A perfect lie update Wednesday 4 March 2020

A perfect lie 4 March 2020:  Sakshi and Akash reach the mental hospital to know who is this Shomik, she goes in to see Shomik and asks Akash to wait outside. Suchitra calls Dev and says the pandit got arrested and Sakshi apologized, Thakurs are coming here to fix the wedding date, come soon. Dev says yes, I will come. He gets the file and leaves.

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Sakshi and Dev does not meet. She comes to Dr Sharma’s cabin and sees no one. Dr Sharma comes and greets her. She asks where is Shomik. He is stunned to see he is gone. She asks where did you go. She scolds him. He says he went to washroom. She says you did not wait for me. He sees the file and says its strange, I kept that file here. She asks which file. He says Payal’s treatment file. She asks is it gone. He says maybe Shomik took it. He apologizes to her. She says please tell me it was not original file, it was that we made later.

He says yes, it was duplicate one, promise, I can’t do this mistake. She says it was a chance to get Payal, don’t know where are they now. He says I have his phone number and details. He shows the form. She checks it. Shaurya gets ready and his ex girlfriend meets him. She says she is his dress designer. She praises him. She is Shamona. She asks about his engagement, how did he become one woman man. He says people change. He holds her closer and says he does not want to say her no, but not now. He thinks he has to get Durga first. He buys some clothes.

Akash says he will get Shomik’s orders. Sakshi thinks why did she involve Akash in this, if she is not telling Rajnath. This Durga is making me make such mistakes. She says no need Akash, Dr Sharma is completely crazy. She says Shomik is a medical student and wanted records for his study to make research papers. Dev checks the medical file and looks on the internet. He says no, everything is fine in this file, all medicines were right and no one came to meet her there. He sees current dates on it, and says how is it possible.

He says it means the doctor gave me fake file on someone’s saying and have hidden the original file, its great, I will find out. Suchitra comes and asks him to get ready. She asks him to get ready quickly. He thinks he has to go silently in hospital and steal Payal’s file. Karan tells Rishi that Kangana wants to marry me and she wants me to talk to Shaurya. Rishi says Kangana is simple and innocent girl. He says I know you don’t love her, but you know you can’t timepass with her, now get serious. He says marry Kangana. Karan laughs and says Shaurya is right about you, you talk bad.

Karan says I better do suicide, I have to give 5 crores to Shaurya, as he is going to win the bet. Dayal, Durga and their pandit come to Goenka house. The pandit says he will go what she told him. He says no one will doubt I m an actor, I m Alok Shastri now. Dev and Rajnath promise the Pro Kabaddi on Star Sports. Dayal and Durga come in with the pandit. Sakshi says you came from Haridwar, you might be tired. Shaurya comes and greets them. Rajnath asks the pandit to get a good mahurat. Raima says we have to find a guy after Shaurya and Durga’s marriage. Kangana says lets focus on this work.

Sakshi thinks she is getting strange feeling, like everything is going from her hands. The pandit says both the kundlis match perfectly. Dev thinks impossible, this pandit can’t be real, Shaurya is misfit for Durga. Shaurya thinks great, pandit is on my side. The pandit says tow mahurats, one after two weeks and other after two years. Everyone decide on the first one and ask Sakshi. Sakshi agrees acts sweet to Durga. Kangana says she will take their pics. She makes Durga stand with Shaurya. They pose for a happy pic.

Durga says one pic with Sakshi. Kangana says so cool. Durga thinks now the war will begin. Sakshi thinks Durga is very far from war, I will turn your life in two weeks and won’t let you marry Shaurya. Suchitra brings the sweets and makes everyone eat. Sakshi calls on the number to find about Payal. She dials the number and is shocked to see Dev’s name on her mobile. Dev’s mobile rings and he thinks why is Sakshi calling me, when I m here. They look at each other. Sakshi thinks omg, so Dev is Shomik.

Sakshi shcoked knowing Dev is Shomik and he knows about Payal. Dev asks her why is she calling him, when he is here. Sakshi says no, I was calling someone else. Sakshi thinks I m coming Payal. Rajnath asks sweet to Dayal and gets into his words, while Dayal knows him very well. Durga tells Shaurya that she is going home, and will call him. She greets everyone. Shaurya thinks she is talking like good wife, but you are a flower which I will ruin, I m sure I will have a wonderful time. Kangana says we will shop everything together. Durga thanks her. Dev looks at her. Durga thinks she has to know about her and Karan. Durga and Dayal leave.

Raima asks Sakshi why is she worried, I m so sorry, I know you tried to stop this marriage, but now Durga is almost your bahu, don’t worry, I will help you in keeping her in control. Sakshi thanks her. She thinks don’t worry Raima, I will make Durga out of this house in two weeks, now I know who is Shomik. Dev says this can’t be possible that Durga loves Shaurya, I just can’t believe this, my feelings are strong that this is a lie, how to believe this. He asys why do I feel bad seeing Durga and Shaurya together, like I m losing my loved one. Why? Why?

Suchitra talks to Rajnath about Durga. Dayal and Durga thank the pandit. She asks Akash to handle the accommodation of the pandit. Akash says she is his friend till she is Thakur, when she becomes Goenka, she will be in his enemy list. Durga tells Dayal that Akash has something in his mind, how to find out. Suchitra says I know it was not easy for Sakshi to agree, but its high time she accepts Durga by her heart. Sakshi comes and says she has accepted her by heart, so don’t worry. Suchitra is glad and says we should start the preparations for celebrations. She asks them to prepare for their holiday trip. Rajnath laughs. Sakshi says I think we have to cancel our holiday. Suchitra says yes, I will see you later. She leaves.

Sakshi says she can’t tolerate Suchitra, so much goodness. Rajnath says why, Suchitra has never harmed you, she did not even think. Sakshi says every human is somewhat good and bad, but Suchitra and Dev are oversweet, please keep them away from me. He gets annoyed and leaves.

Dev comes to meet Durga. She smiles. He talks about her and Shaurya’s marriage, he has some feelings, he feels she is like Nitya, infact he feels she is Nitya herself. Music plays……….. He says he loves her, he loves her Nitya. He holds her hand. Its Durga’s dream. She wakes up and looks around. Its so many bouquets in her room. She says whats all this and asks her servant. Dayal comes and says Shaurya has sent this. Durga gets hurt by the flowers. She says his flowers are like thorns for me. She gets Shaurya’s call and he flirts with her. He says he has sent a gift, did she get. She says yes, its very beautiful. He says its not beautiful than you.

She says she will talk to him later. He drinks wine and says he likes tea in morning. She asks Dayal to tell servant to throw all the flowers. Raima calls Sakshi and says she wants to come her home. Sakshi says she is going out. She ends the call. Raima says why is Sakshi sounding so tensed, what is it, she is not discussing with me, I m sure its something really big. Dev gets in the mental hospital and gets the original file of Payal’s medical history. He says no one can stop me from knowing the truth now.


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