Anupama update Friday 1 July 2022

Anupama 1 July 2022: Pakhi desires to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday at their home. Kavya says they all 3 will celebrate birthday here. Pakhi says everyone would be present at home. Kavya says they will celebrate his birthday in a different way like Pakhi’s birthday and it would be fun, anyways she knows that her parents are divorcing and in this situation, it would be awkward for Vanraj. Pakhi thinks if her papa’s birthday would be celebrated according to Kavya’s wish, it used to according to her way in their home and mummy and Baa used to say Pakhi has first right on Vanraj. She walks towards her room and hears Kavya insisting Vanraj to celebrate his birthday only with her. Vanraj says he will not send Pakhi to Anupama until Pakhi herself wants to go, he explained Pakhi and even Kavya should adjust; though Kavya has work pressure, she can become Pakhi’s bestie if not a mother. Kavya says sure, she will try. He says thanks and informs about his and Anu’s meeting tomorrow with a divorce counsellor. She asks if she can accompany him. He says no. She asks him to make sure there are no chances for reconciliation. He nods yes

Anu while cooking food asks Kinjal and Nandini if they know what happens at divorce counselor’s office. Nandini says they have a bit of idea. Kinjal says all counselors will speak at once. Nandini says lawyers would have explained the case, even then they would ask why she wants divorce. Kinjal says basically they would try to save the marriage, this is the rule. Nandini says they will just give suggestion and not order and if she decides for a divorce, nobody can stop her. Anu asks what if either one of them says they want to stay together again. Nandini says case will be delayed and they will be tried for reconciliation. Kinjal says that will not happen in her case as they both want divorce. Anu thinks why she feels that he will not let her go easily, he made a new relationship in a hurry and is delayed to let go off the old one, hope he doesn’t entangle the breaking thread.

Vanraj gets ready for counsellor’s meeting. Anu also gets ready and looks at her and Vanraj’s photo. Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karwaan… song plays in the background. Baa yells that Bahu is adamant to get divorce and not listening to her. Dollly asks her to think before speaking. Baa yells when people don’t think before doing, why should she think before speaking. Anu walks to Baa and apologizes for going against her as its difficult for her to see her beta/son and bahu/DIL separating, sorry for letting her go through this pain. Baa says she is staying away from Vanraj since long, then why this divorce tag and break the house. Anu says house broke long ago, she is just going to remove the name plate; until her relationship with him ends, he cannot move on with Kavya. Dolly asks if she will go alone. Kinjal says she told mummy to take her along. Anu says some fights have to be fought alone. Toshu says especially when a person wants to fight, earlier with husband and then school management. Anu asks if he forgot that she fought with Rakhi for him, its right if she fights for him and wrong if she fights for others. Baa yells not to scold him or else he will leave home like Pakhi.

Anu asks if she cannot tell what is in heart because of that, relationship should be followed by both sides and if its by only one side, whatever today is happening will happen. She greets Baa and leaves. She meets Vanraj outside counsellor’s office. Dolly sees Baa crying and asks resaon. Baa says she cannot see her beta and bahu divorcing. Dolly says its their mutual consent. Baa says not in her generation and divorce was considered a curse, she gives example of her relative and says bahu did wrong. Dolly says even wrong happened with Anu. Baa yells which marriage doesn’t go through tough phase. Dolly asks what if this had happened to her, what if Sanjay had betrayed her for another woman, if she had asked her to go and stay with a man who betrayed her; in fact she would have brought her from her sasural on the first day; bhabhi didn’t do that, she doesn’t want to be a wife but wants to be a bahu always; nobody can do whatever babhi is doing. Baa yells she can think whatever she wants, she just prays god to cancel this divorce.

Vanraj and Anu enter counsellor’s office. Their lawyers inform that only they should meet counselor and should wait until their turn comes. They both sit and see a couple arguing for divorce. Vanraj taps his foot in nervousness. Anu asks if he is nervous. He says no. She says she is. He says even he is and says he is having the same feeling when Toshu was about to born and he was waiting outside. She says its like they gather courage and remove bandage from wound at once hoping it will not pain much.

Kinjal sees Toshu tensed and asks him to speak out his heart, if he doesn’t like his parent’s divorce. He says he never wants his parents separated and describes a childhood incident when Baa stood in between his parents during photo session and he insisted to let his parents stand together; he knew nothing would be like before when his parents separated, but he had a false hope; Samar and Pakhi are small and will handle themselves, but he can’t; anyways if his parents have decided to divorce, he can’t say anything. Kinjal hopes she could lessen his pain and insecurity, but whatever happening is right and is for the best.Anu and Vanraj meet counsellor who asks if they want divorce after 25 years of marriage and having 3 grown up children. She says couple adjust coming through this age and in fact they need life partner the most in this age, so frankly this is not the age for divorce. Anu asks if there is an age for heart break.

Counsellor says no. Anu asks then how can there be an age limit to separate. Counsellor says everyone has shortfalls in them, but one should learn to adjust with others, there cannot be any fight or issue which cannot be solved, they are here to solve the issue. She asks Vanraj that he gave his wife’s mental instability as a reason for divorce, then why did he change at the last moment. He says he gave that reason in anger, but then realized it was a mistake. Counsellor says they take decisions in anger and then repent, so they do this counseling and try to change their mind as situations, allegations, and even people change over time. She asks Anu that Vanraj made an allegation and took it back, but she didn’t, it means they both care for each other and can give a chance for their relationship again. Vanraj says he made a mistake and apologized Anu, but she is not forgiving him. Anu says its not a mistake but betrayal. She tells Counsellor that she didn’t want to say, but has to; he broke her trust for another woman; wife forgives husband’s each mistake thinking its her destiny, but she is not so great to forgive his mistake and wants to end their relationship at once.

Counsellor says fine, they both should sign divorce papers and end their marriage. Anu signs papers and insists him to sign, but he hesitates.Anupama signs divorce papers and asks Vanraj to sign them. He signs them hesitantly. Counsellor says they have 6 months to think and hopes they change their decision. Anu thinks she will not change her decision and its better if Vanraj also doesn’t change his decision. She greets counsellor and walks out of office, then says thank you to Vanraj and tries to leave. He stops her and says last year his friend got a divorce and he was telling that he was feeling weird, he told its not a big deal, but today he realized it a very big deal; thinking and telling about separating is fine, but when the find out that their decades old relationship will end with just a signature, hands won’t raise at all; now signatures are done and when relationship is ending, he wants to say sorry for giving her pain from connecting with Kavya to trying to prove her mentally unstable; he asks if she will forgive him. She asks him to give her mukti/salvation and think she forgave him. He says Bapuji was right that he won’t he happy in life by hurting her heart; until she was with him, he had everything, a happy family, name, job, peace, etc., and once she is out of his life, everything left him; when she used to pray for him, he used to grow; when she used to apply kajal on his sole, he used to smile; when she used to cook.. She says she was there since the beginning, but he was not present and was with Kavya even while being with her and when he is with Kavya, he shouldn’t talk about being with her as those finished; if he said sorry to her so that she doesn’t curse him, he shouldn’t worry as she prays god that he and Kavya be happy forever; she had love for him earlier and then anger. He says and now…

She says now nothing; life doesn’t give a second chance, but they got one; he should live for Kavya and she will for liv for herself, he shouldn’t lose this chance.She smiles at him and walks away. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa to Nahi…song plays in the background. He sits at a bench and reminisces her helping him in every chores and showering her love for him, but he ignoring her repeatedly. Anu reminisces their happier moments, then his rude behavior, his betrayal, etc. They both look at divorce notice and shed tears. She thinks everything will be fine. He thinks when will everything be fine, if it will or not.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. Kavya asks what did counsellor say, if she gave next date. Vanraj says divorce will be finalized soon. She happily hugs him and says they will marry and live happily after that. He says for that she has to take divorce first. She says she is trying. He says it looks like she is more worried about his divorce and why should he bear the trauma alone. She asks if he feeling bad taking divorce from Anu, what is he trying to say. He says he is just tired. She asks him to calm down and says let us celebrate with champagne. Pakhi returns from school and hearing that walks back thinking here Bestie and there Kinjal will get her parents divorced for sure. Kavya asks Vanraj to not think much as everything will be fine soon, they will celebrate his birthday in a lavish way.

Anu returns home. Baa with whole family eagerly waiting for her asks why didn’t she pick her phone. Anu says counseling is done and divorce will be finalized in 6 months. Dolly asks if she should prepare tea for her. Anu says she is tired and wants to rest. Kinjal asks her to have some food first. Baa stops her. Dolly asks her to go and rest and she goes to her room. Baa breaks down. Kinjal asks if its right to leave mummy alone. Dolly says Anu will come out herself and they shouldn’t disturb her. Kinjal asks Baa to have food as she needs to have medicine. Baa says she doesn’t want to have anything and wants to be alone. Anu returns to her room and looks around. Next morning, Baa prepares laddus for Vanraj’s buddy and stops mamaji from having it saying its for poor. He says even he is a middle class poor. She says she celebrates janmastami twice, first when her Thakurji was born and then when her son was born. Bapuji says she prepares Vanraj’s all favorite items. Anu walks in. Baa says she will celebrate her son’s birthday here, whether someone likes it or not. She sees Anu preparing laddus and asks if she is preparing it for her son. Anu says she is preparing it for a mother as a mother is born when a first child is born and before that, she would be a daughter, DIL, a wife, etc.

but not mother; she will prepare Vanraj’s favorite food, Baa should prepare kadhi. Baa says she will also prepare chutney. Mamaj jokes Bapuji’s chutney? Baa says she has kept pooja at home, though house is broken and only a bit is left; all family memembers will attend it except Samar. Anu says Sweety will come and she needs to prepare burger for her. Baa says dhokla for Toshu.Vanraj sees Pakhi sad and asks reason. She says she has a test and leaves saying she will go to her friend’s house and then to school. Bapuji asks Baa if Kavya will give permission to Vanraj to celebrate his birthday with family. Baa says her son will celebrate his birthday with his mother. Kavya insists Vanraj to convince Pakhi to stay with Anu for 2 days as she wants to celebrate his birthday alone in a resort and since she is going for a business meeting at a resort, he should accompany her. Anu says Kavya may stop Vanraj. Bapuji tells Anu that either Baa or Kavya’s heart will break. Vanraj tells Kavya that he wants to spend quality time with Kavya, but Pakhi will feel bad if he asks her to go away, anyways his birthday is like a festival for Pakhi and Baa and its their family thing. Anu thinks a lot happened during his last birthday and prays god to not let that happen tomorrow.

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