Anjali the new girl on Mehek, what is her mission?


Anjali in Mehek

Wondering who the new girl on Mehek is, she is Anjali – Karona’s daughter with another man. It will be revealed that she had given birth to her before getting married to Harish. Karona’s father had made her give her up for adoption. Along the line, Harish will leave the Khanna house after feeling cheated, especially as Karona will choose Anjali over him.

But then Anjali does not have good intentions for coming to stay with the Khanna. She has not come to reunite with her mother nor rekindle lost times with her family. Her mission is to steal the Khanna property once again. She feels that it is a right that had been denied her.

She starts off with manipulating Karona and pitting her against Shaurya and Mehek. She does all she can to emotionally blackmail her and present Mehek as a bad daughter of the house. She is in cahoots with her boyfriend Suraj. Her actions even makes Karona send Mehek and Shaurya packing from the house and not long after she signs off the property to her.

At first the family does not see her for who she truly is but along the line mehek is able to reveal her true colours to the family and together they make a plan to defeat her.

Shaurya, Sooraj, Anjali

First they make her believe she is dying from a kidney problem and Karona is her only donor. Karona then asks her to make an exchange for the property papers. Anjali who feels she is wiser kidnaps her mother instead. And before long she is able to slip and make verbal confessions of her intentions in the house. The police arrest her and she is taken away. However in jail she meets Swetlana and her activities with the dreaded woman leads to her death.

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