An Unusual tale Update Tuesday 31 August 2021

An Unusual tale 31 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram getting well dressed in suit as he is going to propose Shobha. Nani is glad seeing him, and blesses him. Vikram thanks her and they leave. Samarth says surprise, happy birthday Shobha, I would have got freed before, but I felt it will be good to come home on your birthday. Everyone is shocked seeing him. He says lets break the ice, I know Shobha, you did not value gifts and you always wanted my time, I know I have hurt your heart a lot, and it was the bad year of your life, its all my fault, but today your new year starts today and I know the biggest gift will be if I return your past days, I have come here to return time.

He says you can tell me anything you want, and reminds her words. He says I know many things have passed, but we are still the same, I have come back to my wife and kids, I m your husband. She looks at him. He says fine, ex husband and still the father of your kids, its your birthday, I will make you have the cake. Sarika smiles. She goes to her room.Shobha cries in her room, thinking about Samarth’s bitter words and his decision to give her divorce. Grima asks her to be strong and fight with the situation. Nani teases Vikram and they get inside the lift. She tells him a joke.

He laughs and says it was an old joke. She says her plans for her marriage. Jia meets them and says dad has come to meet mum on her birthday. Vikram says Samarth Sachden came back? Nani and Vikram get shocked. Jia says he has told sorry to mum, and now everything will be fine again. He drops the shagun bangles. Jia takes it and asks is this mum’s birthday gift, shall I give her. Nani says no.

She says come with me, meet my dad and wish my mum. He says we will come later, its late. Jia leaves. Nani and Vikram get upset. Samarth talks to Sharda. He recalls how he has kicked her out before. Sarika says I m glad that you are back, you know what happened with me. He asks how is she. She says fine, how did you get bail. Sharda asks them to go out, as its Shobha’s house. She asks why did he come, as they are not related to him, and reminds what he told last time. Sarika says he has just come. Sharda says stop it, don’t spoil Shobha’s life, when she was pleading you to give her one chance, you said you hate her.

She asks why did he come back and asking her to start fresh, before I kick you out, just leave now. He says don’t talk to me like this, forgive me, I was mad being rotten in jail, it was hell and I was frustrated. He says I felt everyone hates me and I changed by this bad feeling, you can beat me but give me one chance, I was mad for power and did not care for wife and kids, I m sorry. He says I have spoken to lawyer and stopped divorce hearing, give me one chance, I will not give reason to complain. Sharda leaves. Samarth sees the kids and says everything will be fine.

Vikram says don’t know Nani, why this happens with me. Nani says Lord gave you everything, looks, good heart, money, and forgot to give you love. He hugs him and cries. Shobha says its new year and he made me sign the divorce papers, I begged to him to think about kids, and he is saying he is back and take me back in my life, how… Sharda pacifies her. Shobha says he has scratched all my wounds. Sharda says I m with you in all your decisions, I blessed you by heart, but I did not know life will return you everything, Samarth can’t change. Sarika defends Shobha and says you are lucky that Samarth is back, Abhay has left me forever.

She asks Shobha to give one chance to Samarth, they are small and they will forget everything. Garima says you don’t know anything. Shobha leaves. Jia asks Samarth what did he do, that everyone is angry on him. He says I went jail and they are annoyed, they were tired waiting for me. Jia says we missed you a lot on parents day, our birthdays. He hugs them. Shobha looks on and leaves. Vikram cries in his room and says I fell in love again by getting my life together, Shobha asked me to give one chance to my life, and I gave it a chance and this happened. I want to know where is happiness, it was my mistake to think I can become part of her life, I felt her life, her kids and her house are mine.

He says if you had to leave me, why did you come in my life, why did you lie to me, why? He recalls her words that she does not feel anything for Samarth now, it means she has moved on. He says she will return to the man who did not love and respect her. He says he is the one who insulted you infront of everyone, then how you go back to him, in that cage.Shobha thinking she can’t give chance to Samarth. She cries. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye…………..plays…………. Vikram tells Nani thbat he is going to get answers from Samarth, as he has insulted her before and gave divorce papers, I want to know where was he when Shobha needed help, why did he come back, where was he when Sandeep was eyeing Shobha and she has financial difficulties, why is he acting to be her husband now.

Nani says you can go, but tell me, if Samarth questions you, what will you say, he will ask what are you doing with Shobha, why are you asking answers, by what right, can you say you love her, you could not tell Shobha, can you tell Shobha, its late, leave it on fate, whats yours, you will get it.Sharda tells Sarika that Shobha will talk to Samarth, let her think well, I don’t want her to take wrong decision and break her heart, I m his mum and thinking to trust Samarth or not, its imp decision for her, she should think well.

Sarika says you are Samarth;s mum, not Shobha’s, convince her to forgive Samarth. She argues with Sharda. Sharda says they are taking divorce. Sarika says but it did not happen, the divorce is stopped. Sharda asks about her self esteem. Sarika says I know, but Samarth is apologizing now, he is our blood.

Sharda says Shobha is like my daughter, it was her birthday today and she is facing this. Sarika says Samarth was in jail for six months, I will take his side as I believe him, if you take Shobha’s side, then you will lose us. She leaves.Jia talks to Samarth about Shobha. He says maybe she went in some meeting, we will call her. Her phone rings at home. Sarika comes and Jia says Shobha is not here. Samarth sends her to room. Sarika tells Samarth about asking Shobha where is she going. He asks by what right.

She says you are still her husband, you should ask where is she going. He asks the meaning. She says she can go to Vikram’s home. He recalls Vikram’s words and says why will she go to her boss’ house at night. She says he is everything for her, friend, philosopher. She asks him to go to meet Vikram and he will know everything.Samarth comes to Vikram’s home and asks about Shobha. They star arguing about her, while Vikram defends Shobha. Samarth says tell me where is he.

Vikram says did she not tell you. Samarth scolds her and asks him not to manipulate her emotionally. Vikram says you have used her as doormat, she has become independent her and now you will try to control her. Samarth asks who is he to come in between. They hold their collars and fight. Nani stops them. Sharda comes and Vikram asks her to take her son. Sharda asks Samarth to come and apologizes to Vikram.

Sarika asks Samarth why is he angry. He says Shobha is not at Vikram’s home. She says maybe she is at office and takes Samarth with her. Vikram says I don’t know where did Shobha go. Nani says I m afraid, call Riddhima. Vikram says good idea. Nani says I want to say something, don’t talk to Samarth like this. He asks why, shall I do his aarti. She says no, I m worried for Shobha, if he gets his anger on Shobha. He says I will break hit bones if he touches Shobha, I m with her. He calls Riddhima and asks is Shobha with you. She says no, why, is she fine. He says no, she is not at home. She gets worried. He says if she comes there, ask her to call me or Nani.

She asks what happened there. He says Samarth is back, I will call back. She says fine, and ends call.Nani says city is not safe at night. Vikram says I will go at office, maybe she went there. Riddhima asks Ajay why did he not tell about Samarth’s bail. Ajay is shocked. She says Vikram Sir told me. He says Tarun did not tell me, and calls Ketan. Ketan is shocked too. Ajay says he has reached home. Ketan asks how is this possible. Ajay says it happened. Ketan says I must tell Vikram and calls Vikram and Nani.

Nani tells him everything that Shobha has gone away from home, she is smart and can’t do anything wrong. Ketan says but she will be in pressure and its war of mind and heart, she would not want to give another chance to Samartjh and can suicide. Nani scolds him and asks shall we do police complaint.He says no, lets wait for one day and then we will make missing report. Nani worries and prays for Shobha’s safety. The guard stops Sarika and says there is no one at office. Vikram asks why is she here. Sarika says she worries for Shobha and starts acting.

She says you will be double worried as Shobha is missing and my brother is back, I have heard what you wanted to tell her, will you propose her and break her home, think about Jia and Reyaan who love you so much, Shobha suits Samarth, not you, Jia makes family portrait and it completes with Samarth, not you. She leaves.Samarth calls Sharda from police station and says he has come to make missing complaint, and to check is she in accident list. Sharda cries. He says I hope she is not in this list.

She says this can’t happen, nothing will happen to her, I did puja for her on her birthday. He says I will come home, take care. Nani calls Sharda and asks about Shobha. She says Shobha is nowhere. Nani says have faith, Shobha will come home safe. Sharda says I hope so.

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