Anupama update Thursday 25 August 2022

Anupama 25 August 2022: Anupama takes her report and asks if her disease is treatable. Advaith is surprised to take her illness positively and says yes, but needs to be operated on. She requests him not to tell anyone in her house as tomorrow is Samar’s engagement and she doesn’t want to increase their problems. She asks him why is he worried if the operation is today. He says no. She tells that she will take medication on time, will exercise, and resume work after the operation. He asks how she can be normal as the patients cry hearing about the illness. Anupama asks if the illness will go hearing me cry then I will bring the flood with crying. He asks her to take care. Anupama tells her baba’s teachings that half illness is in the heart and half in the body, one has to fight with Body’s disease so that it goes away.

Advaith tells that her life is such a place where smiling is difficult. Anupama tells that she just have courage and the determination to fight back her illness. He tells her that they will fight with her illness. Anupama writes a motivational message on the chit and sticks to the dressing table.Vanraj asks Kavya to go to her house. Kavya tells Baa that she will go as has to make the arrangements for the marriage. She handovers sweet in Baa’s hand forcibly and leaves. Baa gets furious and says both Anupama and Kavya have gone mad. She tells that she had told Anupama not to go to another house, as she had told her to shift to her mother’s house once going to Ahmedabad. She says she didn’t listen to her. Vanraj says both of them haven’t listened to me. Baa asks him to make another girlfriend. He says I had pleaded in front of Anupama not to take divorce, but she was adamant. He says I am tired of convincing them. He asks them to do what they want, as the revolution of the world shall start at our house.

Samar asks Vanraj not to blame his mummy for what she had done for him. Toshu asks him not to blame Papa and tells that even he is not right, even has his own point of you. Baa says both of you are wrong. Toshu says tomorrow is your engagement, she should have been here but as she is not here, nobody can celebrate. Vanraj asks Samar to stop defending Anupama and tells him that she is wrong. Samar says atleast she informed us and went. Vanraj shouts. Samar goes to Anupama. Baa tells that though divorce happened, peace hasn’t come in their house. She asks him to talk to Kavya and throw the wedding card on her face.Advait suggests Anupama to do yoga and pranaya. He gives her masala tea and asks her to note down that sugar, ghee and masala are prohibited for you. Anupama asks if little can work. Advaith says little. Anupama tastes the tea and says sugar is less. She asks him to write down the bill of the resort, being her friend. She asks him not to show sympathy and asks for a discount. She tells that she will give the money for the treatment as she can do it. He writes and gives her. Anupama says this much, I will do but slowly. Advaith asks what she will do. Anupama tells that she teaches cooking in Pakhi’s school and also does online dance classes with Samar. Samar comes there and tells Adi that he is shifting with his mummy here. Anupama says but I have a problem, you can’t stay here. Samar says they don’t understand you.

Anupama tells that nobody understands anyone in anger. She says I am near your house and asks what is important for him. He says family, but you are my world. Anupama says they are my world too, but I don’t want to come you here, else they will get more troubled too. She tells that tomorrow is Nandini and your engagement and after that, we have to start work and pay his bills. Advait laughs off. Anupama says we will fight and win.Vanraj asks Kavya why she is insisting to marry so fast and says she would have waited for one more day. Kavya tells that she had met Anupama and she was calm and composed after the divorce. She says she has moved on and asks him to forget his past and think about their future. They hear Anupama and Adi laughing standing on the window and shaking hands. Kavya asks Vanraj to see. Vanraj gets upset.

Dolly tells Vanraj that they have ordered cheese toast as nobody wants to make food. Vanraj says you did right. Baa worries and tells them that tomorrow is an engagement, and Anupama is not at home. She worries for the arrangements. Vanraj says Kavya said that she will help, life doesn’t stop if anyone goes. Samar hears them. Anupama looks at her family having food through the window and smiles. She switches on the TV and sits to have food while watching TV. Soon she sleeps. She wakes up searching for her mangalsutra on her neck and realizes giving it away. Vanraj couldn’t sleep at night. Samar notices him. Anupama couldn’t sleep too.

Later early morning, Anupama does the puja of the tulsi plant and asks Sun to wake up. She tells that her list is the same, but a new list has been added to it. She asks God to give her happiness and not to give her tears, as it shall come only when she cuts onion. She comes to Vanraj’s house and puts water in the tulsi plant. Kavya comes there and tells that she will give water to the tulsi plant from tomorrow. Anupama says ok. Kavya walks out thinking about her promise to Anupama.Anupama comes home and looks at her neck. She wears a chain and pendant given by Devika and wears it. She says Samar thinks that I am alone, but who is having Kanha ji with her, she can’t be alone. She combs her hair and thinks she doesn’t have to do anything here. She makes tea and drinks.

Baa comes to the kitchen calling Anupama and finds Kavya there. Kavya greets her good morning and informs that she has made tea and prasad for everyone, took bath before entering the kitchen and removed slippers outside. She asks her to do puja until she serves the tea. Vanraj, and others come there and get surprised seeing her. Kavya wishes them morning and tells that she has made tea for them and cold coffee for Pakhi. Anupama comes out and takes the newspaper in her hand. Baa signs Vanraj to look at Anupama. He looks at her and asks Kavya to give tea. Anupama signs to greet Baa and looks at her kids. Pakhi asks Anupama to sit so that they have a feeling to have tea together. Vanraj drinks tea and starts coughing.

Anupama thinks he might have cookie with the tea surely. She runs there and hits on his back. She advices Kavya not to give him cookie with the tea and if he gets cough then hit on his back like this. Vanraj shouts at Anupama and says I am not your husband anymore. He asks what you have to do with me, go and enjoy your new life. He says I was pleading infront of you not to take divorce and says you are not my wife. Anupama asks why is he shouting then and says he can see only white and black, but there are many things between them. She tells things in life is not this or that side, you had only said that nothing will change after divorce, neither I will stop worrying about family nor they will stop worrying about me. She says I don’t know about you, but I worry for everyone including you. She tells that she saw her children’s father in problem and that’s why came as the mother. She tells that today is her son’s engagement and she will do all the work. She says my relation broke from this house, but not with my kids. She says I will leave now, touches Baa’s feet and goes. Title song plays. Anupama thinks everything changed then also everything changed.

Baa is upset with Anupama and tells that she has changed in 24 hours and will forget us after going to Ahmedabad. Samar says Mummy didn’t change, when she came here there is a problem, reminds Baa that Mummy is not bahu anymore. Toshu says you are still the son of the house. Baa asks him to go to her. Samar says I would have gone, if she agreed. Baa asks him to ask Anupama to do the engagement, as they had agreed for her happiness. Samar says it’s fine, if this engagement was happening due to mummy’s happiness. He says I will not force you to do this engagement or to come in the engagement. Dolly asks him not to make any issue. Samar says it is already an issue, I have realized nobody cares for my happiness. Pakhi says we shall give space to Mummy.Baa refuses to attend the engagement. Samar says ok, then also this engagement will happen. He asks Vanraj and others to tell who is coming or not, as he has to inform resort authorities to set the plates. Vanraj asks him not to forget that he is his father. Samar asks him to remember that he is his son only. Kavya asks Vanraj if they are going to engagement or not.

Anupama greets Advait and gives him laddoo. He thanks her. She then invites him for Samar’s engagement. He says he don’t go to functions. Anupama asks if he goes to party, then come thinking it as party. She jokes that if he doesn’t come then she will ask Samar and Toshu to kidnap him. She says you are kanha ji, but don’t roam with peacock feather on your head. He laughs and agrees to come.Nandini tells Samar that they shall tell about her past to everyone. Samar asks how, everyone is throwing attitude and anger, I didn’t know if they will come or not for engagement. Nandini says if we tell after engagement then they will think that I have betrayed them. Samar assures her that Mummy will make everyone understand. Baa hears and thinks what Anupama will make us understand, if they are hiding something. Anupama thinks which saree to wear for Samar’s engagement. She thinks she has much time to get ready and tries the sarees. She gets ready in the saree and jewellery. She comes out of room and sees Kavya. She compliments Kavya. Kavya says even you are looking nice without sindoor and mangalsutra. Anupama asks if everyone is ready. Kavya says Vanraj went to gym and Baa refused to come for engagement. Anupama goes there and talks to Baa through window. She asks if someone is at home. Baa says witch. Anupama talks to her referring her witch. Baa closes the window and switches on TV. Anupama comes to another window and asks her to switch off the TV and get ready for Samar’s engagement.

Baa says you was angry on my son and took anger on me. Anupama says even you are doing the same and asks her to get ready. She asks her to bless Samar and Nandini and wear saree of Babu ji’s choice. Baa goes from there.Samar thinks what to wear? Toshu comes there and asks him to wear the clothes sent by his wife. He says she can’t attend the engagement and said sorry. He tells that even now I am your brother and asks him to convey his words calmly and not to forget that his actions and anger will affect Nandini, asks him not to create problems for her. She tells that Nandini is going to be a bahu soon and we have elder saas too. He tells that Kinjal had a great difficulty to adjust in this house due to my mistakes. He asks Samar not to do the same mistake and learn from his mistakes. Samar hugs him and gets emotional. He asks if Vanraj don’t come for the engagement. Kavya comes to the engagement hand in hand with Kavya. Anupama asks Dolly if she spoke to Baa. Dolly says she is not listening and had BP tablet and slept. Vanraj says when you are not listening to anyone, then why others will listen to you. Dolly says lets’ start the engagement. Baa wakes up with the feeling of flower petals showering on her. She sees everyone standing around her bed. Anupama looks on.

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