A Magical love story update Saturday 3 July 2021


A Magical love story 3 July 2021: few guys are going in a car and hearing music. One of them stops the music and asks how can you be so insensitive, we are scared of Jinn. His friend says I m confused, the Jinn helped your dad.

The guy says yes, my dad took his help, Jinn really exists. His friend jokes. The guy says when Jinn asks anything, we have to give him, else Jinn comes to take the price. The guy sees something in front and stops the car. The car rotates and then stops. They see a giant Jinn figure coming. They try to run away. They see the car locked. They bang on the doors and windows. The black Jinn bends down to see them. They get shocked seeing his black face closely. Jinn puts his hand over the car and crushes it. The guys shout. Jinn throws the car into the river.

Voiceover: Jinn and fairies really exist in the world.

Aman is seen getting ready. Some magical figure helps him get ready and prepares his breakfast. Dadi calls out Aman. Everyone falls down. Aman turns to Dadi. An eagle flies off. Dadi asks him to talk slow, if anyone knows about the wild animal…. He says its my pet eagle. He jokes on Dadi. She says you are going to get married, wear stylish clothes, you should look different. He says I m different from everyone, so I will look different. He recalls the Jinn. He asks why am I such. She asks what, you are so handsome, come with me. He asks her to say why is he different, why does he have these powers, like any Jinn. She asks him not to say this again. She says I have no answers.

Voiceover: Dadi knows Aman is influenced by Jinn, Dadi won’t tell this to Aman, some fairy type humans are also there. Aman and Roshni are poles apart. Roshni’s heart is like that of an angel.

Roshni is introduced. She feeds the bird. She smiles and plays with the birds. Aman asks where is mum. Dadi says she would be around. He says no, she is missing dad. Dadi asks him not to get this topic out. He says sorry Dadi. His mum Parveen comes and hugs him. She asks him not to worry. Aman goes. Dadi says he was asking why is he so different, how shall I tell him, his dad is the reason for all his problems. Aman’s dad is seen. Dadi says if Jinn helps, he returns to ask for something.

Parveen says we can’t tell him that his dad did, he ruined many lives. She recalls the plane crash. Dadi cries and says his biggest crime, when he left that innocent girl into the river. Roshni sees the bracelet and says I didn’t lose my childhood sign. She asks her mum about her childhood, did she get this. Her mum says yes, I got you and four birds were guarding you, you can’t tolerate my happiness, you had to perform in MLA’s party. Roshni says everything will be fine once I open a bakery. Her mum says the truth is you are a Tawaif’s daughter, I didn’t ask you to do Mujra. Roshni jokes. She says I m going to make prayers, I want answers about my mum and dad, my past, I feel I will get my answers today.

Roshni goes. Her mum asks her to drive well and not get a scratch on the car. Roshni drives the car. Aman parks his car and gets down. A jinn follows Aman. Roshni bends to take the water bottle. Aman is about to step on the Jinn shadow. Roshni hits his car. Aman stops and sees her. He goes back. Roshni imagines her mum selling the bangle. Roshni comes in between Aman and the Jinn shadow. She steps on the shadow and it disappears. She asks is this your car. Aman says yes.

Roshni scolds him for his one mistake. He says my car was parked. She argues with him. She asks do you want compensation. He asks do you keep cash with you. She says its 5 kg sweets. He says I don’t want this, you are a spoilt brat. He asks her not to mention his dad’s name. She says why, fathers always spoil their sons, you will go crying to your dad and complain about the broken car. She goes and says my car flies, it doesn’t just run. Aman touches her car. The car flies and falls in front of her. She gets shocked. She cries. Aman comes to the Dargah to pray.

Roshni also comes there crying. He turns and sees her. She looks at him. The clock strikes 12. Everyone gets shocked. The clock stops. Parveen says you were right, Jinn comes back to get his favor back, this is first sign of his coming. Dadi says he has three signs of arrival. The wind blows at the Dargah. Jinn is coming. The place begins to crumple. Aman and Roshni get shocked. The people start running. Roshni sees a little boy crying. She runs to save him. Dadi, Parveen and aunt run to check the door for the second sign. They see the water freezing in the pool. Parveen says its the second sign. Roshni takes the boy and runs.

Aman shouts Baazigar…. and sees the eagle coming. The eagle turns into a wand. He extends his hand and gets a magical wand in his hand. Roshni goes out. She sees the building collapsing. Aman chants the magical spell and stops the debris into the air. The lady gets saved. Roshni gets shocked. Roshni rushes and pulls the lady away. Aman puts his hand down. The debris falls flat on the ground. Jinn looks on. Jinn finds Aman.

Jinn attacking Roshni by throwing a car at her. Aman comes there and saves Roshni. He stops the car in the air. She faints in his arms. Hai tu chand jaisi….plays….. He takes her away. The car falls down and catches fire. He lifts her and takes her to the bench. She talks in semi conscious state. He smiles and makes her quiet. Baazigar sits on the bench. Aman asks him to just come and not do any drama. They leave.

Aman says the clock stopping, water freezing and earthquake at the Dargah, it means he is back. Parveen says maybe its just a coincidence. Aman says no, he is back. She says the girl’s family got the engagement suit, come. He asks do you still care for my engagement, we have to break this alliance, I can’t risk a girl’s life to save myself. Dadi says its about entire family, when you change, you can harm anyone, you have to protect all of us, do this for us. He says yes, but I can’t risk a girl’s life. Parveen says your Dadi, Phupi and mum have protected you, this fear will end if you get married. Dadi says we will always save every trouble together. They join hands and say we will make the enemy lose. They hug him.

Roshni wakes up when some ladies sprinkle water on her. Roshni says the car was flying. The lady asks where, youngsters take drugs these days. Roshni says no, that black car guy did this. She worries thinking of her mum. Dadi says if Jinn has come back, his Panja will be there outside the house, go to the guests, I will find the last sign. She goes.

Aman goes to meet the guests. The girl smiles and signs to greet Aman. He nods. Dadi looks for the Panja. She gets shocked seeing the Jinn’s Panja mark on the wall. Aman stops. He holds Parveen’s hand. He starts turning into a monster. Dadi thinks Jinn has reached the house. Dadi runs inside the house. Parveen and Phupi see Aman changing. They get shocked seeing the guests coming towards Aman.

She stands before them. Dadi comes there and sees Aman turning. She runs and switches off the lights. Parveen gets scared to see Aman behind. Aman flies away. The lights come back. Parveen greets the guests. She compliments Ada. Ada’s dad asks where is Aman. Dadi says you all have come, Ada you look pretty. Ada’s mum asks where did Aman go, he was here just now. Parveen faints. Dadi says Parveen is unwell, can we keep this rasam tomorrow morning. Ada’s mum nods.

Parveen comes to Aman’s room and calls him out. He throws a cupboard at her. She bends down and gets saved. She runs out. She sees Aman in front. Aman strikes Parveen and Phupi. They fall away and get hurt. He lifts the fridge to throw at them. Dadi shoots him with arrows. Aman turns into a normal man. He starts bleeding by the arrows shot. Parveen and Phupi get shocked. They cry for him. Dadi cries. Aman says Ammi… and falls down. Everyone runs to him. They all hold him and cry. He faints.

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