A love to die for update 12 Wednesday january 2022


A love to die for 12 january 2022: A girl dances around deep. It starts raining. She ieds her face from her saree. The person runs in car. Abhi tries to stop him. A car is about to hit him. Tara is in it but Guru ma saves abhi. He goes and sits with tara. Tara says why don’t you come in front of everyone. He says I will come on right time.
Deep tries to see Arohi’s face but she hides. Deep is about to fall from balcony bt she holds him. He looks below but she runs. Deep says laila? He says I am sure this was arohi. Is she here to kill or save me? Arohi is downstairs. She says you will beg for death deep.Guru ma says that house is dangerous. Come out of it.

A love to die for 10 January 2022

I care for you. Did you see who was in the car? He says I didn’t. I wont ever leave Arohi alone. I will find out who is behind all this. I am going to Arohi. she needs me. Guru says I have to stop him. Love makes a man weak.Wasu comes to a room and says who is it? He says I am here for some important stuff. You know what it is. Wasu says you shouldn’t come here like this. He should have come. The person says he wanted to come but someone could see. Wasu says ask him not to come until I ask.

Wasu comes to her closet.. She sees her trunk and takes it out. Deep comes home. Wasu hides the trunk. She says deep shouldn’t see it. Deep’s manager says our company is going really bad. Everyone wants their money. Deep says what is all this? He says this is because of that bar dancer. Deep says I have nothing to do with her. I have to do something. Aroi calls deep. He says I know who you are. She says I am fire if you come near me you will burn.Tara comes home. Abhi says wow.. I can’t believe. Your drama of being a good girl is over? That didn’t suit you either. Tara puts knife on his neck. Tara says I am the real tara. I wont take these jokes. This knife has an old relationship with me. Do your work or you might need to worry about your security. He says this would be fun because everyone is in real face. He sees the car and says its the same. She tried killing me? I have to know.

Arohi is walking on the road. A car stops in front of her. Deep comes out. She hides her face with hands. Deep puts her hands down. She turns around. Deep says you can’t run away from me. Deep pulls Arohi closer. She hides herr face. Deep comes close to her but she keeps hiding her face.
The person in hoodie comes to tara. SHe says did someone see you? He says no one did. Tara gives him something and he leaves. Arohi is with deep. Abhi comes there with his face veiled. He fights with Deep. Deep says go from here before your death. Abhi says you wont decide that. Arohi picks gun and puts it on deep. She says go before I shoot you. Deep says I will find out who you are. Abhi and arohi run from there. ABhi says you have been laila. You didn’t even tell me once. SHe says I don’t want to risk your life. He says what if deep saw your face? Arohi says my only mission is to make his life difficult. Manpreet and laila wont let him live.

Deep comes home and tries to talk to wasu. She says I gave you 24 hours. Deep says I tried my best but she ran. Deep says ma please don’t push me away from you. She says deep I wanted the same but you couldn’t prove laila was behind all this. Until you do don’t show me your face. Arohi says in heart I didn’t have a proof either deep. You go through what I did. Deep recalls what wasu said.Arohi calls Deep. He says I know you are Arohi. Only she can dare coming this close to me. I know you are alive. I will take off your veil. She says I don’t know any deep. Stay ready for me. He says I know you will never go away from me. This is love that brings you closer to me. Only I have right to play with peple. I will change your fate like your face. She says better be careful. You might fall in your own trap.

DEep comes to room. Tara says deep.. You were missing me right? He says I came here to reduce this distance between us. Deep holds her close.Abhi says to Arohi deep’s whole shares are bankrupted in the market. He says arohi look here. Arohi sees deep’s romance video on camera. Abhi say calm down. You shouldn’t care. Arohi says please leave me alone. Arohi is in tears. She says I don’t care. I will ruin his life. Arohi says get ready deep. Your life would be ruined.

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