An Unusual tale Update Saturday 28 August 2021

An Unusual tale 28 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Sarika talking to Anil. Vikram asks Mahesh about Shobha. Mahesh says she has come. Vikram sees Shobha and smiles. He says she has wore purple dress, and thinks. Shobha greets him. He asks Mahesh to leave. She says weather changed. He says I m not feeling well. She holds his hand and says you don’t have fever. He says yes, no fever. He gets courage and says I want to tell something to you, I…. I love… She sneezes and says sorry. He says its ok, sit down.

He says I…. she sneezes and says sorry Sir. He makes her wear his jacket. She says its not needed. He says it will keep you warm, now everything is fine, so …. She coughs. He says I really think you need coffee, no, green tea, I will get it. She asks will you make it. He asks why can’t I make it.She says thanks. He leaves to get it. He gets the tea and gives her. Sbhe says you are pampering me. He says as you deserve it. She says I feel good. He says I also like to pamper you. She says you will find it tough if i get habitual. He says I m ready for it.

The phone rings. Mahesh asks him to talk to the client. Shobha leaves. He ends call and turns. He sees she has gone. He says where did she go.Sarika is at café and worried thinking Anil is doubting her for Abhay’s murder, and maybe he really got the property papers. Anil comes to her and thinks he should avoid meeting her, she is very smart and will have some plan in her mind. He greets her and says police did not understand its murder case. She says sorry, I did not understand. He says I m talking about magazine story.

He says murderer thinks he is clever and police is fool, and leaves some clue in his ego, which ruins his game. She says I don’t know how can anyone kill someone, I will pray justice happens and culprit gets punished. She says take my signs on property papers. He says she can even take the property if she wants. She thinks he is playing game.She says my husband is dead and nothing matters to me, I did not even claim insurance. He thinks she is acting like innocent and offers her help. She asks him to stay with them at home.

He says he is going to London as he has work. He says my flight is in some time, and leaves. She thinks if he had doubt, its clear now. He thinks he is not going London, but will send her to jail, he is planning to relax her, she killed her brother and his life has one motive to get her punished. Sarika smiles.Nani talks to pandit and asks for auspicious marriage date. She calls Vikram and gives the dates. Vikram says I could not talk to Shobha. She asks him to go on honeymoon at such place where kids can be busy. He laughs.

She says she will talk to Shobha. He says no. She asks him to try, and tell me when you say I love you to her. Vikram says relax, calm down and I can do this, what to give Shobha, I will take tablet and hanky and confess my love to her. He thinks what special to do, and takes coffee beans. He comes and talks to her, and sees Mahesh in her place. Mahesh says she was unwell and she went home.Vikram gets annoyed and makes excuses. Shobha comes home. She thinks Sir changed so much, he did not give me lift seeing me in rain, and today he gave me jacket, he wanted to tell me something.

Sarika comes and asks what happened, are you unwell. Shobha says she has cold. Sarika says I went to meet Anil. Shobha says its good you take care of Anil. Sarika says I married Abhay and has to be in touch with his relatives. Shobha says Samarth is not with me. Sarika says what can we do. Shobha says she got off from office, and Vikram gave me this jacket as I was feeling cold, he takes care of everyone. She goes to rest.Sarika takes Vikram’s jacket and hugs it. She comes to her room, and smiles hugging the jacket.

She recalls her and Vikram’s love affair. He says why is Vikram playing games with me, only I can play game, you know I m your Madhura whom you madly loved and rejecting me now. She wears the jacket and says Vikram I want you to hug me like before, and say I love you. She recalls Shobha’s words and gets angry. She says Shobha can get Vikram, can’t he understand he should love only me. If you don’t do this, I will have to do something. She says I have to kill Shobha, like I have killed Abhay. Vikram will be just mine.

Vikram is on the way and smiles. He thinks about Shobha and ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays……………..He imagines Shobha giving flowers to him. He feels Shobha has taugth him to live in fresh air, and says I love you so much Shobha.Vikram coming to meet Shobha. He makes her have medicines and soup by his hands. Sarika looks on. Shobha says I will have it. He recalls her words and makes her have more. Sarika turns. Vikram says don’t come office if you are unwell. She says fine. He asks her to have medicines and leaves. Sarika comes to her room and messes the room in anger. She shouts why Vikram, he can’t love Shobha, I take every step carefully and don’t leave any mark, I m sorry Shobha.

She says I will kill you as I have killed Abhay, you will have to go. Garima talks to Sanjay. She says I was thinking to go out. Sanjay says I m tired, and don’t want to go. She says she needs to talk, his mood will be happy and she decided something.He says I know your decision, I m fed up of it. She says I want to say something new. Saurabh and Vinita come to them. He says surprise and gifts Garima. Vinita asks her to see. Garima opens it and sees pregnancy guidebook. She is touched and thanks Saurabh. She says but we…. Saurabh says we are very excited about the child and want him to be healthy. He takes Sanjay along and leaves.

Garima thinks no, I can’t abort this child, as it will ruin everyone’s happiness, I can’t do this. Its morning, Nani meets Sharda. Sharda says Vikram helped Shobha a lot. Nani asks about Shobha.Sharda says Shobha is getting ready for office. Sharda asks Vikram is everything fine, as he looks changed. He says everything is fine. She goes to make coffee. Nani asks Vikram to propose Shobha. Vikram says she is unwell. Nani asks him to go to her room and confess. He says I can’t, I will talk to her in office. Nani says I will say her. Vikram says fine, I will go. Garima thinks about the child, when Sanjay is not happy by it. Vinita comes to her and explains her that life is grey. Garima says Sanjay does not want baby, how can I kill the baby, there is no valid reason why he is saying no.

Vinita says maybe he is not financially strong.Garima asks what she means. Vinita asks her to abort the baby and Garima agrees. Vinita says lets go no, and thinks she will rule Garima. Saurabh calls Vinita and says he was coming home for lunch. She gets worried thinking she can’t take Garima to clinic. He says he is not coming as he is busy. She gets glad. Vikram comes to Shobha and asks her not to turn. He says good lines and says he likes everything related to her. He confesses his love and says I love you. He is shocked to see Shobha coming from outside, and its Sarika.

She says Sarika this saree suits you a lot, you keep it. Sarika gets angry as Vikram has confessed love to Shobha, and now Shobha has to go from our lives. She thinks how she has killed Abhay and has some plan again.Vikram sees Sarika talking to guard and stops her. He picks the screwdriver and gives her. She leaves being tensed. He stops her and says if you respect our old relation, don’t say anything to Shobha. She leaves. He says she went without replying me, did she tell her everything. Sarika says she likes height as everyone is afraid of her. She removes the screws of the balcony again. She says to plan someone’s murder is so easy.

Sharda calls Sarika and she leaves. Sharda goes there and holds the balcony. Sarika hides and sees her worried.

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