A Magical Love Story Update Tuesday 24 August 2021

A magical love story 24 August 2021: The Episode starts with Aman recalling the last night. He says I have to talk to Roshni. He calls her. She says I can’t talk now. He says whatever happened yesterday. She says not now. She ends call. Imran comes to help. She thanks him. He says I have a big heart. She says doctors said I can’t leave my mum alone, you are a nice person. He says so we got her here, you don’t tell anyone, let your mum rest. They come out of the room. She holds his hand and thanks her. Khanna looks on and thinks what is Roshni doing with Imran. The lady asks Roshni to give files to Aman. Aman comes. She turns to go.

A magical love story 23 August 2021

He asks are you avoiding me. She says no, I was busy, I have to go. He asks where did you go in the morning. She says my mum. He says you don’t lie. She says my mum is really unwell. He asks her to say the truth. She says I don’t want to say it. He says I know your mum wasn’t unwell, I asked someone to keep an eye on you. She scolds him. They argue. She says I have moved on. He says shut up, whatever happened was wrong, forget it. She says it was a big mistake. He says I wasn’t in senses because of poison, you were in senses, you could have stopped yourself, you provoked me so that you can get back in my life. She says you think so, fine, I m a liar for you, stay happy with this thought.

She goes. He cries. He thinks I don’t have control when you are with me, I want to say something and say something else. Roshni takes care of Salma. She says I have to take care of her all night. Imran asks them to stay back in the hotel at night and take care. Khanna comes to Aman and tells about his meetings.Aman asks did Roshni come. Khanna says Roshni didn’t went home, she stayed in the hotel, the room is booked on Imran’s name. Aman asks what. Khanna says sorry, I saw her leaving from Imran’s room last night. Aman says shut up, I have to check cctv footage. Aman gets shocked seeing Roshni and Imran. He angrily throws things. Chotu wakes up Locha pari and says get me out of here. She says I didn’t get the map. Dadi, Saima and Sara wait for Chotu and see the school bus coming. Chotu says you are a fairy and can do anything. Locha does the magic. They come out of the well. Chotu hides the lamp. Dadi says why didn’t the bus stop.

Chotu calls them out and says this is my magic. They take him to have kheer. Aman hits the tv and gets angry. Imran boasts of himself. He asks Salma to sit in the car. He asks Roshni to come. Aman sees Roshni and Imran leaving in the car. Khanna and staff come in. Khanna asks are you fine. The staff goes. Aman says stop, when does Roshni’s shift end, by whose permission is she going. Khanna says she is on leave. Doctor says operation is risky. Roshni says I m ready for this risk. Doctor says we have to do this surgery today itself. Roshni says fine.

Dadi and Phupi argue. Dadi says Parveen got a kidney match, doctor said he will start procedure today, where is Aman. Saima calls Aman. Chotu says his call isn’t connecting. Dadi says call Khanna. Aman asks Baazigar why did you come here to joke on him, you were my friend before, now pain is also my friend, I wanted to make Roshni out of my life, but I got her back, why didn’t you stop me, I don’t want to see her face again, she can go anywhere and do anything, a Tawaif’s upbringing shows its colour, don’t know who is real Roshni, the one I loved or the one who breaks my heart again and again, she comes in my life and breaks my heart, now she will never come back in my life. Roshni gets the operation done. Tere naam…plays…

everyone worrying for Aman. Chotu says I will write a message for Aman. Locha appears and says don’t worry, just you can see me. She flies around. He says make sure the message is read by uncle. She asks who. He says you will know when you see Baazigar. The family rushes to see Parveen. Aman comes home and says where is everyone. Locha says so this is Baazigar, where is uncle. She drops some papers. Aman asks Baazigar not to trouble him. He gets the note and rushes to hospital. Dadi says kidney match is found. Doctor says operation was successful, Parveen is fine, she will be under observation. Dadi asks Aman to go and meet Parveen.

Aman meets Parveen and says I will not let you go anywhere. He doesn’t see the donor Roshni. Tere naam…plays…. Aman goes to ask the nurse about the donor. She says donor is taken to recovery room. He doesn’t see the donor. He goes to the room. Tabeezi senses something and goes to see. She sees everything messed up. The cat takes the heart and disappears. Tabeezi sees the heart gone and says it means the cat had come to take Kabeer’s heart, but why. Aman sees the donor and says excuse me… Roshni worries. Doctor comes and says donor doesn’t want her name to get known. Aman says I will be always indebted to you, my faith has got revived, someone broke my trust, you have joined it again, I believe that there are angels in this world, whenever you need me, remember that Aman Junaid Khan’s doors are always open for you.

She cries and recalls Aman ousting her. Aman collides with Kabir. He says sorry and goes. Kabir removes the mask and smiles. He says brother doesn’t identify a brother, it hurts here. Roshni gets up. Doctor says you should take rest, the surgery just happened. Roshni’s wounds heal sooner since she is Ayana. She doesn’t see the doctor. She says where did the doctor go. Tabeezi checks the book. She sees the cat foot prints and takes the impressions on the paper to shift in the book. She sees Kabir’s sketch. She says Kabir has come back, he has dealt with a black power, but who. She sees the cat and Kabir. She worries.

Roshni goes to see the doctor. She gets shocked seeing Kabir. She says Kabir, you here. Kabir turns into a vampire and bites the doctor. Roshni tries to use her clips. She gets hurt and gets back. Tabeezi says Kabir has become Zehraal, he has given his heart, now he has become more dangerous than before. Aman and family come home. They get shocked seeing the watchman fallen aside. The watchman wakes up and gets vampire tooth. Everyone asks Aman to stop. Aman signs them to move back. Roshni gets shocked seeing the entire hospital staff and patients converted to vampires. Roshni gets on the wheelchair and tries to go. Aman sees all the neighbors and house staff turned into zombies/vampires. He calls Baazigar and does the magic.

He makes a shield around them. Tabeezi and Salma are on the way. Salma asks what does Kabir want now. Tabeezi says Kabir has come back for revenge on Aman, I can’t leave you alone. Salma says I will surely come to alert Roshni’s Sasural. Roshni gets angry. The scissors fly. She attacks the people. They remove the scissors and throw. Tabeezi and Salma come home. They get shocked seeing the zombies. Aman asks Tabeezi to come in fast. The zombies stare at Tabeezi and Salma. Tabeezi and Salma run inside. Aman asks everyone to run inside the house. He shuts the door. Roshni falls down the wheelchair. She begins to run out of the hospital. She shuts the door. The zombies knock. Kabeer looks on and chants Sinsa. The glass door shatters into pieces. The zombies go out to Roshni again. Roshni worries.

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