A perfect lie update Tuesday 17 March 2020

A perfect lie 17 March 2020: Shaurya shifts and Rajnath talks to the doctor. He asks him to do anything and make Shaurya perfectly alright. Sakshi cries. Akash comes there and says don’t worry, Shaurya will be fine.

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Rajnath says he will manage his son, but he won’t spare the people who did this. He says I want them before police gets them. Akash says fine, we will find them. Akash thinks he has told the goons to hurt Shaurya on his back. And he has made them run away. Dayal talks to Durga and says Akash did a good job, he managed well. Durga smiles thinking about Shaurya’s state. Sakshi thinks about Shaurya’s words. She thinks Durga took him to Dhaba.

Raima comes and Sakshi scolds her as her fear was true. She blames Raima for all this. Rajnath says please stop it. Sakshi says I know you are equally involved in this. Raima says will you blame us for this accident. Sakshi says can’t you see its an accident, it was a planned attack. She says if Shaurya can’t stand on his legs, you better watch out. Rajnath says even I m worried for Shaurya, if you care so much, pray. Sakshi says I know Durga is responsible for all this. The doctor comes to them and says he did the tests and they will decide for next step. Rajnath asks will Shaurya be fine.

The doctor says condition is not fine, lets be positive. Rajnath says you mean Shaurya maybe not well. The doctor says we will see, it will take lots of time. Sakshi reacts angrily. He asks her to wait till the reports come. Sakshi cries and says she can’t accept this, I wasn’t surety that my son will be fine. She holds his collar and cries. He says he will be fine. Dev comes with Suchitra and Kangana. Rajnath asks Raima to go home, as Sakshi is upset. Raima says how am I to be blamed. He says no, Sakshi can tell you anything. She says no, I know how much you love Shaurya, I m not going anywhere leaving you. He says fine and sees Dev coming.

Dayal and Durga also come there. Kangana asks Sakshi what happened and cries. Sakshi looks at Durga. She thinks Durga is responsible for all this, I know your answer for my question. Dayal asks Rajnath what did the doctor say. Sakshi says nothing concrete, we are preparing for Shaurya and Durga’s marriage and all this happened. Sakshi asks Durga what will she do now. Durga says don’t worry, I will marry Shaurya. Sakshi is shocked. She says no accident can come between our love, marriage will happen as planned. Dev looks at Durga. She says this ring is not jewellery for me, its commitment for me. I will not leave Shaurya.

Suchitra says Shaurya is very lucky and blesses her. Sakshi thinks now her doubt is sure, no girl will marry a paralyzed guy, I know Durga wants to become a part of Goenka family. Rajnath asks her to think again. Durga says I love Shaurya, he would have done the same of this happened with me. She says Shaurya also loves me, he did suicide attempt for me, our relation is not so weak. She says this is called love. Dayal says I m proud of my daughter. Rajnath thanks Dayal. Sakshi asks how can you support your daughter after knowing Shaurya is paralyzed. She says it was not an accident, but a plan. She says I will find those men and present them to Durga. Durga says yes, criminals should be punished. Kangana says Durga proved what is true love, thanks, I love you for doing this. She hugs Durga.

The doctor comes and tells Sakshi that there is no improvement as Shaurya is not cooperating, he is hyper, he wants me to write on paper that he will go in two days walking. He says I m doing my best, Shaurya has to cooperate, his attitude is being a hurdle. She says fine, I will talk to him.

Sakshi comes to meet Shaurya. He is angry and says he wants to stand on his feet. She thinks of his words. She says you will have to cooperate with doctors, you can’t threaten them, let them do their work and get fine. Shaurya says you don’t know how does it feel, I wish to kill everyone here. She says she understands, she is his mum. Shaurya says can I trust you. She says always. He says I heard Durga is ready to marry me even now. She says yes, Dayal and Durga want this. He says I m thinking……… She says to cancel it. He says do you want this, after seeing her love and sacrifice, I know you did not wish us to marry and I know you have made Payal get the metal relapse to stop Durga from marrying me. Sakshi is stunned.

Shaurya talking to Sakshi. He says he is requesting for last time and warning her not to do anything this time. He says you have to promise me you will find those men who did this to me. I will break their legs. Durga comes and sees him shouting. She brings a bouquet. Sakshi says see she has come. Shaurya says Durga is here and asks Sakshi to go for her meetings. Sakshi says yes, sure. She thinks don’t worry Shaurya, she will not let the marriage date get cancelled, I want Durga in my hands, I will bring her on her knees. Durga smiles and gives the flowers. Sakshi leaves. Durga holds his hand. Shaurya says I m feeling good to see you, I can’t stand anyone, everyone is pitying on me, I want to break their mouth.

Durga says I m praying that you get well soon, control your anger, all this happened because of your anger. She says till you get fine, don’t do anything, promise. He says fine. He thinks he can’t let anything happen now, he will be fine soon and show you the right place. He smiles and thinks he will marry her but he will have honeymoon with her. She thinks she knows his dirty mind, be happy thinking you are controlling me. Kangana scolds Karan for not coming to see Shaurya. Karan says your mum stopped me, how rude is that. She says why will mum do this. He says go and ask her. She says why does mum have problem with Karan, my relation future is impossible, I have to do something.

Sakshi calls someone and says Shaurya is fine, listen to me carefully, I heard you are a bright journalist, can you be smart enough, do you have killer instinct. She asks can you head any news channel, I think yes, if you prove your talent. He says whatever you say. She says you wanted to take my interview, now I m ready to give a statement after this accident. He says its lucky for me. She says the work should be like I say. She tells him her plan. (Muted) He asks are you sure. She says don’t worry, you are safe.

Rajnath talks to his manager and says if you can’t work, I will get someone else. Raima comes to him and says I completely understand your pain, see the happiness, Durga did not refuse to marry Shaurya, Sakshi doubted her. He says I know Durga touched our hearts and there is a question that Durga’s entry is harmful for Shaurya, I have to find out, does her kundli have something that can harm Shaurya, no. Raima says yes right, if you have a doubt, clear it. Its about Shaurya’s life. The doctor says he is taking Shaurya for scan and a wants a guardian. Rajnath says Sakshi will go, and sees she is not here. He says I will come.

Shaurya says do many tests, if the result does not come and I don’t get fine, they have to die. Rajnath says relax, don’t be tensed. Durga looks on. She turns and sees Dev coming. She greets him. Shaurya is taken for scan and Rajnath is with him, you can go too, I have to go home. He says wait I need to talk to you. He says lets go to café and talk. She says she has to go and do marriage arrangements, we will talk later. He holds her hand and asks is she avoiding him. She says leave me. He says he wants all answers now and he will come like this till she avoids him.

She acts calm and says she has to go home, I m not avoiding you. She leaves. Sakshi messages the journalist. Rajnath comes to him. She asks did he find the goons. He says no, soon. Akash comes and says journalists came to take statement. Rajnath says he will handle. Sakshi says no, I think Shaurya should talk to them. He says what, why, its personal matter and we should not share our pain. She says pain is to share, let them meet Shaurya and see, I m sure Shaurya will answer them, else they will write against us. Rajnath says fine, will Shaurya agree. She says she will explain Shaurya. He smiles and says fine, if you are doing anything, why am I here, I will go and have tea, call me if you need my help. He leaves.

Sakshi comes to Shaurya and asks him to say that no accident can break your spirit. Shaurya says yes, I will tell them that I will be back on my feet in two days. She says good, shall I call them. He says let me look good first. She smiles. She asks Akash to call everyone. The reporters walk in. Sakshi signs the journalist. They ask Shaurya is he ready. Shaurya says always ready. They ask what happened with you. Shaurya tells about the goons who has commented badly on Durga, he got angry and explained them not to do this. He says what would I do, if they misbehaved with the goons.

The man says why did you not call police. Shaurya says shall I tell them to make a call to police ad they take my complaint and come to me in their superfast car. He says he would have beaten 10 men too, as it was a woman’s respect. They say but bravery took you down, look at you. Shaurya says I m fine, I m brave Shaurya. Sakshi signs the man. They ask about marriage. Shaurya says its on, you will get invitation. Sakshi says Thakurs are ready, they are good people. The man says we heard you are paralyzed in lower section, will this not matter, it can’t make married life normal. Shaurya is shocked.

Shaurya asks what do you want to say. The man says Durga is strong and is ready to marry you knowing she can’t get husband’s love. Shaurya gets angry and asks him to get out. Sakshi says stop it and asks them to leave. Shaurya says he will show them standing in two days. They ask him to see the news in night. Akash sends them. Sakshi thinks she heard what he said, its her master stroke to save him from Durga, she will take him to mandap and get him back, the marriage will happen, but not yours. She says you showed your weakness. Shaurya says this media will give any breaking news and insult me, please stop them. She says yes, I want to stop, but its too late.

She says we will give them a reply in our way. He says take me home. She says clam down and rest. She thinks its Durga’s turn now. Durga comes there and Sakshi sees her. Durga asks is everything fine, I heard reporters came here, is Shaurya fine. Sakshi holds her hand and says do you really want to know.

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