Anupama update Saturday 27 August 2022

Anupama 27 August 2022: Vanraj, Baa, Kavya and others reach home. Vanraj takes something and sits to drink. Baa is furious that Nandini can’t become a mother though wants to become their bahu. Dolly says she told that she don’t want kids. Baa says but she might want later, we are not foolish and have seen relations breaking if someone is childless.

She says she thought that she will fulfill all her wishes which she couldn’t fulfill during Toshu’s marriage, but Anupama ruined it all. Dolly says Bhabhi told that she was unaware of the truth, just now she came to know. Kavya asks her not to call he Bhabhi and asks how to believe her that Nandini haven’t told her anything, as both Samar and Nandini are closer to her. Dolly asks how to believe that your niece haven’t told you. Kavya says Samar told that Nandini haven’t told

me anything. Dolly says Samar told that Anupama was not aware of it earlier too. Kavya asks her to stop calling her bhabhu and not to take her side, though she kept them in dark. Dolly and Kavya argue. Baa asks them to have peace. She tells that we shall leave from here, why we shall stay here. She says Samar is with Anupama, he will take care of her. She asks Vanraj to come. Vanraj looks at Anupama and Advait and get jealous.

Anupama comes to room and cries why did this happen with my son today. She asks herself to wipe her tears as she has to convince Baa, make Mr. Shah understand and to save her family from getting broken further. She washes her face.

Nandini comes to Samar. Samar asks her to give her hand. Nandini gives her hand. Samar makes her wear ring. He says we didn’t get engaged, then also I made you wear the ring. She asks from where did he bring it? He says from the resort shop. She asks about the three hearts on the ring. He jokes and promises never to hurt her. She also promises him. He says you got emotional again and says we have to put reminder to be happy. She says small happiness does the work of magnet to attract big happiness. He says Mummy’s online class is beginning tomorrow. Nandini says she is stress though she don’t show.

Anupama teaches the dance exercise to her students. Advait comes there. Anupama says sorry for yesterday. Advait says if fight doesn’t happen between saas and bahu then it is very normal and part of her customs. Anupama laughs. He asks her how is she? She says she danced well yesterday, but she is fine. Advait says that Samar told that you want to start dance academy after going from here. Anupama says when I dance with my heart, I feel like I was talking to Kanha ji. She says when there is a loss of words, dance starts right there. Advait asks her to teach dance to his students as they struggle with depression and sad. He says if you teach them dance then they will feel good. Anupama says I didn’t do it till now. Samar and Nandini come there and tell that she shall do it. Adi says he will give discount too. Samar convinces Anupama.

Kavya hears them. Later she talks to someone and tells that she is mailing the presentation. She tells Nandini that she is thinking to marry Vanraj in the resort and asks what do she think? Nandini packs her bags. Kavya asks where is she going? Nandini says she is going where she shall go. Kavya says you are going to give company to Anupama and tells that she is clever to send Samar to vanraj and now trying to separate us. Nandini says it is your work to break relations. Kavya asks her not to take out Baa’s anger on her.

Kavya says I understand Baa’s thoughts, but I am upset with you as you didn’t take stand for me even once being my Maasi. Kavya asks so you are going to Anupama for this. Nandini says she is going there as she is alone. Kavya says she is happy and fine all the time. She is not upset with her divorce and illness. Nandini says if someone is not crying then that doesn’t mean that she/he is not sad. She says everyone is not like you, that they gain others’ sympathy by acting helpless. Kavya shouts Nandini. Nandini says I can’t bear your attitude and that’s why going to Anupama aunty. Kavya says if you think that Samar and you will get married then it won’t happen as Baa will never agree.

Nandini asks her not to think about them and asks her to worry about herself, as we have to just convince Baa, but you have to win her heart. Kavya thinks Anupama sat on her kundali for forever. She gets a call from Anirudh.

Anupama tells Nandini that she heard Kavya objecting to her decision to come here. She asks her to make tea. Nandini goes. Anupama calculates the expenses and thinks how everything will be managed. Samar comes there and tells that Sweety has summer vacations, so your holidays increased. Anupama says Principal Madam called and asked me to come to work. She asks Nandini to come to her and asks both of them not to be sad. She tells that I will handle everything and will convince everyone soon. She tells that they have to search more students as their expenses are more. Samar and Nandini see her diary. Anupama asks them not to be sad and tells that they will manage.

Vanraj talks to someone about online interview. Kavya comes there and hugs Vanraj. She tells that tomorrow she will get divorce and then we will marry in the same resort, near the lake. She tells that it will be perfect wedding and Advait will help us. She says he is a great guy and helping Anupama, and will help us too. She tells that he has shown me pictures for reference. Vanraj asks him to stop praising Advait and tells that he is doing his business and will give just 5 percent discount. Kavya asks why is he angry, if he is angry as she is praising Advait or that she talked about marriage.

Vanraj says I don’t understand why you are so eager for marriage and says we will think after your divorce. Kavya asks if you are not happy? Vanraj says I am not marrying for the first time, I have three children, second one is getting married. He says even your marriage is not happening for the first time, so don’t show excitement. Kavya says you are not the first person who got divorced and says she doesn’t know why he is hesitating. She says Anupama has started her new life and is starting her dance classes with advait. She says Nandini went to stay with her. She tells that she didn’t stop or break with divorce and you are the one who doesn’t have the job till now.

She says she didn’t mean that. vanraj says he knows what she meant. Kavya says we have to think about ourselves seriously as I can’t manage everything alone. Vanraj says I don’t need to depend on you and says if I make a phone call then I will get many job offers. Kavya says I am hearing this since 7 months and says you have to try harder. She says you shall show Anupama that you are not sitting idle. Vanraj says if you think that she can run house with her dance class, and tells that when bills come one by one, then she will know. He says I will see how she survives without me.

Samar gives an idea to Anupama, but she dislikes it and tells that they shall get pamphlets published. Nandini and Samar like her idea. Anupama asks about Baa. Samar says Baa didn’t go to lake as Dolly and Sweety want to take her there. Anupama says she will talk to her and asks them to work on getting more students. Vanraj comes to Anupama and asks if she is doing all this, to show him. Anupama asks what? He says dance. Anupama says why don’t he understand that whatever she is doing is for herself and not to make him jealous. She asks him to concentrate on his life. Vanraj says shut up and says you don’t need to tell me, I am bearing your expenses since 25 years.

Anupama says if you had spent your money on me then even I have done so much for you. She says when you brought money, I have saved money. When you made ration, I made food. She says if you have fulfill your responsibility, then even I have fulfilled my responsibility. She says wife don’t show her rights, but she is equal to husband.

Vanraj taunts Anupama that Kavya was right that Anupama’s attitude has changed after returning from court. Anu says she has to change as earlier Anu didn’t gain anything. He asks if she is not ashamed to take a stranger man’s help to gain something. Anu shocked asks who. He says Advaith, if she thinks he cannot see anything, her joking and laughing with him, etc., that is why Advaith let her set up her dance class here, she forgot that she is a mother of 3 children and moved on so fast.

Anu warns him to shut up and says she wouldn’t have tolerated his nonsense even when he was her husband and now he is nothing to him, so he shouldn’t dare to speak nonsense again; why he has a problem if she is happy and trying to be self-sufficient without his help; he didn’t have right to drag Advaith between, he should understand that a man and a woman can be good friends and everyone will not have extramarital affairs in lieu of friendship; whatever she is doing is for herself and if her laugh hurts him, he should shut his ears or get habituated to it as he will see her laugh and moving on courageously, she was with truth always and now support truth confidently; even he should try to smile and says its not that difficult. He walks away fuming.

Kavya walks to Anu and says she has a good news to reveal, her and Anirudh’s divorce is happening all because of her. Anu says she should have said this after her divorce, why is Kavya saying this. Kavya says if Anu had not forced Vanraj for divorce, her divorce wouldn’t have happened. Anu says if she has now, can she go. Kavya says she will become Mrs. Vanraj soon, but she will not stop her from meeting her children and Baa Bapuji; she should remember that one loses respect if they repeatedly visit the place.

Anu says she will remember it, even Kavya should remember to keep a tab on office girlfriends once Vanraj gets a job. Kavya says what if Samar and Nandini’s engagement is not happening, she has decided to marry Vanraj in this resort. Anu says she should and if she needs to learn dance for sangeet, she will teach her with 20% discount. Kavya says she will attend her wedding as bridesmaid. Anu asks what is that. Kavya says bride’s bestfriend. Anu asks when she is not her bestfriend, why should she become braidsmaid, she will attend her wedding just like any neighbor’s wedding, present 101 rs, eat good, and walk away commenting on bride’s makeup; she cannot follow more friendship than this. She then taunts that if she thinks she will get her ready as bride and then cry in a corner, then she should change the channel.

Kavya fumes in front of Dolly and Vanraj that maide ki katori is eager to marry Vanraj and asks him if he really wants to marry Kavya. Vanraj walks away saying he has an important job interview and shouldn’t be disturbed. Baa says he will definitely not marry maide ki katori.

Advaith over phone informs Anu about her surgery and says its an advanced surgery with speedy recovery, so she should make up her mind and convince her family for it. Anu thanks him. Samar and Nandini walk in and says they should make promotional videos for digital marketing. Anu agrees and thinks she needs time for recovery after surgery and cannot work then, so she has to finish all her work before surgery. She reminisces Vanraj taunting her that he is affording her expenses since 25 years and she telling Advaith that she will pay for her treatment.

Vanraj on the other side starts his online interview when he gets disturbed with Anu playing loud music and dancing. He explains the interview his goals. Interview asks him about his family and says he doesn’t think his interview can happen with so much disturbance and disconnects asking him to make sure there is no disturbance during his next interview.

Vanraj gets angry on Anu and breaks her music system. Whole family gathers. Anu asks what did he do. He shouts just shut up, whom she is trying to impress with her dance. She asks why is he getting angry. He says his job interview spoilt and he lost a nice job because of her. She says she didn’t’ know about his interview and if he had informed her, she should set up her dance recording somewhere else. He yells that he should take her permission after marriage. She says she is not asking him to take her permission but to just inform. He yells that she is trying to prove that she is working harder than him and disturbed him purposefully. She apologizes and says it will not happen if he informs next time. He says if it happens again, he will break her ghungroo. She says he broke her ghungroo once before but couldn’t break her and cannot even today. She replays music in headset and restarts her dance, leaving Vanraj and his team fuming.

Afrer sometime, Anu meditates and remembers Advaith’s advice to inform family about her surgery. She thinks she didn’t due to Samar and Nandini’s engagement, but now she has to. Kavya with Vanraj passes by her, rushing for her divorce hearing. Vanraj says they will marry soon after her divorce, she happily hugs him. Anu walks to Baa. Baa yells why did she come there. Anu shows her test reports and says she needs surgery soon. Toshu asks why surgery. Anu says she has cancer. They all stand shocked. Anu asks them not to worry as she she will be fine after surgery, she didn’t inform them because of Samar and Nandini’s engagement. Vanraj returns to pick his phone and tells Anu that he doesn’t know why she came here, gives her his and Kavya’s wedding card, and asks how is it. She says its good. He says he is giving first invitation to her and she should attend the wedding for sure. She thanks him, says she already told Kavya that she will attend the wedding, and walks away. Samar says its a wrong timing and gives him Anu’s biopsy reports. Vanraj also stands shocked reading about cancer.

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