A perfect lie update Thursday 5 March 2020

A perfect lie 5 March 2020: Dev gets in the mental hospital and gets the original file of Payal’s medical history. He says no one can stop me from knowing the truth now. He takes the file and leaving. The stall vendor sees him, and calls Sakshi, as she gave him money. He tells that that Dev came and went with the file.

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Sakshi thinks she has laid the trap for Dev. Rajnath asks whose call was it. She says wonderful news, you sleep. He thinks your good news is bad for others. Sakshi thinks Dev, I m sorry, but you will make me reach Payal now. Dev looks on internet and finds out that Payal was given wrong medicines. He says she was given electro shocks too, I think I should consult a good doctor and its clear that it was fishy.

The doctor tells Durga that we should make Payal interact the world. Durga asks are you sure. He says yes. She smiles seeing Payal. Durga tells her good dream to Payal. She says we both were in Victoria garden. Payal says yes, we went on cycle. Durga asks will she come. Payal says yes, we will have chaat and icecream. Durga promises she will take her out soon. Durga thanks the doctor for helping Payal. He says he is happy to do this, and he is glad to see her who is doing so much for a stranger.

Kangana is excited to do the arrangements. She talks to Suchitra. Sakshi comes and Kangana says they are becoming the hosts of this marriage, she will make some plans. She bumps into Dev and the file falls. Sakshi picks the file and Dev gets tensed. He takes the files. Sakshi asks where is he going. He says I m going to meet contractor and work on the project. Sakshi says but finish it soon and come back. Dev says sure and leaves. Kangana asks Sakshi to help her in making guest list. Sakshi says not now, I have to go for important work. She leaves.

Sakshi follows Dev and calls Archana,to know Dev’s schedule. She comes to know Dev does not come office today. Sakshi says fine, no problem. She cancels her meetings as she has urgent work. Sakshi thinks does Dev go to meet Payal. Sakshi says I knew it, he is showing the file to a doctor, so I have given him the original file. Dev will confirm and then he will contact Payal. I will see how Durga does not fall on my feet, I will save Shaurya from you Durga.

Shaurya gets ready for going on a date. Rajnath is glad as he woke up very early, he has turned a new leaf. He says he is happy as the shares have gone up by his wedding news, and gifts him the wedding gift in advance. Shaurya sees it and says wow. Rajnath gives him honeymoon tickets. Shaurya says its amazing, Durga will love this. They say I love you and hug. Shaurya thanks him. Rajnath says any time son. He leaves. Shaurya says dad, I m really sorry, your ticket is no use for me, as the plan has some change, honeymoon will be India, that too very soon and before marriage.

Dev shows the file to doctor. The doctor confirms that it was very bad treatment, its high dose and can make condition more worse. He says its good the patient is safe, electric shock was given to her daily, its given to people when no option is left. Dev says it mean they did this to not make her fine ever. He says yes. Dev says fine, thanks. Dev leaves and Sakshi follows her. Durga talks to Kangana and says she will go shopping with her tomorrow. Dev comes to meet Durga. Sakshi is shocked seeing him at Thakur’s house.

Durga greets him and says I m sure you came to discuss things related to marriage. He says no. Sakshi thinks why did Dev come to meet Durga, did Durga kept Payal here at her home, no that’s not possible, as Shekhar went in before and did not find her. Dev tells her about Payal, and says court verdict was wrong. Durga is shocked and asks what. He shows her the file and asks her to see it. He says Nitya disappeared, Payal was sent to rehab and she was given shocks and her condition became worse, as she was given wrong treatment. Durga thinks she knows this and Payal through all this.

He says someone wanted to keep Payal’s mouth shut, can’t you understand this. Say once that you love Shaurya. She says this does not prove that Shaurya did this. Dev says come on, try to understand. She says only I have the right to take my life’s decision, I feel you are hurt as you have developed feelings for me, do you love me? Dev says yes, you are right. Durga is shocked. He says I worry for her as a humanity, as I worried for Nitya, I have a concern, if you name it as love, then its fine. Think what you want, I understand love more than you, as I felt it, so I m confident that you don’t love Shaurya. Durga cries. Dayal comes and looks at them. Dev says congrats for the marriage ahead.

Dev leaving from Durga’s home. Sakshi follows him and wishes to find out Payal. Durga cries and tells Dayal, that Dev is trying to get justice for her and Payal, she is feeling ashamed hiding the truth from him. Dev comes to the farmhouse, and meets Payal. Sakshi goes after him and is shocked seeing him with Payal. Sakshi thinks finally Dev, you made me reach Payal, so nice to see Payal, I did not think I will need Payal and Durga will lose to me. Shaurya waits in the café and talks to Karan. Karan asks him to get serious and he is getting married. Shaurya asks him to call him in 10min and he will talk on speaker, and ask him to come to Mumbai, Karan says I understood, you will then tell Durga to come to Mumbai. Karan says she will reject too.

Shaurya says this is your problem, she is madly in love with me, she is excited about the marriage date. Durga comes to meet him and he ends the call. Durga pulls his leg understanding his plan. Sakshi goes to meet someone. Shaurya says he will block her one day and plans everything. Kaaran calls him and he says its from office. Durga says answer it. Shaurya talks on speaker. Karan says there is important meeting in Mumbai, and you have to go. Shaurya cancels it. Karan says sorry, its urgent. Shaurya says fine. He says I m sorry Durga, we planned date and this happened. She says I m happy that you are concentrating on work. He says I m feeling guilty, lets go to Mumbai together, we will come back tomorrow, I can’t be away from you. She says so sweet of you. He thinks lets go and have honeymoon, then we will part ways.

She says she wants to go with him, but dad got emotional, as I will be married in few days, that I will leave his house, we are getting married in two weeks and then we will always be together, its not a good idea to leave dad and go, this time you go alone, but take me after marriage. Shaurya thinks he wants to make Dayal a patient in his hospital. He says yes Durga, you should spend time with your dad. He thinks he will make some new plan to win the bet, the countdown started, he has to win the bet before the marriage. He whistles. Dura gets irked by it.

She says she does not like his thoughts when he whistles. He says I whistle when I m very happy. Sakshi comes to a big goon. He says you came after a long time. She says the man who does my work, I don’t forget him. She says she has a work, and she has money. He asks what he has to do. She gives him Payal’s pic and asks him to check the details. She says you will reach there till 2pm tomorrow. Dev and Payal play and Payal wins. Dev is happy that she is fine. The nurse comes and takes Payal. Dev thanks Lord seeing Payal happy. She sees her drawing, where she made Nitya and Durga on her two sides, woth Payal in middle.

Dev thinks about Nitya and Durga. He says he has replied Durga, but now its time he faces his questions and finds the answers, I m unhappy that I feel Durga does not love Shaurya, why do I have problem with them, why am I not happy seeing them, do I see Nitya in Durga, like Payal does. Durga talks to Akash and asks how can you not find out Sakshi’s plan, how is that possible. She says are you doubting me on my decision. Dayal says stop it Durga, this is not the way to talk. Dayal asks Durga to apologize to Akash. Durga says I m sorry Akash, I want to know Sakshi’s plan and I m depending on you. Akash says I know, this time she is planning alone.

Akash asks why are you worrying, you have always replied her weak. She says we can’t think Sakshi is weak. He says he will call her as soon as he gets to know anything about Sakshi’s plan. Akash leaves. Durga doubts on Akash. Dayal says every coin has two sides, you trust or not, yes or no, doubt does not take us anywhere, you sit with Akash and clear all doubts, then take the decision, what he is saying is right. Durga says if he is right, then Sakshi is very dangerous for us. Sakshi comes to Durga’s house and sees Akash. She is shocked and greets him, asking how is he here at Durga’s house. Akash gets tensed.

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