Anupama starlife update Sunday 11 June 2023

Anupama 11 June 2023: Anupama informs Adhik that she is going on a trip with little Anu. Adhik says usually elder daughters are more sensible than younger daughters, but its opposite in their case; anyways she should enjoy without bothering about them and have fun. Anupama asks him to promise to take care of himself. Adhik promises and asks her to promise that she will enjoy the trip. She nods yes and leaves

Anupama 10 June 2023

. Leela notices Vanraj tensed and says Pakhi shouldn’t have gone there at all, she is worried thinking what must have happened there that Adhik wants a break, earlier Vanraj went there and created unnecessary problems and now his daughter. Vanraj asks not to blame his daughter. Leela says she will go there and find out what happened really. Vanraj warns her not to.

Anupama and little Anu get ready for the trip. Anuj says he will miss little Anu. Kinjal with Pari walks in. Little Anu feels happy. Kinjal notices Anupama’s nervousness and takes little Anu out. Anupama acts like a teenager separating from her partner for the first time. Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa.. song plays in the background. Anuj holds her pallu. She hugs him. He performs pooja and applies sindhoor on her hairline and then recites a poem describing they both are angry but love each other immensely, etc.

He asks her not tow worry about house as he is there to handle any issue and enjoy her picnic as herself and not a mother, daughter, etc. He keeps her phone and asks her to bring gift for her. She smilingly says yes and leaves.

After some time, Anuj forgets Anupama’s picnic and asks her to bring green tea for him. Dimple laughs. He calls Anupama and finds her phone beside him, says he forgot she has gone to picnic. Dimple says she sensed they had fought but easily patched up, seeing their love and even after Nirmit’s incident, she still believes in love. Adhik says that is very nice, people would be incomplete, but love sholdn’t be incomplete.

He says he is going to make green tea, does she need it. She says no. He misses Anupama and little Anu and thinks of having choc milk shake. Barkha feeds Anupama’s prepared pancakes to Adhik. Adhik asks if Anupama and little Anu reached their destiny. Ankush says must have almost. Adhik gets Pakhi’s voice message saying if he thinks she hurt him, she will hurt herself now, she loves him immensely and without him, its better to die and he will be responsible for her death.

Anupama with little Anu, Kinjal, and Pari reach picnic spot and discuss how she enjoyed a lot with Shah family during last Christmas. Little Anu describes how she used to get only 1 cake piece during Christmas and used to get a small gift. Anupama says she and Kinjal got their Christmas gifts already in the form of little Anu and Pari. Santa asks them to wish a Christmas tree. Kinjal wishes god to keep Pari to be happy always,

little Anu prays god to keep his parents near her always, and Anupama prays god to keep her and Anuj together always. Adhik panics fearing Pakhi would harm herself. Barkha and Ankush try to control him. Adhik gets out of control. Barkha asks Dimple about Anuj. Dimple says he went out. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik rush towards Shah house.

Leela notices Vanraj not having food and asks if things will change if he doesn’t eat. Vanraj asks how can he have food when his daughter is hungry. Adhik rushes in with Barkha and Ankush and asks where is Pakhi. Vanraj asks if he remembered Pakhi now after fighting with her. Adhik says there is no time to explain and asks where is Pakhi. Vanraj says she is in room. Adhik knocks Pakhi’s door and pleads her to open the door.

Vanraj asks what really happened. Barkha plays Pakhi’s threat message. Shah family also get tensed and knock Pakhi’s door. Anupama and her team continue to enjoy picnic with games and dance while everyone at Shah house pleading Pakhi to open the door. Vanraj warns Adhik if something happens to Pakhi, he will not spare her. While returning home, Anupama feels anxious and prays god to keep everything right.

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