A perfect lie 27 February 2020 update

Thursday update. Shaurya tells his family that he is engaged to Durga, but it’s crazy as mum went with her. Kangana says it’s a cute gesture. Rajnath thinks what Sakshi does is not cute. I learnt to read her moves, when she went last time, Babjee and Divya were missing, don’t know what will happen this time.

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Sakshi brings Durga to a place and says I promised you that there won’t be any misunderstandings between us, so I brought you here to meet me. I learnt to live life from this place. The place shows riots as Sakshi recollects her childhood. She says I learnt to win over fear and failure, that I have to win life, as failure is death. She thinks about a poor girl running saving her life.

Sakshi says I was 8 year old, afraid and helpless. It was a horrible incident when everything was ruined. Sakshi cries and says after help came, it was all silent, and then I felt now I did not have home and my family. She says there were only ashes of my family in my hands and hunger in my body. I don’t have any way to have food and water. She says tears kept me alive, my breath had a hope to live, and when death me near me, then I saw a ray of hope when she saw a bread piece fallen near her. It was more than a golden brick for her.

She says that was my life. She went ahead to take it while the other kids did not. A dog came who was very hungry and helpless just like me. The dog took the bread and she understood the fight was of helplessness, but victory will be of strength, she took the bread from the dog’s mouth and had it. The dog barked and ran away. She says then I learnt second thing, that to live life is to snatch. She says see me today, it’s the same me, Sakshi Goenka. She says you have to understand from this, that the Sakshi who can take bread from a dog, can do anything for her son’s safety. I can even kill anyone or can fight with death for my son.

She says since you came, Shaurya’s life had risk, but I won’t let anyone reach my son. Durga says Shaurya is very lucky, that he got a mum like you, but I m just marrying him, not killing him. I m sad hearing your past, but I respect you more, you were lucky that day, that it was a dog, not a human, its much difference. A dog can run, but a human fight when you take bread from his mouth. Durga thinks about Payal and how Sakshi cheated them. Durga says mum in law, lets go.

Sakshi looks at her and smiles. Durga thinks you are forgetting in your ego that every story has two sides, one of snatcher and one who lost, I will tell you the story of Payal and Nitya one day. I promise Mrs. Goenka. Durga comes home and Dayal asks is she fine. Dayal asks where did she take you and what did she tell you. She says Sakshi took me to meet her past, an small orphan girl who took bread from a dog’s mouth and how she became Sakshi Goenka. Dayal says really? She says she has warned me to not trouble Shaurya.

She says she has helped me, Sakshi’s journey from roads to palace might be tough, and it will be a bad time, and it shows she has harmed many people to go ahead. She says yes, but I want her past’s details and we have to take Akash’s help. Dayal says yes, Akash is our strongest link. She says if we find her truth, many new stories will come. Dayal says interesting ones. Akash goes to the masjid to offer prayers while it rains outside. His religion is shown, that he is a Muslim and has been hiding it from everyone.

He thinks about Durga and Shaurya’s relation and Dayal asking him to trust Durga’s decision. Durga calls Akash and he thinks he won’t talk to Durga now, as she has shown that her courage is becoming low, and she will lose to Sakshi now. Durga says why is Akash reacting like this. Why did he help us, he did not get any financial profit, then why did he want Goenka family to get ruined, as Naveen Mathur has showed him down, or is there any hidden motive which we don’t know.

Akash says Durga you have helped us, you felt I helped you, but I was using you. He gets someone’s call and says you can’t come here, our plan did not work, I will make Sakshi without any power, then I will bring you here. He thinks Durga was a small part of my big plan, but I have to change my decision as you are getting into Goenka family, I won’t tell you who am I and what I want.

Durga think about Sakshi’s words and hurting her hand. Dayal comes to her and asks her not to be sentimental. Shaurya calls her and flirts. He asks her to be ready as he wants to take her on lunch date, if Dayal does not have problem. She says he won’t, as we are engaged now. She says end call now as I have to get ready. He says fine my to be wife and ends the call. He says get ready for a sweet surprise as I will kiss you today. Sakshi comes and asks where is he going. He says I m taking durga on lunch date only if you are ok with it. She asks really? Why this respect all of a sudden? He says let past be past. She says go enjoy, but stay in your limits, don’t do anything that spoils our name. He says fine and leaves.

Sakshi thinks Durga has my son wrapped around her finger, but you will get a surprise from my side soon. Dev gets few papers torn in Nitya’s diary. He thinks Durga, I felt I will get all answers and you are not hiding anything, but protecting Payal, but this shows I was wrong, there is something which you are keeping till yourself. He thinks how can she get engaged to Shaurya, does she really love Shaurya. He thinks to find out.

Akash comes to meet Dayal. Dayal says why did you question us, I did not expect this from you. Akash says yes, I m sorry I did not say intentionally. Dayal says I trust you, else we would have not taken you in our war against Goenka, Durga was very hurt by your questions, you are with us since long time, you have to understand that Durga planned this engagement. Akash says why the rapist, he knows Shaurya raped Payal, why did she get engaged to him. Dayal says there is big reason, but everything has a time.

He says this is not the time to tell you, this decision is Durga, and I m supporting her. He says he needs Akash more now, so have faith, the truth will be out soon. Akash thinks he wants to know the reason. I guess I have to keep an eye on both of you too. He thinks he has to be ahead of Akash. He says fine, I will wait that you trust me and tell the truth. Dayal thanks him. Akash leaves. Dayal thinks I feel Akash is not right, I have to test before involving you in my plan.

Sakshi gives the money to pandit. He asks how can he help her. She tells about Durga and Shaurya’s engagement. He blesses them. She says she has the mahurat, tomorrow. He says what, so soon. She says yes, but to break the marriage. He asks what do you mean. She smiles and explains him to come home tomorrow to give Prasad and Durga will be present there. She tells him what to say infront of her. He agrees and says the marriage is broken. She thanks him.

Shaurya and Durga come to a famous restaurant. Shaurya flirts and she smiles. She asks him to say it again. He asks what. She says you know it. He says I love you Durga and kisses her hand. He asks her to dance. She says here. He says we don’t need anyone here. They dance. She says everyone is watching jus. He says so what and kisses her. She says what are you doing, it’s a public place. He says you are my fiancée and my to be wife, its my right to romance in a public place.

She goes far but he catches her. He thinks I don’t like you, but I will take the first installment of my payment today, He goes closer to her. Shaurya tries to kiss her and stops seeing Kangana and Karan together. He says what are they doing together. Karan and Kangana walk hand in hands. He says is Karan dating my sister and goes to them angrily. Durya thinks Shaurya is angry seeing this rapist with his sister, but he did not pity my sister.

Karan sees Shaurya and is shocked. He says Kangana, Shaurya….. Kangana says he went on date with Durga. Shaurya says no, he is behind your back. Kangana looks at Shaurya and is tensed. She says you here. Shaurya says yes, I m here. Durga comes smiling. Shaurya asks what is she doing here with Karan. Karan says there is nothing like you are thinking. Shaurya asks Karan whats the truth. Kangana says you spoiled my plan. Shaurya asks what plan. Karan thinks not to tell the truth, as she does not know Shaurya. He thinks what Shaurya does with his enemies. He thinks Shaurya will kill him.

Kangana says she was planning his engagement party with his friends. She says Karan is your best friend, so I called him, I did not know you will come here for your first date. Karan says yes, now this surprise party can’t happen, just forget. Shaurya says no, sorry to spoil surprise, but this party idea is mindblowing. Durga likes it and says you did not introduce me to your friends. Karan meets Durga and she thinks about Karan raping Payal. She thinks why is he nervous, whats the reason.

Kangana says you enjoy your date and Karan and I will plan the party. Kangana and Karan leave. Durga thinks why is Karan running. She thinks she is hiding anything, she saw him holding Kangana’s hand.

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