Anupama Starlife update Monday 6 February 2023

Anupama 6 February 2023: Little Anu enjoys at the beach while Anupama and Anuj enjoy her watching playing. Anuj thinks something deeply and tells Anupama that little Anu got happy hearing about flying. Anupama says one wouldn’t have flown doesn’t feel bad, but one who flew for for sometime and then fall would feel very bad. She prays god to protect Anu. She then notices him thinking something and asks him to express it out without any filter. Kavya video chats with Anirudh discussing about visiting club with him. Vanraj walks to her and says she should be ashamed to speak to her ex in front of her husband. Kavya reminds even he used to speak to Anupama and celebrate every occasion and festival with her, why is he jealous if she spoke to her ex. Vanraj says its different. She says she doesn’t want to argue, just say hmmm and move on. He thinks till when he has to bear all this.

Anuj emotionally tells Anupama that he has only question from god why he made children an orphan; he says each orphan kid think why only he should suffer; his wound had healed after getting his adopted parents, Muku, and GK’s love, but it became raw after seeing little Anu. He says he remembers his childhood seeing little Anu. He then says its not wrong if Anupama desires to have a family, similarly even he desires to have his own family like Anupama’s. He continues describing his emotional feelings and desires to adopt little Anu. Anupama looks stunned hearing that.Devika visits Shah house. Kavya asks how come she is here. Devika gives her Hasmukh’s medicines and says Samar had called her to get Hasmukh’s medicines. Kavya thanks her. Devika says she overheard her and Vanraj’s conversation. Kavya says nothing is hidden from her. Devika says Anu is her friend and hence she openly suggests her, and since feels connected to even Kavya, sh wants to suggest her something. Kavya asks her to go ahead. Devika says she Anupama, and Kavya suffered in their marriage, but it wouldn’t be classy to stoop love like their husband and take revenge from them. She reminds Kavya how hard she tried to get Vanraj in his life and suggests her not to waste her efforts, but even then if she wants to walk out from Vanraj’s life, she should do it wiht dignity like Anupama.

Anuj continues pouring out his emotions and tells Anupama that God sent him to Mumbai for little Anu and wishes to adopt Anu. Anu gifts bracelet to Anupama and Anuj. Anupama gets emotional. Kavya tells Devika that she wishes to have a friend like her, anyways drama at Shah house never ends and thus she knows what she is doing. Devika asks her to call her any time if she needs her help and leaves from there.Anupama and Anuj drop little Anu back to the orphanage and give gifts for the kids. Anu thanks them for making her day special. They kiss her and ask her to take care. She asks them to pray that her parents should be like them. They both stand more emotional hearing that.Kinjal feels leg pain. Kavya presses her feet. Kinjal tries to stop her as she is elder to her. Kavya shares an incident where she had forced Anupama to press her legs and says that woman is amazing. She then suggests her to shift to her mother’s house for some time wher she may feel comfortable. Kinjal says she feels more happy here as her mom would be busy at work and she would feel lonely there. Kavya asks her to tell as a woman if she is doing wrong.

Anu sits in the cab lost in thoughts. Anuj asks cab driver to stop the cab and goes out to bring water. Devika calls Anupama and gives a detailed report of Shahs and says they are fine. Anupama thanks her. She taunts Anupama and asks how is her honeymoon going on. Anupama explains her the situation and Anuj’s wish to adopt little Anu. Devika says they can’t understand Anuj’s emotions, but she should be practical as taking care of a child is a biggest responsibility and she shouldn’t accept it or else it would be very unfair to the child and even Anuj. She should be just human and inform her decision to Anuj who would definitely understand. She disconnects call and thinks why his new issue immediately after marriage and prays God to show them some way. Anuj returns and sees Anu still lost in thoughts.Anuj and Anupama return to their hotel room. Anupama stands silently. Anuj asks her to express her thought and break up her silence. Anupama recalls Anuj’s wish to adopt little Anu. At Shah house, Kinjal tells Kavya that in a relationship, sometimes they get confused between right and wrong and explains that what a MIL may feel right, DIL may feel it wrong and what a husband feel right, wife may feel it wrong; she loved papa and felt it right, but mummy felt it wrong and hence only she can decide what is right and wrong for her. She says she can move on in life but should do it with dignity like mummy did. Kavya says she is excited to see Kinjal’s baby and will go only after her delivery. Kinjal jokes that her baby would be excited to see a hot dadi. Kavya says not dadi.

Anupama tells Anuj that everyone retire in the world, but a mother won’t; she become a mother thrice and any woman would get tired walking on a path of motherhood; motherhood is the biggest happiness and also the biggest task. She concludes that its difficult for her to take up the responsibility of bringing up a child again as sheis becoming a grandmother and already has Pakhi and Samar’s responsibility. Anuj feels bad for for insisting her to take up the responsibility. Anupama says what she like in their relationship is their unfiltered and straightforward talk. She then agrees to adopt little Anu.Anuj gets very happy hearing that and thanks her, then asks if she thinks he is adopting Anu as he doesn’t have his own children. Anupama says not to say that. Anuj asks what about people. Anupama asks since then they started bothering about people and after a long dialogue says she give a damn about the society. Anuj repeats and laughs. He then says even he is afraid as Anu should also agree to stay with him, he needs to leave his bad habit of staying awake till late night, keeping TV on, etc. He continues his excitement and thanks her.

Next morning, they both visit orphanage. Abhay tells little Anu that she always prayed god to send her parents soon, god listened to her and sent them. Anu gets happy seeing Anuj and Anupama walking to her. Abhi Mukh Mein Kahin.. song plays in the background. Anuj tells Anu that even he met his parents similarly when he was of her age and talking about rainbow says he has one color missing in his house and it will complete when she comes to their house. She happily hugs him. Anuj says they will take her home once the legal formalities are over and Abhay allows them. Anu says whenever they take her home, it would be her birthday. Anu asks if only her name would be on the cake. Anupama nods yes. Abhay says its time for Anu’s school. Anu asks them to return soon to take her home and walks away.Anuj and Anupama continue to express their happiness. They then return home and ring door bell. Anuj talks about them reaching middle age. Anupama says he must be of middle age, she is still in a honeymoon period. He gets romantic and is about ot kiss her when door open and they are shocked to see Barkha.

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