Main Kuch Bhi Hote Hue…song and wiping her tears asks if she will celebrate his birthday crying. She excitedly asks if he will not go. He says they will celebrate their birthday together. Pakhi asks if he will not go with bestie. He says no, he will celebrate birthday here. Baa asks to call pandit soon. Toshu says he told he will come himself. Bapuji calls Pandit. Toshu says he will select kurta for papa. Vanraj walks to his room and his phone switches off due to battery drain.

Baa happily bakes cake for Vanraj singing a song. Anu says she looks cute when she is happy. Baa asks if she doesn’t look cute when she is not happy. Anu says she didn’t say that. Baa laughs and asks her to decorate cake. Toshu selects kurtas for Vanraj. Vanraj says his son has grown up now to select kurta for him while he used to select dresses for him during his childhood. Toshu smiles. They share an old story where Toshu plans a surprise gift for Vanraj and asks spelling of surprise from him. Toshu says he didn’t know to hide surprises then. Vanraj says he doesn’t know even now as he saw his surprise gift box; says he doesn’t need gift but his friendship and requests if he will forget everything and become his friend again. Toshu reminisces the event and hugs him. Anu notices that passing by. Vanraj asks friends> Toshu says friends and asks him to wear kurta soon. Vanraj thinks Kavya must be waiting for him; he needs to call, inform and calm her before she comes here.Kavya calls Pakhi and yells at her for going without informing and says if she has to continue it, she should stay there itself. Pakhi asks what else? Kavya asks, in shock, what? and asks to give phone to her papa as his phone is switched off. Pakhi says he is busy getting ready for pooja and will celebrate birthday at home, So Kavya can go to resort alone; Kavya didn’t want to take her to resort and celebrate birthday with papa alone, so better luck next time. Anu hearing her conversation scolds her to behave with elders, takes phone and informs Kavya that she will ask Vanraj to call her. Kavya disconnects call angrily.

Pakhi says she knows attitude unnecessarily. Pakhi says when they love someone, they look at their happiness, her papa’s happiness is with Kavya, so its better she accepts Kavya. Pakhi says she is not great like her, earlier Kavya separated papa from mummy and now her, she will not her succeed. Anu thinks children don’t share even their toys with others, how will they share their parents.Kavya thinks V chose whom he wants to celebrate his birthday with and is doing whatever he wants, now she will do whatever she wants and wishes V good luck for his birthday and new relationship which will start between them from today.Anu gets ready for birthday party and while writing Vanraj’s name on cake seeks Kinjal and Nandini’s help. She says she knows what they are thinking; her relationship has ended with Vanraj, but his relationship didn’t end with others, so she cannot ruin other’s happiness. They both say she is an inspiration and they both learnt a lot from her. Samar video calls Nandini. Anu speaks to him and asks him to wish Vanraj. He says he doesn’t want to, she insists and he agrees and says he is missing celebration with family. She asks to come then. He says he will be back soon.

Mamaji and Bapuji joke with each other. Vanraj walks out getting ready and looking at Anu reminisces their happier days. He says a few things remain even after they end. Anu says relationship broke down and habit will end, he should call Kavya as she is worried. Guruji enters. Baa greets him and introduces him as their Kulguru who performs all her family pooja. She asks Kinjal and Toshu to touch his feet. He blesses them to be together always. Vanraj and Anu touch his feet next, and he blesses them same. Kavya reaches and gets angry reminiscing Anu slapping ehr and kicking her out of house. Anu informs family that Kavya has come. Toshu takes Guruji in. Kavya tries to enter in and Baa warns her to dare not enter her house. Vanraj drags Kavya out. Meenu asks why bad aunty returns always. Pakhi says Meenu is right, Kavya is selfish. Sanjay asks Meenu not to misbehave with elders. Baa says children always speak right and scolds Anu that she lets Kavya in always and if something happens today, she will not tolerate.

Vanraj takes Kavya out of house and asks why did she come here, she knows what will happen if she comes here. Rakhi enters saying drama will happen and says she came here to wish him for his birthday, but something else is going on here; says they can carry on, she will see them later, calling them samdhi and half samdhan, and walks inside home where she greets everyone. Anu greets her Jai Sri Krishna. She wishes her husband’s, sorry children’s father’s happy birthday. Anu thanks her. Rakhi says until Anu is divorced, she can call Vanraj as her husband. Anu asks her to stop. Rakhi then wishes Baa and asks why is she staring at her as she didn’t come there uninvited. Baa says she invited her getting emotional, but forgot that nagin/snake can forget biting but not spitting venom. Rakhi says she will just watch the drama, sorry celebration; there is drama happening between samdhi and half samdhan as she knows she shouldn’t interfere between couples. Vanraj asks Kavya to return home as they can go to resort after sometime, but he cannot hurt Baa today.

Kavya she agrees, they shouldn’t hurt Baa, every year Baa celebrates his birthday like a Janmastami festival, she thought Anu wouldn’t let Baa do that, but seeing arrangements inside, she realized she was doing a big mistake by taking him to a rest; thanks to Pakhi that he had to come here; he knows he must be thinking why did she change suddenly; its his birthday today and she doesn’t want it or his mood to be spoilt because of her as she spoilt their many functions before; his family would like to see her face after what she did with Samar and its totally understandable; she wants to correct her mistakes and be part of his birthday; after his and Anu’s divorce, she will be with him and his family will accept her eventually. She continues pleading and says she has right on him and if she cannot be part of his birthday; once her and his family’s differences clear, he doesn’t have to divide himself between 2 places and there won’t be any reason to fight left, so they should have a new start from today, etc.Baa angrily shouts pooja muhurath is passing by, so she will call Vanraj in. Anu requests her not to interfere between Kavya and Vanraj. Pakhi says Kavya interferes and she is sure she has come to take papa way. Anu stops her. Baa asks Kinjal what is she doing here when she and Kavya had to attend a conference. Kinjal says conference is postponed, she wanted to inform, but Guruji came and she forgot. Baa says she will shoo off Kavya and bring her son back in. Anu asks her no to do that as Vanraj will feel bad if she does so. Bapuji says Anu is right.

Baa says she needs only her son and not Kavya and asks Anu to move aside. Kavya tells Vanraj that she will speak to Anu and tries to enter home. Rakhi sneezes just then and says its a bad timing, she should have sneezed after drama, but not to worry as she will give same reaction as Kavya came to start the drama. Kavya enters home, walks to Anu and says she came without informing them, but she doesn’t want to create any drama. Baa asks her to finish her talk and get out as she doesn’t like her face. Anu tells Kavya to stay back. Baa says she doesn’t want her here and is not happy seeing her here. Anu says Kavya is her son’s happiness, now she may not like her, but soon she will be Vanraj’s wife and this house’s bahu; Baa didn’t like her when she came home after marriage, but she accepted her slowly; she wants Baa to accept even Kavya like her. Kinjal tells Nandini that earlier she thought that mummy is wrong, but she is right. Nandini says aunty is always right, but Kavya maasi is not like Anu. Anu tells Baa and Pakhi that they have to accept Kavya as Vanraj has already accepted her; they consider woman crying as normal but weakness when a man cries, a man has to struggle between mother and partner; so until Baa doesn’t accept Kavya, Vanraj and family will not be happy. Bapuji asks Vanraj and family will be happy, but what about her. Anu says her hapoiness is in family’s happiness and requests Baa to let Vanraj decide whom he wants to celebrate his birthday with.

Rakhi claps and says she is moved by her speech; she thought woman is helpless, but found out today that even man can be helpless. Bapuji says not helpless, but bound; society binds woman or man, woman is bound by family and man is bound by rituals; they both feel pain, but in a different way; they take a man for granted; people make songs and stories for mother’s love and forget father; they forget that a father is a roof and mother is foundation of house and both are needed. Anu requests Baa to forget everything and enjoy the celebration. Baa says Kavya will not let that happen. Anu says if Kavya does anything like during Toshu’s wedding, she will drag Kavya out of house; eventually Baa has to accept Kavya in sometime, so what will happen in 6 months, why not now. Rakhi thinks she thought there will be good entertainment, both sautans will pull off their hairs, but Anu started her gyaan again, such a waste of time. Dolly tells Sanjay says she cannot understand Anu. Sanjay says Anu always thinks right, which they cannot. Anu asks Vanraj his opinion. Pakhi pleads not to do that. Bapuji and Mamaji also insist his opinion.

After a few minutes, Vanraj sits for pooja while Pakhi clicks selfies with him happily. Dolly asks Anu to sit with Vanraj. anu sits on his right side. Panditji asks to bring pooja flowers. Kavya brings them and sits on Vanraj’s left side. Panditji starts pooja and Kavya helps Vanraj. Kinjal says she wonders how can Kavya be so sweet suddenly. Nandini says she can’t be and will do some drama for sure, they need to be very careful. Panditji asks for belpatra, and Kavya gives him. Vanraj asks Anu if she is fine. She says she is fine now as Kavya got her place. Panditji says husband and wife will perform ahuti/next ritual. Kavya stands up and keeps Anu and Vanraj’s hands together and says she is Vanraj’s love and Anu his wife, Anu gave her right of being his love and she will give Anu right of being his wife. Anu and Vanraj perform aahuti. Rakhi comments this year, Anu is gharwali and Kavya is baharwali, but next year, Kavya would be gharwali and Anu baharwali/guest. Kinjal says good that mummy will be out of this suffocation.Anu says Rakhi is right that Kavya will be gharwali next year, but she will not be a guest as this house and family belongs to her;Kavya may become part of family, but she will not break her relationship with her family forever.

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