Anupama update Friday 22 July 2022

Anupama 22 July 2022: Anu drives car with Vanraj and hopes their daughter is found. She says she will not scold her, will say sorry repeatedly, will always go with her wherever she goes, and will fulfill all her wishes. Vanraj says even he will. She stops car seeing a few parents questioning inspector about many girls being kidnapped. A few boys pass by a park and see Pakhi sleeping on a bench. Pakhi wakes up and gets tensed seeing them. Rakhi calls Vanraj and informs his men found Pakhi at Bhavan circle. They both rush towards Bhavan circle. Pakhi runs away seeing boys. Boys ask not to go there as its very dark there and think they wanted to help her, but she thought they will misbehave with her; they hope she doesn’t fall in wrong hands. Pakhi afraid thinks she shouldn’t have left home in anger and apologizing parents thinks they should come and take her back home.

Two men walk towards her. Rakhi over phone receives Pakhi’s updates. Kavya walks to her and asks when did poison turned into amrith. Rakhi says she thought she is the biggest evil, but Kavya cross the limits; how can be so cruel when someone’s daughter is lost.Family continues their concern for Pakhi. Sanjay says Pakhi left home in anger and must be afraid now at night. Mamaji says he saw a news about girl kidnapping gang. Rakhi says she is worried for the same reason. Bapuji says don’t know what happened to Ahmedabad people. Baa asks them to stop, nothing will happen to her granddaughter, Thakurji will protect her, and hopes Anu and Vanraj find her soon.Vanraj sees boys and showing Kavya’s pic asks if they saw this girl. They say they saw this girl sitting that side and ran away when they tried to help her. Anu asks direction and heads towards it. A couple kidnap Pakhi and carry her hoping to demand ransom from her parents and then sell her. Vanraj and Anu reach the spot calling Pakhi. Couple hurriedly get Pakhi into car and try to start car. Pakhi murmurs mummy. Anu hears her.

Couple drives away. Anu runs behind car shouting Pakhi is in that car. Couple think they are far away from girl’s parents and nobody can catch them. Police stops and catches them. Anu and Vanraj see Pakhi in backseat and say they did something Pakhi. Inspector says they are professional kidnappers and sell innocent girls. Vanraj angrily holds culprit’s collar and asks inspector to make sure they are rigorously punished.Anu and Vanraj then bring Pakhi home. Doctor checks her and says she is unconscious as kidnappers made her sniff a hypnotic and will be fine soon. Rakhi asks how did they find out that Pakhi is in that car. Vanraj says Anu found it out via mother instinct, a mother can search her baby even with closed eyes. Rakhi says nothing can be biggest GPS than mother. Vanraj says he was sitting with closed eyes, Anu noted down car’s number and gave it to police. Bapuji thanks Anu. Anu says a mother teaches children to remember family members’ and house mobile number and herself cannot forget. Vanraj thanks her for saving their daughter. Kavya continues to get jealous seeing all this.

Dolly says let all us go and let Pakhi rest. Baa says she will be with Pakhi while Vanraj and Anu can freshen up. They both say no. Family walks away except Kavya. Vanraj asks Anu to freshen up and she leaves. After sometime, Anu thanks god for returning her daughter and give all her happiness to her daughter and her daughter’s sorrows to her. Rakhi asks why is she still tensed when Pakhi has returned. Baa says what if something had happened to Pakhi. Rakhi asks how can anything happen to their daughter, she would have used all her resources to find her; she will leave her car here for any emergency overnight. Baa says she scolded and insulted Rakhi always, but she helped them today and is not that bad. Rakhi asks her to call her nagin itself. Baa smilingly says enough now. Rakhi wishes Jai Sri Krishna to everyone. Anu emotionally hugs and thanks her.

Rakhi says mothers blame themselves when a child falls down while walking, so she shouldn’t blame herself as a few things are not even in a mother’s control. She wishes Jai Sri Krishna again to everyone and bye to Kavya and says she knows she must be feeling lonely as Mr. Shah is not her V and just Pakhi’s papa, her presence doesn’t matter to anyone here and she shouldn’t try her evil tricks now or else her efforts will go waste.Kavya looks at everyone. Baa looking at her comments they will only know who is dear one and who is stranger during bad times, asks Toshu to bring a taxi for Kavya. Kavya says no thanks, she will manage and walks away. Anu says she will go and sit with Pakhi and asks Dolly to serve food to Vanraj. She walks into Pakhi’s room and asks Vanraj to go and have food. He asks if she had food. He says she will after he returns. Pakhi wakes up calling mummy. Anu says mummy and papa are here. Pakhi cries and they both console her. Pakhi says she shouldn’t have hurt them and left home. Anu asks not to think about it. Vanraj says it was his mistake that he couldn’t take care of her. Anu warns her not to go away without informing them as they were very tensed. Pakhi promises she will not repeat her stupidity again. Vanraj says they will also take care of her.

Anupama and Vanraj pamper Pakhi. Tujo Mila To Lo Hogaya Mai plays in the background. After sometime, Vanraj cries reminiscing all the recent incident. Anu holds his hand to console him. He says he thought he was a good father, but he couldn’t become a father at all; one cannot be a father by just paying children’s fees, father has to understand children’s needs and its more important than father’s stubbornness, Pakhi had come to him, but he couldn’t handle her and was just busy in humiliating Anu.She says he is a good father. He says his ego became bigger than his love and he was just finding ways to humiliate her and even dragged his children in that; a husband was winning and a father was losing; he hated Anu and thought nobody can hate anyone like him, but today he hates himself immensely. Anu says forgiving others is easy and difficult to forgive themselves, and if he doesn’t, he cannot handle Pakhi; they should make sure that their separation doesn’t affect Sweety/Pakhi. He asks her to keep Pakhi wiht her as he cannot handle home, work, and children; he will try to become a good person and needs just her help and not togetherness. She asks him not to worry as she will do her best for her children. He says she handled Samar from the beginning, showed Toshu right way, and now he wants her to handle Pakhi. He says they both will handle Sweety, Samar, Toshu, and Kinjal together as there may be nothing between left now but there will be family always between them. He gets Kavya’s call, and she goes to check on Sweety.

Vanraj picks Kavya’s call. Kavya asks if Pakhi is awake now. He says yes. She thanks god and asks if he will come now or in the morning. He says he will decide in the morning after knowing what Pakhi wants. She says in that sense, Pakhi will demand him not to divorce Anu and stay back in same house, will he do whatever she likes. He asks if she really thinks this is the time for all this discussion when his daughter is in fear.She asks what about her fear, she knows he and Anu can do anything for Pakhi and she wants to know what will he do if Pakhi wants them to stay together. He disconnects call wishing her goodnight. She thinks if emotional blackmailing is so effective, even she should do same to make V realize her value, Pakhi played a good game, she just threatened Pakhi to separate her from her papa, but Pakhi separated her from V with just one blow.

In the morning, Anu performs tulsi pooja. Vanraj looks at her. She sits next to him and hopes this new day brings a new beginning. Baa notices them together and asks why don’t they stay together like this forever; she warned them that their separation will harm their children, but they didn’t listen to her; they both can stay in separate rooms but under same roof for children’s sake; she pleads them to end their fight for family’s happiness; they both hate each other, but they reunite for children always; parents sacrifice their lives for children, so they should stop their drama and stay under same roof. Vanraj says this will not change anything. Anu says they won’t be together even being under same roof and won’t be happy. Baa says as if they are happy now. Vanraj says everyone knows everything, even Pakhi, and Kavya.. Baa says she doesn’t bother about Kavya and just wants them to stay together. Bapuji hearing their conversation asks Baa what was she telling Vanraj and Anupama. She says why is he asking when he heard everything. He says he is stopping her as relationship is not made of raw soil that they can mold it the way they want. Baa asks if she shouldn’t try to save relationships.

He says they tried for 25 years and its their decision how they want to live, they care for children and we don’t have to teach them, she shouldn’t force them though.Anu says Baa is afraid, so she told this. Vanraj says he knows, but they should concentrate on Pakhi now and he thinks they should seek a psychologist’s help for Pakhi; he says he knows people get afraid to visit a psychologist, but when they can visit a doctor for their physical problems, then why can’t for their mental problems and what they cannot speak with family and friends can speak with a psychologist openly;

Anu should trust her. Anu says she knows he will not take a wrong decision for Sweety; children discuss with mother what they can’t with father and what they can’t with mother, they discuss it with siblings and friends, but still many issues are left heart and it will create a deep impact if they keep it within, same thing happened with Sweety and he should choose a best doctor for Pakhi. He agrees. Pakhi writes a letter to god that she hurt her parents with her stupidity and will promise not to repeat it if her parents come together. Anu asks Vanraj if he will have tea. He says strong ginger tea like Baa’s scolding. Anu says no tea in the world can be so strong. He asks her not to worry about Pakhi’s treatment as he has some savings left. She says she trusts a father and not money and walks in.Kavya enters wishing Vanraj. Vanraj asks what is she doing here early morning. She says she thought of meeting him and Pakhi before going to office and asks why he looks tensed. He says he is worried for Pakhi and thinks he should take her to a psychologist. She says that’s a good thing. He says if they had concentrat4ed on her, this situation wouldn’t have arose; anyways he will be Pakhi until she gets well. She asks if he will come here daily. He says she is getting late for office and should leave. She says she meant to say that he can stay here and meet her when he gets time, she misses him and would like to come, but knows nobody likes her here; she is trying hard and knows she cannot take Anu’s place, she saw him and will leave now.

He wishes her have a good day. She leaves smirking. He picks phone to call for doc’s appointment and walks in hearing Baa scolding Anu. Baa scolds Anu for thinking of taking Pakhi to a psychologist. Vanraj asks her not to start in the morning. Bapuji says they are thinking of Pakhi’s better life. Baa says they think of themselves or else they wouldn’t have thought of divorce and of proving their daughter mad. Bapuji asks her not to speak loudly as Pakhi may hear it.She says she wants Pakhi to know that her parents want to prove her mad and continues yelling at Anu that she saw most bad mothers but not bad and selfish than her. Anu says she can be a bad babu/DIL and bad wife, but cannot be a bad mother.

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