A love to die for update Thursday 13 January 2022

A love to die for 13 January 2022: Arohi slaps Abhi. She says you have done a disgusting thing. He says what do you mean? What have I done? She says I only trusted you and this is what you did.
Deep knocks Wasu’s door. He says ma please. She says first bring proof of your innocence or stay away from me. Deep says who is helping Arohi? Arohi asks Abhi to leave. e leaves. Arohi comes to her room. She sees written on mirror it is easier to break someone alone. We are keeping an eye on you. Arohi wonders who that is. She says I am a mother. I will take my revenge from deep. No one can stop me. Tara says to Deep lets go out for dinner. He says yeah sure lets go. Wear a good dress. Deep says in heart Arohi will do something when she sees me with Tara. She will come out. Her love is her weakness. Kashap texts deep he found about Laila.

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Tara gets dressed. She says where is deep? Servant says he left. Tara says why he does it. Tara received a parcel. SHe is dazed.Deep comes where kashap asked her to come. Arohi is there with a veil on face. He says I know who you are.. She says this veil is the fun of it. Deep kisses her lips above. He says we hate each other but keep coming back. I told you you love me. Deep is about to take her veil off. Someone comes and hits deep. Its Tara with his face hidden. Deep takes out his gun but she hits him. They both fight. Tara comes there. She got a letter you had alwasy been a second woman in deep’s life. Deep says laila left because of you. He leaves.

Arohi says to abhi and says dont’ come to help me. I told you stop all this. Don’t dare doing all this. I don’t need your help.. Guru ma says he risked his life every time to save you. He saved you when your deep killed you. He made you stronger and you are shouting at him? Arohi says I considered him my friend and mentor but I got to know about his intentions. He was peeking in my room when I was changing. Guru ma is about to slap Arohi. Abhi stops her. She says you knew him for so long. He sleepwalks. Abhi says I don’t know how I came to your room. I woke up when you slapped me but I couldn’t understand anything. I am sorry. Arohi says I am sorry. Please forgive me. He says I am not mad at you. Anyone would have done that. You are my friend.

Deep is on his way. He says how Tara got there? Things are slipping out of my hand. His manager cals and says we have to return money or they will file a case. We have to find another investor. Arohi says to abhi we wont do anything Tara would. Tara says deep you will pay for this.Deep waits for the investor at the restaurant. He comes. Deep welcomes him. Arohi is there with her face hidden. She collides with waiter and juices spill on deep. deep still signs the papers. Wasu says to Deep I want 5 lacs. I wanna give bonus to the workers. He says sure. He signs his cheque and gives it t her. Wasu tears it apart. He says why did you do this? She says did you even check this account?

There is not even a penny in it. Your manager told me. There is nothing left. You have ruined our name money and everything. We are insulted in front of everyone. I am ashamed in front of these workers to be even your mother. Deep says I never even touched this account. He calls the banker and says I checked bank statement yesterday. He says all your money is transferred to a company. DEep says what? There is no such company I transferred money too.

Deep comes out. People are protesting outside. His workers say you have sold your factory. Deep is dazed. He says I never did that. His manager says yes your company is sold. Deep says why would I do that. The woman in cafe was tara. She replaced the paper. She smiles. She says I did this deep because you fooled and used me every time. You deserve this.
Deep says ma this is all the conspiracy. Wasu says I don’t wanna hear a thing. She leaves.Abhi says to Arohi we brought our enemies in front of each other. Arohi says is tara doing all this or some third person? Arohi sees a letter on window. It says don’t celebrate before winning. Next is your number. Aroi says who is this person?

Tara comes to the hoodie man and says we have everything Deep has. the hoodie says I and Manpreet will be in front of each other but it would be really scary for her.Deep’s investors come. He says trust me I will return your money. His investor says we are not a charity. You have no guarantee for us. Return us our money. Deep says you will forget our relation? He says in money there is no relation. Until you don’t give we will take your cars.. He says those are my mom’s. Wasu says take them Deep says ma please listen. Wasu says no deep. She locks the door and says deep you should be punished.Arohi says nothing makes me happier than seeing this sad face of yours deep. Deep comes to his room. He sees a baby crying. He sees a toy. It has a letter this is your last sleep. You wont be able to sleep after this. Deep says I know you did this Arohi.

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