A perfect lie update Monday 16 March 2020

A perfect lie 16 March 2020: Dev thinks what was that secret room, why was it empty, for what reason. He leaves from Durga’s house. Dayal thinks he has to support Durga, I m sorry dev I can’t let you know the truth, only Durga has the right to tell you the truth, only she can decide that time and blesses Durga.

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The FB shows how he has removed all the revenge wall pics. The inspector talks to Durga and she says she is Shaurya’s fiancée. He asks her to inform home. Durga takes Shaurya’s phone. Sakshi is finding out about Shaurya by talking to resort manager. Durga calls her from Shaurya’s phone. Sakshi says she called him 200 times. Durga says its her Durga. She says Shaurya is not here, actually………… Durga tells her everything. Sakshi is shocked and drops her phone being worried for Shaurya. Sakshi cries and shouts Shaurya. Kangana and Suchitra rush to her and ask what happened.

Sakshi calls Rajnath and tells him about Shaurya. He says he is coming home. She says Shaurya is attacked and he is going hospital in ambulance. He says what, and how. She tells him everything and asks him to come fast. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Shaurya. Sakshi talks to the doctor and says Durga told me his details, don’t worry, we will take good care of him. She says you will personally check and treat him, if anything happens to him, your practicing license and hospital won’t be there, and Durga should be kept away from him. He says I did not understand. She says do as I said you. She says I will see you very soon.

Kangana cries and Suchitra consoles her. Suchitra calls Dev and tells everything. Dev says don’t worry, I m coming there. Rajnath comes home and asks what did doctor say. She says sit in the car fast. Suchitra says I will come with Dev. The doctor asks Durga to stop outside and says he is incharge here. He asks her to wait. Durga says maybe Sakshi called him. Durga gets Akash’s call. She talks to him.

Akash says the goons will leave the city soon. She says thanks, make them leave fast, police is finding them. He says don’t worry, everyone will disappear, Dayal is coming to you. She says fine, but till we come home, take care of Payal. He says sure, don’t need to tell me this. She ends the call.

Sakshi and Rajnath are on the way talking to the doctor. They ask him to wait for the call as Rajnath will talk to Dr Bhatia. Bhatia says Shaurya is very injured, I have to do complete test and I can’t give any report. Rajnath says do it fast then. Sakshi says I will not leave Raima and you if anything happens to Shaurya.

Rajnath says nothing will happen to him. Dev calls Rajnath and talks about Shaurya. He says I will reach airport. Durga thinks about her family and her bad past. Dayal comes to her. She says she hates the Goenkas, why did she do this, why did Shaurya rape Payal, why did Sakshi cover his sin and protected him, why did they make my family ruined. Dayal says she is right, she has to end the devil, she has to teach such devils a lesson, that no one can buy law and justice with money. He tells her that Payal cried with happiness while hearing Shaurya’s screams, now she will come out of her trauma. He says Sakshi should not doubt on you, be strong now.

The Goenka comes there. Durga says the devils are here and Dayal turns to see them. Rajnath meets them and asks about Shaurya. He asks how did all this happen. Sakshi looks at Durga. Kangana asks what did the doctor say. Dev says tell something. Rajnath says what about the test results. Durga cries. Sakshi looks on being tensed. Dayal says Durga is in shock. Rajnath asks is Shaurya fine, how did this happen. Durga tells the Dhaba and goons story. She cries and looks at Sakshi. She says she told Shaurya not to fight with them, but he did not listen to me. Shaurya was very angry. Sakshi says why did you not call for help. Durga says who will help in such time, I shouted a lot and asked for help, but no one came forward.

Durga says when you called Shaurya, I could not realize. Sakshi thinks yes, you were busy that time on phone, I don’t believe you. Durga cries. Dayal consoles her and says its good that police came on right time and called ambulance. Sakshi thinks she does not trust Durga, she knows Durga did all this, you are wrong choice for Shaurya. They wait for the doctor. He says he is conscious now. Sakshi goes to meet Shaurya. Everyone go in. Durga tells Dayal that Sakshi did this with us two years ago, she will know pain today. Shaurya asks Sakshi to not cry.

Everyone talk to Shaurya. Durga says I told you not to fight with them, this would have not happened. Dayal asks him not to trouble Shaurya, let him rest. Druga says she won’t go. Sakshi says they are shifting him. Shaurya says nothing happened to him. He tries getting up and could not get up. They ask what happened, come I will help. Sakshi says let him try. Kangana says she will get the doctor. Shaurya says no, its not paining and says I don’t feel any life in my legs. Everyone is shocked.

Everyone talking to Shaurya. Durga says I told you not to fight with them, this would have not happened. Dayal asks him not to trouble Shaurya, let him rest. Druga says she won’t go. Sakshi says they are shifting him. Shaurya says nothing happened to him. He tries getting up and could not get up. They ask what happened, come I will help. Sakshi says let him try. Kangana says she will get the doctor. Shaurya says no, its not paining and says I don’t feel any life in my legs. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi and Rajnath hold his legs. Shaurya says mum I can’t feel your hands and asks them to call doctor. He says I can’t move my legs mum. He shouts. Durga cries and thinks shout Shaurya, your legs are paralyzed, I will ruin your family, you will sit in the wheelchair and see everything, you won’t be able to touch me.

The doctor comes and Sakshi asks what happened. Shaurya says I m unable to move my legs. He asks what did you do me, tell me. Durga says relax, tell him speak. The doctor says he was waiting for reports, but now its confirmed, he got sever injury on his back bone and he lost control of his lower body. He says I m sorry, Shaurya is paralyzed. Everuone is shocked. Durga looks at Dayal. Shaurya laughs and says are you mad, do you know me, I m Shaurya Goenka, nothing can happen to me, I will stand and show. He is unable to get up again. He says I can’t feel anything and cries. He asks the doctor to do anything and scolds him. He asls Rajnath not to say anything, as he might be happy.

Sakshi says listen to me. Shaurya says call any specialist, you all don’t understand, I want my legs. Dev says enough Shaurya, nothing will happen to you, we will find some way. Shaurya argues with him and blames him to be his problem. He taunts him on Nitya. Dev says enough, if you say anything, I will forget you are my brother and is in hospital right now, just shut your mouth. Suchitra scolds him. Suchitra asks Shaurya to stay positive. Shaurya taunts her too on her sweet talk. He asks her to make him fine. Dev says shut up. You can’t prove to be your enemies. Kangana says I will go temple and pray for you. Shaurya says I won’t want any sympathy, it happens sometimes, I will stand. He can’t and Sakshi cries.

Durga says calm down Shaurya, I m sure your paralysis will be fine soon. She gives him strength. Shaurya asks Durga not to give any lecture and find a good doctor. Sakshi asks Shaurya to stop it. Rajnath asks doctor can Shaurya walk or not. Shaurya asks him not to waste time, this doctor looks fake. Rajnath says let me handle this. Sakshi says we are transferring you to best hospital. Dev says he will check status. Shaurya cries. Durga says aunty can go to any extent for you, don’t worry. Sakshi thinks she understands her fake concern, but what you did with my son, I will take revenge for it. I know you did all this, and you are going to pay for this.

Durga cries and talks to Dayal. Dev is there. Durga talks about Payal and wishes she could see Shaurya in this state. She brings out her anger. Dev walks to her and she says Shaurya will realize pain for the first time. She turns and is shocked to see Dev coming. She thinks her eyes can’t lie to Dev, he will try to know the truth, how to stop him. Dev says he can’t understand, how can he get paralyzed by a small fight, very strange.

Durga says I told you we went to Dhaba and……. The inspector comes to take Shaurya’s statement. Dev says he is not in such state, he is in shock. He says fine and leave. The doctor comes and sys air ambulance came and we can shift him. Dev says he will inform everyone and leaves.

Rajnath asks Shaurya to come. Dayal tells Durga that Dev saw the Chadawa. She says yes, I forgot. He says I cleaned the secret room and did not leave any clue. She says good, Dev reacted to defend Nitya, he is very adamant, we can’t keep him away from truth. Tarun and Rishi are shocked to hear the news of Shaurya’s incident. They ask where is Karan. Akash tells Rajnath that he reached the hospital and made all the arrangements. Karan is with his girlfriend. She asks him to clear his matters with Kangana. Rishi calls him. He is shocked knowing about Shaurya.

Dev thinks Durga is hiding something, so she could not meet my eyes. Karan calls Kangana and asks where is she. She says we are going to the hospital. Karan says don’t cry, I will come and I will talk to uncle. Suchitra consoles her. Shaurya is brought to Kolkata’s hospital. Rajnath asks the doctor to do anything, but nothing should happen to him. Sakshi thinks she knows Durga did this. You will not be saved now, after doing this, I promise you will face the same pain, much more pain than Shaurya’s, death will look better to you than life. She cries.

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