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Anupama 16 February 2023: Anupama feels disheartened seeing Hasmukh mopping the floor after Rakhi Rakhi dirties it. Anupama picks the mop and spoils Rakhi’s sandal. Rakhi shouts she is spoiling her sandal. Anupama asks if she can spoil their floor even after knowing that footwear is not allowed in Shah house. She apologizes Kinjal for spoiling her mom’s sandal. Kinjal says its okay. Rakhi asks if spoiling her sandal is okay for her. Kinjal says even spoiling their house is not okay. Anupama asks Toshu make Kinjal sit comfortably and mops the floor. Leela asks why is she doing this. Anuj says let her do it and asks Hasmukh if he wants to do cardio, he can do it in garden and he would send GK for his company.

Rakhi taunts Anupama that she is working even after owning a crores worth house. Anupama asks why she degrades hard work, doesn’t rich family DIL work, she should respect hard work. Rakhi taunts she heard via her sources how Barkha respected Hasmukh and Leela during her housewarming party. Kinjal asks if her sources didn’t inform her how Anupama tackled the situation. Rakhi asks where had she been early morning. Kijal says she had gone to Anupama’s house and came back just now. Anuj offers cream roll to Hasmukh. Anupama tells Leela that she brought theplas. Leela asks why did she bring it when she is still alive. Anupama says its up to her whether she wants to have it or not.

Rakhi beats thali to garner everyone’s attention and says she came to invite Shahs for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Leela mocks her to go and have shower at her home. Rakhi says it means goad bharai ritual and says tomorrow is the best muhurat for the ceremony. Anupama asks how is it possible at a short span, even they need time for preparation. Leela mocks Rakhi again. Rakhi says she has hired an event management company, they just need to get ready and attend the function. She mocks Anupama that she is talking to middle class Shahs. Leela thinks its good that Vanraj is not here or else there would have been a big fight. Rakhi asks about Vanraj. Leela says he and Kavya have gone out of station. Rakhi taunts Toshu that his mummy came from honeymoon and his papa went now. Hasmukh asks her to behave.

Anupama says even they have right on Kinjal, so they all should tegether decide about the ceremony. Rakhi says she already decided, they all should just visit her house at 12 noon tomorrow for the ceremony. Leela and Anupama ask her house? Rakhi asks if she wants it at Anupama’s house. Leela says no. Rakhi says its decided then, they all will visit her house tomorrow. Leela says the ritual happens at in-laws house, so it will happen here according to their convenience. Their argument starts. Anupama stops them and says Kinjal belongs to both maika and sasural and they are doing it for her happiness, hence the ritual will happen at Shah house on Rakhi’s selected date. Baa and Rakhi agree adamantly.

Rakhi continues her misbehavior and asks how will Vanraj organize the ritual as he is jobless and even Toshu is a waste body. Family feels more offended hearing that. Samar enters and says Mr Shah still manages the house and he will handle it. Rakhi taunts that he has become papa bhakt now. Anuj says Kinjal’s babyshower ceremony would be a lavish affair. Leela says they will manage. Rakhi says Anupama and Anuj will fund the function and Shah family’s pride will increase if Kapadias attend the function. Leela recalls housewarming ceremony event. Rakhi says she will invite Kapadias.

Leela says only Anupama, Anuj, and GK will attend the ceremony. Rakhi asks what about Barkha, Ankush, and their kids. Leela says they will not. Rakhi says it doesn’t matter to her and leaves saying she will return tomorrow at 12 noon.
Hasmukh apologizes Anuj on Leela’s behalf. Anuj says its alright. Anupama walks out frustrated to confront Leela.
Ankush gets busy on laptop. Barkha smiles at Ankhush and says it’s good seeing him working. Ankush says it’s good seeing her smiling. She says Anupama had Vanraj’s 22 missed calls, and hopes Shahs stay away from their family. Ankush says Anuj and Anupama believe in unity. Barkha says just like water and fire cannot unite, even Kapadias and Shahs cannot unite, saying god knows what’s in the store in the future. Anupama confronts Leela for not inviting her in-laws. Leela says why should she invite someone who doesn’t know to respect others.


Anupama says mistakes happen to everyone and they just should forget it and move on, she just has to invite them once for Kinjal’s ceremony or else Anuj will feel bad. Leela says she didn’t realize how she would feel without Vanraj’s presence, she would never see someone’s face who disrespected Hasmukh. Anupama says even Leela disrespected Hasmukh and watches her face in the mirror. She insists Leela call her in-laws. Leela warns that she will not invite her if she insists to call her in-laws. Anupama says she will come at any cost and would fight with her until she agrees, says earlier that her maika couldn’t visit her, and now her Sasural because of Leela, so she will not stop pestering her until she agrees.

Hasmukh apologizes to Anuj on Leela’s behalf. Anuj asks him not to do that and says he felt bad when Baa badmouthed his SIL and brother as they are his lya ew rerelationshipsps left. Hasmukh jokes that he needs the heart to forgive, but his heart is with Anupama now. He praises that there is a balance between good and bad because of people like Anuj and Anupama. Toshu hopes Leela doesn’t fight with Anupama. Anupama gets adamant with Leela that she will not go until she agrees with her in-laws. Leela says she will not invite them. Hasmukh says it’s okay if she doesn’t invite them, he will invite them though. Leela says he can invite them and complete the drama left. He says drama happened even in their family. Leela says they both can do whatever they want to.

Hasmukh ignores her and takes Anupama along to invite Kapadias. Leela says she will welcome Kapadias very rudely.
Hasmukh notices tears in Anupama’s eyes and asks her to stop crying and get busy with her DIL’s baby shower ceremony arrangements. Anupama wipes her tears and says they will make the event best for their happy memories. Hasmukh calls to video calls Barkha and Ankush and apologizes to them for yesterday’s event and issue during the party. Ankush asks him not to apologize. Hasmukh invites them to Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Ankush accepts his invitation. Anuj praises Bapuji for acting so maturely. Leela fumes seeing that. Hasmukh suggests Anupama talk to Anuj as he is hurt.

Vanraj notices Leela’s missed calls and calls her back. Leela informs him that tomorrow is Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Anupama asks Anuj why didn’t he react to Baa’s words. He asks why should he interfere between the mother and daughter. She asks if she can stay back at Shah’s house as there is a lot of work here. Anuj acts angry and says she didn’t ask him to stay back to help her. He jokes with him in a Mumbai style and orders him to stay back at Shah’s house silently and help her. Samar calls Anuj and she leaves, leaving Anuj frustrated. Leela informs Vanraj that Rakhi insisted on the baby shower ceremony tomorrow and Anupama agreed. Vanraj feels disheartened, says Bapuji performed Anupama’s ritual first, asks doesn’t he have the right to perform his grandchild’s ceremony, etc. Leela says she will cancel the ritual and perform it only after he returns.

Samar offers his earning to Anupama for the ceremony. Anupama and Hasmukh get emotional. Toshu also contributes to his savings. Vanraj asks Leela not to cancel the ceremony if the mahurat is off tomorrow and says he would be called the grandfather anyways. Samar, Toshu, Anupama, and Bapuji chat emotionally and plan to make the ceremony a memorable event. Vanraj tells Leela that he will arrange money for the ceremony as he doesn’t want anything missing in his DIL’s ceremony and feels more emotional. Anupama suggests Samar mend his relationship with his father. Samar says Mr. Shah still has defects, but he is trying to fulfill all his responsibilities. Samar asks Leela to invite everyone except Kapadias. Leela says she tried her best, but couldn’t stop Anupama and Hasmukh from inviting them.

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