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Anupama 30 September 2022: Anuj and Vanraj are shifted to hospital. Anupama with Ankush waits outside ICU and hopes if she should have stopped him from going out, this wouldn’t have happened. Doctor comes out of ICU. Shah family ask how is Anuj and Vanraj’s condition. Doctor says they are still in critical condition. Kavya asks what is the medical team doing then. Ankush asks doctor to save his brother and not bother about expenses. Anumaa cries that that Anuj was not only her husband but everything to her and pleads to save him. Doctor says next 48 hours are very crucial for the patients and may need multiple surgeries. Samar asks if they both will be saved or not. Doctor says as of now, he can’t say anything and asks both families to finish legal formalities for the ease of treatment. Hasmukh says he will sign consent forms. Toshu stops him and goes with Ankush. Leela and Kavya cry over Anupama’s shoulders.

Anupama 29 September 2022

Kinjal cries hearing about the news. Dolly insists her to have medicine and milk for her baby’s sake. Pakhi makes Little Anu sleep and says after accident, Little Anu is very afraid and calling papa even in her sleep; she fears for Vanraj’s life. Kinjal comforts her. Adhik reaches hospital. Ankush asks where was he and asks if he did anything as he had problem with both Vanraj and Anuj. Adhik denies and says though he speaks a lot, he is not a criminal to do it literally. Ankush feels bad for Anuj and calls Barkha. Kinjal calls Anupama and asks what is happening there. Anupama informs what doctor told and asks her to take care of them all and Little Anu. Kinjal says Pakhi is taking care of Little Anu and other are Dolly and Jignesh present for them, so she should take care of herself.

Leela and Hasmukh break down worried for Vanraj and Anuj and pity for Anupama. Anupama looks at Anuj’s photo in her mobile and expresses her heart out. She comforts herself and says Anuj is a hero and nothing will happen to him. Ankush calls Barkha, but she doesn’t pick call. Toshu tells him that he signed Vanraj’s declaration form and asks him to sign Anuj’s form. Anupama stops Ankush and says she will sing the form. Adhik says she doesn’t know what is written in this form. Anupama says she knows each word’s meaning in this form and signs it. She tells them that nothing will happen to Anuj and Vanraj. She then walks to Samar and asks him to bring Hasmukh and Leela’s medicines.

Ankush thinks how did the accident happen. Anupama recalls Anuj getting Vanraj’s message that he wants to meet. Kavya recalls following Anuj and Vanraj’s car. Ankush says Kavya was already present at the accident venue, that means she knows what happened there. Hasmukh says when Vanraj took Anuj there and their car is intact, how did they fall from the cliff. Whole family insists Kavya to inform if she knows something. Kavya recalls the incident. Anupama comforts her and asks her to speak. Kavya says they both were angry. Toshu asks if they fought. Ankush asks if Vanraj tried to kill Anuj or pushed him from cliff. Leela yells if he has gone mad to allege Vanraj and yells at him. Toshu backs her. Anupama asks them to maintain silence as everyone are misunderstanding her silence and reveal what had happened. Kavya says she followed them and when she reached there, they were already standing at the cliff end and then..

Doctor comes out of the ICU just then and asks nurse to arrange more staff for the emergency room patients’ condition is very critical. They all ask what happened. Leela prays for Vanraj. Anupama asks her to pray for both Vanraj and Anuj. Doctor asks them to move aside, enters OT, and performs surgery. Hasmukh says things change in a second and pours his heart out. Samar says life is so unpredictable, they meet a person yesterday and next day they find out that that the person is no more. GK says that is called life. Each one describe how life shouldn’t be taken for granted and value it. Surgery continues.Doctor informs Shahs and Kapadias that Vanraj and Anuj’s condition is still critical, but they are being shifted to ICCU. Little Anu imagines Vanraj and Anuj returning home and together playing with her forgetting their differences. Pakhi, Kinjal, and Dolly notice her smiling in dream and hope she is dreaming something good. Little Anu wakes up calling Anuj and Vanraj and wishes to meet Anupama. Dolly asks her to sleep back and watch Anuj and Vanraj meeting her again. Little Anu goes back to sleep.

Anupama watches Anuj via ICCU’s glass window. Pakhi watches Vanraj. Morey Naina.. song plays in the background. They both recall the moments they spent with their husbands. Shahs and Kapadias join them and imagine their quality time spent together. Samar prays god to save Vanraj and Anuj. He says Hasmukh was right that when a person is in hospital, they are not rich or poor but just a patient. Anupama says in the hospital one’s status is of no use and they all are at god’s mercy. She says Anuj is different from Vanraj, but seeing them fighting for their life, they both look same. Doctor comes out and informs that their condition worsened more and if they don’t get conscious in 48 hours, it’s difficult for them to survive. They all start crying hearing that.

Kavya says Vanraj and Anuj shouldn’t have gone to the cliff as she knows they would do something wrong. She describes how she got suspicious when Vanraj didn’t pick her call and followed Anuj to the cliff where she saw both Vanraj and Anuj were standing at a cliff end and didn’t shout fearing they may slip and fall. She rushed towards them when her sari got stuck in bushes and when she freed her sari and turned she didn’t find them both and called police. Ankush says why did she created suspense when she doesn’t know anything. He says she is sure Vanraj is behind this accident. Leela, Toshu, and Samar argue with him that Vanraj just shows his anger and cannot kill anyone. Adhik says one won’t be in their senses in anger, especially Vanraj. Hasmukh asks them to stop their argument, but they continue their argument.

Anupama asks them to stop arguing and creating their own story as they don’t know why Vanraj took Anuj to a cliff; whatever happened today is because of the differences between both families. She asks Kavya to inform whatever she saw to the police. Ankush says but.. Anupama says Vanraj cannot kill anyone and just speaks, she is sure it was an accident and they should pray for their lives. She gets Little Anu’s voice message that she saw Anuj and Vanraj in her dreams and prayed god to get them well soon. She thanks Little Anu. Samar brings water for her and breaks down. Anupama consoles him and says time doesn’t stay same and just like good times came, even bad times will leave; everything will be normal again.

Doctor comes out of the ICU and says Vanraj Shah is responding to treatment and would be shifted to ICU under constant observation. They all thank god. Anupama asks about Anuj. Doctor says Anuj is not responding to treatment and his condition is still critical. Anupama feels drowsy hearing that. Hasmukh asks her to be patient and trust god. Anupama says both Anuj and Vanraj fell from cliff, but Vanraj is responding to treatment and Anuj does. Leela comforts her. Anupama looks at Anuj from the glass window and realls their quality moments together. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

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