Anupama starlife update Wednesday 21 September 2022

Anupama 21 September 2022: Anupama informs Anuj that she has a class at 2 p.m. Anuj says hed will postpone his business meeting to the evening and will stay with Little Anu till she returns as a parenting goal. Little Anu clicks their photo with Sara’s gifted camera and shares pics with them. At Shah House, Pakhi excitedly prepares herself to meet Adhik and thinks Vanraj is busy with meeting and hence will not drop her to college. Vanraj informs her that he will drop her to college and then attend his meeting. Pakhi gets angry and thinks she will meet Adhik at any cost though.

Barkha serves breakfast to the family. Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu join the family. Little Anu feels excited seeing a variety of breakfast. Barkha says she didn’t know what Little Anu would like and hence got everything prepared.Little Anu says they used to have only 1 dish in orphanage and describes the daily dishes. Anupama stops her and says its her house and she can order anything she wants. Barkha feels frustrated. Little Anu starts breakfast after prayers. GK says she has gone on Anupama. Anuj says he is right. Anu notics Adhik getting Pakhi’s call repeatedly. Adhik nervously disconnects call and reads her message to meet her. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she is ready.

Ankush asks Little Anu if she is going to school today. She says yes. Ankush asks Anuj if he can handle their new Bangalore and Mambai offices as he has a lot of time. Anuj says he already has many projects here. Ankush says he is used to handle many projects at once. Barkhha backs Ankush. Anuj asks if his USA projects were working so good, then why did he come to India. Ankush and family get tensed hearing that. Anuj then jokes that maybe he was missing his brother, then says they can discuss about it later or Ankush can inform him later about the business.

Barkha to divert the topic jokes that Anuj and Anupama are averaged to join a school. She then asks which school Little Anu is getting admitted. Anupama says Pakhi’s school. Barkha argues that they should get Little Anu admitted to some high standard school. Anupama says Pakhi’s school gets 100% results and they teach even their culture and other ethics there. Barkha continues to argue. Anuj say most of the famous personalities are studied in normal school. GK says he is right and says its time to go. They leave. Ankush tells Barkha that looks like Anuj knows why they came to India. Adhik says its good then, Ankush can have a partnership with Anuj.

Ankush says Anuj will feel very bad that they hid such a big truth; he warned her many times, but she didn’t listen; forget partnership, now he may even lose his job. Barkha gets tensed. Adhik leaves to meet Pakhi.Vanraj drops Pakhi to college and says he trusts her. She says she will directly go into the college. Vanraj says she shouldn’t break his trust. Little Anu meets them with Anuj and Anupama. Pakhi asks what are they doing here. Anupama says younger sister is getting admission in elder sister’s school. Little Anu says she will visit Pakhi during breaks. Pakhi shouts no. Anupama warns her to behave with the kid. Pakhi says she is venting out Anupama’s anger on the little kid and says little Anu cannot get admission in her school as she will be embarrassed. Anuapama tries to explain her, but Pakhi gets admaant.

Anupama says she will not compromise her one daughter’s future for another. Pakhi says she doesn’t want Anupama to bring Little Anu at her college campus and make her feel embarrassed in front of teachers and students. Vanraj backs Pakhi. Pakhi gives Anupama an ultimatum to choose between her old and new daughter. Vanraj taunts Anupama that he thought he troubled his children more, but its Anupama instead.Little Anu pleads Anupama not to send her back to orphanage and promises not to make any mistake again. Anupama hugs her and says she will always be with her parents.

Anuj says his daughter is so good that she cannot do any mistake even in her dreams. He tells Anupama that they will get Little Anu in another school as he doesn’t want any daily drama. Vanraj while driving thinks Anupama did wrong by adopting a girl as its adversely affecting his family, why don’t all Kapadias move out of India forever. Anuj tells Anupama that he cannot see tears in his daughter’s eyes and she will study in a best school. Pakhi watches them hiding. Vanraj thinks even Kavya wants a baby following Anupama’s steps, Anupama is doing all this to prove that Shah family cannot be managed without her, but he will manage his family without Anupama.

Anuj gets Little Anu into his car. Anupama cheers him up and says she will take little to meet her mother and brother. Anuj says he will drop them. She says his office is in opposite direction, so they will go by auto. Anuj says his daughter will not go in auto, so they can take the car. Anupama says they shouldn’t spoil the child with overpampering and should teach her good morales. Anuj apologizes her. Their cute nok jhok starts. Little Anu clicks their pic with her camera.

Anupama takes Little Anu on an auto ride and asks her if she is enjoying. Little Anu says a lot and asks why Pakhi, Toshu, Samar, and Kinjal don’t stay with her and stay in a different house. Anupama says just like her mummy doesn’t stay in her mummy’s house, they are also grown up and stay in a different house. She says there are benefits of having 2 houses and explains. Little Anu feels excited to meet Kinjal’s baby after its born. At Shah House, Kinjal heads to the doctor’s clinic for sonography with Samar. Leela asks if Anupama is coming. Kinjal says she will reach the clinic directly. Leela feels emotional and excited to see her great grandson. Hasmukh also prays god to send a little flower soon. Kinjal slips while getting into taxi. Samar gets worried for her.

Kinjal asks him not to inform family about it or else they will get worried. She hopes Anupama reaches clinic soon. They reach clinic and eagerly wait for Anupama.
Anupama gets out of auto and walks towards clinic with Little Anu. She buys a water bottle for Little Anu and asking her not to stay there gets busy in payment when she doesn’t notice Anu. Little Anu notices a man dropping a packet by mistake and runs behind him to return it to him. A speeding bike heads towards her. Anupama shouts her name in fear thinking she met with an accident. Little Anu walks to her and apologizes her. Anupama in a panic state repeats surri surri/sorry sorry for leaving her hand. Little Anu requests her not to send her back to orphanage. Public tongue lash Anu for giving birth a kid at an old age and failing to take proper care of her. Anupama repeats surri surri. Little Anu says its her mistake. Anupama lifts Little Anu and pampers her.

Pakhi meets Adhik and criticize Anupama for putting her in an embarrassing situation. Adhik says Barkha was not like that and all teachers used to admire her. Pakhi says obviously as she is very classy. Adhik says he spoke tt Barkha about them and Barkha likes her a lot among her family members. He gifts her expensive makeup kit from Barkha’s side. Pakhi gets flattered with the gift. Adhik tries to kiss her, and she hesitates. He says he will not go ahead without her permission and kisses her forehead.

Kinjal continues to wait for Anupama. Anupama continues to repeat surri surri. Little Anu reminds her that they should visit Kinjal in a clinic. Anupama searches her phone to call Kinjal and realizes she dropped it somewhere when she panicked. Little Anu blames herself for the problem. Anupama says its not her mistake. Doctor calls Kinjal for checkup. Anupama walks to PCO to call Kinjal when the store owner returns her phone. She thanks him and finds it broken. Kinjal finishes her checkup and leaves clinic telling Samar that mummy must be busy. Anupama reaches clinic where nurse informs that Kinjal already left after her checkup. Anupama repeats surri surri Kinjal and walks back recalling Vanraj and Kinjal’s words.

Kinjal returns home and asks Samar to call mummy. Samar says her phone is switched off even now. Leela performs her nazar. Kavya asks Kinjal about Anupama. Leela says she must have gone to work from clinic and asks Kinjal if Anupama made a note of doctor’s advice. Vanraj returns and noticing Kinjal’s face asks if Anupama didn’t come. Leela is shocked to hear that. Kavya says maybe Anupama is stuck in some work. Vanraj says not more than Kinjal and complains Hasmukh that his daughter forgot her responsibility after becoming a mother again. Hasmukh asks him not to drag Little Anu in it as there must be some other reason. Vanraj asks if Anupama was so busy that she couldn’t attend her DIL’s checkup, Kavya or Leela would have accompanied Kinjal if Anupama was unwilling to come. Leela backs hm. Kinjal says its okay as her checkup is finished. Anupama with Little Anu reaches there.

Adhik insists Pakhi to visit his house. Pakhi hesitates citing Anupama as a reason. Adhik says Barkha would love to see her there and he is more worried about her image as he doesn’t more than himself. Pakhi agrees to visit Kapadia house skipping college. Adhik recalls his plan to misuse Pakhi to gain Anupama’s wealth and says she should visit Kapadia house often as maybe she may stay there permanently. Anupama apologizes Kinjal for failing to reach on time. Little Anu says its because of her and apologizing everyone describes what happened. Kavya, Kinjal, and Samar thank god that nothing unusual happened. Anupama looks at Vanraj and Leela’s frowning faces.

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