An Unusual tale Update Wednesday 1 September 2021

An Unusual tale 1 Sept 2021: The episode starts with Shobha meeting Usha and asking for her opinion about Samarth. She says Sharda, Sarika and Garima are Samarth’s family, and they can’t give me true advice. Usha asks her not to do anything, and just be, take time. Shobha says I don’t have time, Samarth is at home, he has surprised us on my birthday, he is bonding with kids and asking me to reply, I can’t be with him even for a day, give advice. Usha says you won’t like it if I tell you anything, I feel you should reject Samarth as you have rejected you, what does he think, he will leave you and have affairs, and say anything, and come back saying accept me, I m ashamed, and doing drama at home, and expect life to be same, its not a joke, like he has hurt your heart, he should also hurt him, don’t accept him, he should realize his mistake. Shobha cries.

Usha says I feel you should marry Vikram now. Shobha is shocked.Usha says you should marry the man who has supported you always, not the man you have hurt you. Shobha asks is she mad, how did Vikram come in between, we are talking about me and Samarth. Usha says we can see Vikram is there in between, you always deny things, I m taking the matter where it should go, learn to stand for yourself and live your life, you wanted my advice and I said it, you do what you feel is right. Shobha says you know there is nothing between me and Vikram, you think we have an affair, Samarth has done affairs, not me, I have not cheated my family.

Usha says I don’t mean this.Shobha says you are insulting me. Usha says calm down, trust me, I m your friend and want your good, I m not misunderstanding, I m saying many women get true love in their second relationship. Shobha says just shut up. Usha says fine, leave, but you have to accept this, the world can see that Vikram is madly in love with you, why can’t you see this, tell me the truth, did you not realize that Vikram loves you, open your eyes and think, in which world are you leaving, I don’t have any friend who supports me all the time, and who regards my family is his, and takes every decision by asking me.

That man is in love with you, he has ended his relation with his best friend for you, he loves you a lot. Shobha is stunned.Ketan talks to Vikram and says I did not know about Samarth’s bail, I m not his lawyer now. Vikram says I m finding Shobha. Ketan says I don’t like Sarika, she has negativity, I feel what happened, she is behind it, did she try to …. Vikram asks is he lawyer or detective, Sarika is smart and she can’t do this with Shobha. Ketan says Sarika wants you and you want Shobha, so Shobha is her hurdle and she is trying to kick her out.

Vikran says we should think where to get Shobha, don’t see from all angles. Ketan says think about this later. Vikram says come, I will drop you.Shobha says no, he did not try to tell me anything. Usha says do you think he did not try, sometimes actions tells our feelings, the way he treats your kids, the way he supports you, don’t you think this, he is mature and knows about your divorce, he is giving you space and not telling you that he loves you, I feel this since 6 months, and reminds her when she came to meet her and Vikram was there with files.

The FB shows Shobha giving money for the flat rent and thanking her. Usha sees Vikram seeing Shobha. She says he had love in his eyes for you, the day when you went to jail, he has solved the problem legally and gave statement in jail, does any colleague does this, and when kids were bullying Jia in school, he helped her, what can he do to prove he loves you.She says he did this as he is a very nice man. Usha says yes, he loves you, don’t be fool to accept Samarth, don’t let Vikram go, he will keep you happy and even your kids.

She says your marriage with Samarth will be a compromise, it will be a torture, Vikram gave you feathers to fly, not even job, but your existence, Samarth stopped your way and Vikram cleared it, think about him, take a decision. Shobha thinks she is sure that Vikram does not have feelings for her in his heart.Sarika thinks where did Shobha go, its good she is not here. She says Samarth took a right entry, he will cut Shobha’s feathers, Vikram will cry and come to me, this is easier than to kill Shobha, I will unite Samarth and Shobha. Shobha thinks whats love, Samarth and my love or this one, Samarth was my husband and Vikram is my love, Usha has confused me more, I just know if I have to share anything with a friend, its Vikram.

Vikram sees Jia outside and asks her to go home. She says dad came after 6 months and mum also went, I can’t live without them. Vikram says your mum will come back soon. She says you have always helped me. She asks him to get Shobha and make her accept dad, as we love him a lot.She says we need both our parents. Vikram thinks even if he loves them, he can’t take Samarth’s place, I thought kids will accept me, I did not see things by their view, and promises her that he will unite her family. He takes her home.

Sarika thinks she will fill Samarth’s ears against Vikram and Shobha and tell about their affair, he will get angry and end their friendship. Samarth asks Sharda to give them a chance. Sharda says chances are not asked, but earned. Sarika comes to him and says promise me, you won’t get angry on me, I have tp tell something. She says everything changed in your absence, you won’t like it to hear it from me, but I want to say, Shobha has changed. He asks what changed. Sarika says her love and loyalty, she has a …. Samarth asks her to say it straight. Jia comes and says mum has come. Samarth says thank God and goes to meet Shobha.

Sarika tells Sharda that Shobha has come and is angry. Samarth says lift came but it went upstairs. Sarika thinks it means Shobha went to Vikram, she chose him than Samarth, no this can’t happen.Shobha coming to meet Vikram. He is glad seeing her fine. She asks him to advice her on accepting Samarth. He says as we are infront of each other today, I want to tell you something. She says I want to hear it, say it Sir. He walks to her, and holds her hand. She signs no. He says Shobha, how much I knew you till now, I know whatever you did, its from your heart and honesty.

He says I think about Samarth, I felt what do you see in him that you loved him so much, and its selfless love, even I was like this, untouched and seeing other’s happiness, and finding our happiness, and then I changed and hate everyone who loved, then I met you, and after meeting you, I came to know there is nothing good than love in this world. He holds her face and says Shobha, I don’t know why did Samarth come back, but I know one thing, that he never deserve you and still does not.

He wipes her tears. She recalls Usha’s words who said Vikram loves you a lot, test his love, ask him whether you should go back to Samarth, if he stops you, then please see the love in his eyes and see the intensity in his voice. She cries seeing Vikram. He says it does not matter what I think, its about Jia and Reyaan’s happiness, I met Jia and she loves her dad a lot, and wants both her parents. He says I promised I will find you, and you know kids are very happy with Samarth, they have accepted him, I feel you should give one chance to Samarth. Shobha smiles and takes her hand back. Vikram says I m sorry, I forgot to say you one thing, the oil which you gave to apply on my hair, give that once again, and you don’t thank me. She hugs him, and they both cry.

She says thank you Sir. Music plays…………. She says I know you ask me not to say thanks, I have thanked you the most than anyone else, as no one did this for me, and did not took care of me, the way you came in my life, I always tell Lord that I thank for being blessed, that you came in my life. Vikram cries and turns to her smiling. She says you are right, its not about me and Samarth, its about kids’ future, they need their dad. She says I should leave now, Samarth will be waiting. He says ofcourse. She says we have to talk a lot. He says you and Samarth, have become ‘we’ again. He says Shobha, a last time…. And opens his arms. She hugs him and they cry. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………………plays……………..

He says all the best. He says wipe your tears. She says its right decision for the kids, I will leave. Bikhaar gaya to tut kar…………plays……… She leaves. Vikram cries. Samarth says Shobha did not come. Sarika says I m sure she will go to Vikram’s house. Sharda asks why. Sarika says as they have…. Shobha comes home. Sharda says we were so worried, and hugs her. Sarika thinks she did drama and came back. She asks where did she go, Samarth went to police station to find you. Samarth says if you have problem with me, I will leave, I know its tough for you. He says all are getting troubled because of me.

Nani asks Vikram what happened, Shobha has come. Vikram says she has come to meet me. Nani is glad and asks did he say his feelings. Vikram is upset. Nani says I know you both are made for each other, congrats. Vikram reminds her words hat fate does not give anyone than its written and before time, I think you should congratulate Shobha, she came to seek my advice and I told her that I thought is right, I told her to give a chance to Samarth and her marriage. Nani says what, why did you say this. He says its right for her and her children. She asks why did he do this. He says I have seen Jia’s tears, she wants both her mum and dad. Nani says you know you can become their better father and they love you a lot, even then you did this. Vikram says they love Samarth more than me, they need him more than me. He says my small sacrifice can give them happiness, if they can unite, then why not.

Nani says its wrong, you both love each other and getting away will ruin everyone. Reyaan asks Samarth to stop. Samarth asks Sarika to take Reyaan inside. Shobha stops Samarth and says you don’t need to go. Samarth asks her to give him chance to make everything like before. She says she went to think, as everything can’t get like before. Samarth apologizes to her and says she can punish him. He says I will try to become a good father, I know I m not good son, but I want a chance and I will not disappoint my mum, I want to become a good husband, I want to try once to stay happily. He says I understood the value of relations in jail, a man wants happiness and its got at home in kids’ eyes, and you can decide. She cries.

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