Anupama Starlife update Tuesday 20 December 2022


Anupama 20 December 2022: Vanraj sits on Anuj’s CEO seat and says Vanraj Shah is back. Anupama encourages Anuj to race with her to cheer him up. She recites a poem/shayari for him with encouraging words that he cannot give up when his love is with him. Bapuji tells Samar one who is shattered and supports the shattered one needs more courage. Samar says once again Mr Shah burnt his mummy’s happiness, mummy lost a bit, but Anuj lost everything because of Mr Shah. Bapuji says when prabhu sri Ram was leaving Ayodhya, all citizens were sad, but sri Ram was not sad about leaving the crown but leaving the family, Anuj must be feeling same; they cannot imagine Anu’s pain as her dreams are lost on one side and she is seeing Anuj breaking on the other side.Baa thinks everyone are blaming her son, but truth is there were already differences between Anuj and Malvika. Toshu says she is right, papa worked hard and god is giving him reward of his hard work. Kavya thinks V is interested in fulfilling his dreams via Mukku’s company and is not interested in Mukku; he is angry on her, but he still loves her and that is the reason, whatever she does affects him; if he doesn’t love Mukku means, he still loves her; she needs to have some patience to reap the benefits; someone’s accident can be someone else’s opportunity, even may get an opportunity to get back something.

Anu slips. Anuj holds her, and his slipper slips from his foot. Anu helps him wear slipper and says when a boy helps girl wear slipper, he is a prince, and when girl does same, she is a pitiful/bechari. He remembers their first meeting when he helps her wear her slipper. She says relationship should be equal like their relationship; its not about what he gave her, its about what she can give him; he gave her whole sky to fly, can’t she give him a ground to walk; they should start afresh; she knows there would be many hurdles and thorns on the way, but she promises that he will not face any thorn or hurdle. Anuj says he started walking but doesn’t know where it will lead to. She says our house. He asks if she means her house, thank you for thinking about him, but he can seek any of his hotelier friend’s help and stay in their hotel. She says he needs a house now and should accompany her. He asks what about Shah family. She says they will understand. He asks how can he stay at her house. She says like she did and says she will go wherever he goes, he should decide if she should run behind her. He says its his task to roam around her. She says its a small house but full of love and holds his hand. They walk holding each other’s hand. Jab Koi Baat Bigadjaye, Jab Koi Mushkil Padjaye.. song plays in the background.

Malvika with Vanraj returns home and cries hugging GK, then asks if bhai returned home. GK says Anuj transferred even house in her name and left. Malvika says house belongs to both of them. Vanraj asks where will Anuj stay then. GK says Anu called and said Anuj will stay in her house. Vanraj provokes Malvika that Anuj left her completely and is staying in Anu’s house. Anuj enters her house with Anuj. Baa sees Bapuji going out and asks where is he going. He says he wants to see his daughter first. She says he should remember that he also has a son. He hopes if he had forgotten that Vanraj is his son. Baa says her son didn’t do anything, Anuj and Malvika did instead, whatever her son got is because of his hard work. Bapuji says not hard work, but deceit. Baa yells that he finds all the problems only in her son. Pakhi asks her to let Bapuji go. Samar asks where will he go. Samar says he will call mummy and find out.Vanraj enters and says they need not go anywhere, touches Bapuji’s feet and seeks his blessings for his new start. He says Anuj has shifted in Anu’s house and they will start a live-in relationship. Baa shouts to bring Anu here and let Anuj find a place for himself. Bapuji says its waste to strike their heads to the walls and leaves with Samar. Kinjal says she will accompany him. Toshu opposes her supporting Anu. Kinjal says mummy never did anything wrong and will never in the future and leaves with Bapuji. Vanraj asks Baa to prepare tea for him. Kavya says she will. Anu continues trying to cheer up Anuj.


Anupama saying to Anuj that he is worrying about her as society will accuse her for being with him. She adds society doesn’t matter to her but he do. Anuj sits stunned. Anupama give water to Anuj. The glass breaks and Anuj gets panic. He apologize to Anupama for unintentionally dragging her in his family problem. Anupama console Anuj. She encourages him to see new dream. Anuj says he don’t want to see any dream now. He fear dreams will be broken yet again. Anupama tries to cheer up Anuj. Anuj fail to overcome is stress.There, Vanraj asks Leela if she is on his side. Leela asks Vanraj if he isn’t doing anything wrong. Vanraj adds amid Malvika and Anuj’s fight he is accused for no reason. Leela asks Vanraj if he doesn’t feel anything about Malvika. Vanraj assures Leela that he doesn’t have any feeling for Malvika and only focus on his work. Kavya overhears Vanraj and Leela’s talk. Paritosh side Vanraj. Duo decide not to leave Kapadi Empire solely on Malvika. Paritosh and Vanraj decide to overtake the business. Kavya comes in Vanraj’s support. She tell to him that for time being she got insecure and followed Anupama. Kavya says she is trying her best to save their wedding. Leela, Vanraj sit shocked. Kavya think Vanraj is soon going to be rich thus she should side him as her future depends on him.

Anupama and Anuj dance together. They further plan future. Anupama decide to restart her dance academy. Anuj asks Anupama if he too can work at her dance academy. Anupama to decide if he wants to start a business or do a job. She adds until he decide for time being can help her in dance academy. Anuj and Anupama seal the deal.Gk tries to console Malvika. Malvika questions GK how Anuj left her. GK replies the same way she left without informing. Malvika stands shocked. Anupama assures Hasmuk that she is fine. Hasmuk regret for not able help Anupama and Anuj. Anupama and Anuj motivates Hasmuk. Anuj assure Anupama, Hasmuk, Samar and Kinjal that he will bounce back in sometime. Hasmuk, Samar and Kinjal decide to be with Anupama, Anuj. Later, Anupama share with Hasmuk that she is sacred about her future. She worry restarting again. Hasmuk encourages Anupama.

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