A magical love story Update Sunday 25 July 2021


A magical love story 25 July 2021: The Episode starts with Aman and everyone completing Roshni’s cremation. Aman sits reading the book of Ayana and the stone hearted prince on her grave. His tear falls over the book. Kahani hamari…plays…. Kabir looks on and thinks love makes a person so weak, red moon made Aman weak for one night, love made him weak forever. Aman turns to see. He doesn’t see anyone. Kabeer comes home. He recalls killing everyone. He sees everyone alive. He goes to Parveen. She sees him and says you…. He asks why are you shocked seeing me in my own house, Ammi….

Parveen rushes and shuts the door. She asks what are you doing here. He asks her to welcome him. She says you are not such a son. He says you couldn’t call me a son ever and left me to die, one son was raised with love and other was raised under the shadow of death, fate gave you two sons, you just became Aman’s son. She says I left you to save your life, your dad was giving you to the black Jinn, you came in the world before you, you and Aman are twins, you came into the world before Aman, if I kept you along, I could have not saved you, you may hate me, why Aman, you had to save his life, you tried to kill him.Kabir says you didn’t read the history, one has to kill brother to become the King, its my right to become Jinn King, I don’t want to share my right. Parveen gets Jinn powers. She asks him to remove the ring from her hand if he is really powerful.

Aman walks inside the house. Kabir gets a bolt when he touches the ring. Parveen says I will decide who will get this blue ring and become the King. Aman calls her out. She worries. Aman asks who is he. Kabir asks didn’t mum say, I m your twin brother, Aman. Aman gets shocked. Kabir hugs him.Everyone sees Kabir. Phupi says mum and I were also part of this decision. Dadi says we had no decision, your dad did the deal with the Jinn, Junaid didn’t wish to lose his richness, he decided to give Aman to Jinn, instead Kabir, but now Kabir has returned home. Kabir says no, I just came to see the house, a mother, a brother, brother’s love makes a person do a lot, right mum…. Aman and I got saved on red moon night but poor Ayana….

Aman goes to his room. He holds Roshni’s dupatta and lies down. He thinks of her. He stays awake thinking all night. Tere naam….plays…. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi look on. They cry. Dadi says Kabir returned after much time, we should stop him here, he has a right on his family, mum and happiness. Parveen says no, we should just think of Aman now. Dadi asks why are you making Kabir away, don’t lose Kabir again. She goes. Parveen says how shall I explain, if Kabir comes home to stay, my secrets will get revealed, why I made Kabir away from me.

FB shows Parveen telling her sons that they will make her the queen of black sky, they have to get separated else they will get against her. Dadi comes. Parveen gives her elder son Kabir. FB ends. Parveen says I will become the queen of black sky. Kabir says it will be decided today who will become the ruler of black sky, just I will be the heir. He sees the house and uses his powers. He takes the Jinn form. He looks inside the room. He stabs a sword in Aman’s back. Aman lies crying. Baazigar tries to get up. Aman closes eyesDadi asking Kabir to come home. She hears Parveen crying and runs to see. She sees Aman stabbed by the sword. She says his wound won’t heal on own, he doesn’t have his magic, who did this. Parveen recalls Kabir. Dadi says we have to remove his sword first. Dadi removes the sword. Parveen thinks to heal him by her powers.

Parveen heals him. Dadi and Phupi get shocked. Dadi says when Roshni saved his life, his powers got ended, how did the wounds heal on own, we have to tell Tabeezi, Kabir met with an accident. Aman gets up. She asks where are you going, you can’t go, your life maybe in danger. Aman says one who wants to live care for life, my life is given by Roshni. He goes. Kabir gets a lady home. They all run to see. Kabir says I don’t know how this girl came in front of my car, she got much hurt than me. Aman and everyone get shocked seeing Roshni. Aman goes close. Kahani hamari…plays… Kabir asks do you know her. Dadi says she is our bahu, Aman’s wife.

Kabir asks what, I m glad to do something good, right Ammi. Parveen signs angrily. Aman stops from touching Roshni. He runs out to see the grave. He finds the grave empty. He runs back. Chotu says Roshni is Ayana, so she is back. Aman sees her and holds her. He kisses on her cheek. His tear falls. He asks Roshni to open eyes. Roshni gets conscious. She smiles seeing Kabir. Kabir recalls… FB shows… Kabir going to the grave. He says if Ayana is alive, Aman will stay weak and away from darkness, the arrows took Ayana’s life, red moon will give her a life now. He bears the pain and asks the favor from red moon. He gets the red moon from the ground.

He chants the spell and opens up Roshni’s grave. He sees Roshni. He cuts his hand and pours his blood on Roshni. He says my blood is giving you a new life, Ayana, your mind will have my thinking, you owe me for this new life, you will always be in my control. He returns her clips. She opens her eyes. She gets out of the grave. She walks on the road. Kabir saves her from a speeding car. She says you saved my life. He says no, you just remember you are Salma’s daughter, I saved your life, you can’t stay without me. FB ends. Roshni says you saved my life, thanks. Kabir smiles. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni asks who are you. Everyone gets shocked.

Aman says Aman Junaid Khan, Khan baba. Roshni says stay away, whoever you are, I don’t know you and anyone here. Dadi says Roshni, what are you saying. Roshni hides behind Kabir. Aman says you are my wife, I m your husband. Chotu and everyone introduce themselves. Roshni faints. Kabir holds her. He says I think I should take her home. Aman says this is her house, she is my wife. He lifts Roshni and takes her to their room. Roshni talks in sleep. She holds Aman’s hand. She says you should have fought with me, but you shouldn’t have said that, you said we can never have any connection. She says the day you feel this connection, you will know how it feels when heart aches. Aman says I know, I can’t take the pain back, but I can share it, love gives a right to share pain, please give me this right to share your pain. She opens eyes and sees him. He smiles.

She makes him away and scolds him. He says we are married. She says no, I m not married, where is my mum, don’t follow me. He says you are my wife. She says you can’t be my husband. Dadi stops Aman and says let her go, she is scared, have patience. Aman says how will I apologize to her. Dadi says she came back into this world, she will return to your world also. He says you are right, I should be happy that she came back, I got another chance, I will not lose this time in love, I will get Roshni back. He hugs Dadi.



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