A love to die for update Thursday 10 March 2022

A love to die for 10 March 2022: Tara says you couldn’t tell Netra truth. She says Arohi is out of your life. There is only me in your heart right. He takes out is sword and says stop saying stupid things. Tara says why do I feel like someone is going to die tonight. He says better pray it’s not you. Netra is outside her house. Her dad calls someone. She says mama papa you look worried. Ma says only worried for your bruise. She leaves. Dad says we have to get her out of this job. Arohi wakes up. she is in the same house and her foot chained. Speaker says you can never run from me. Arohi says I will not give up.Netra comes out of her room. It is all dark.Netra’ mom says they are nice people. We don’t want to lose that job. He says I don’t care about job. She says sell these jewelry then so we can collect the money. They are outside in garage. Netra is scared. She says who is here.. Ma papa where are you. Netra sees a shadow. She says ma who is it?

A love to die for 9 March 2022

She collides with her mom. she says someone else was here. Ma says only I was here. Someone comes close to her father with a sword and stabs him. He screams. They run out. Netra’s papa falls down in blood. She screams.Netra brings her dad to hospital. Ma is crying. Doctor says calm down. Nurse says doctor isn’t here. Deep says we have to keep him away from our mission. deep comes to Doctor and says Mohan sharma is my close guy, he shoudn’t die. But he should live like a dead body. He shouldn’t be conscious. He leaves. Netra says to doctor please see my papa. She is crying. dee comes to Netra’s house and tries to find something. He asks his man to break a wall.Virat comes to Netra. He says I feel bad that your father is attacked. Netra says please find out who did this. Virat says I think who did this is close to you. Doctor says your papa is in coma. Netra’s mom cries. Netra says papa will be fine. Doctor says we don’t know when will he be out of coma. It will cost you 2 lacs a month. Her mom cries. Netra says we wont let anything happen to him.Deep’s man breaks the wall and takes out a box. It has some papers.

He reads it out to deep. He says wow Netra I thought you are innocent and you have all these secrets. Now I will tell you what deep can do.Netra’s mom says we can ask deep for the money. She says how can we ask him for money. Deep calls netra and says there’s some important work in office. She says but.. He says I know but it wont take long.Netra comes home. Deep has her mother’s lockets in hand. Netra comes to deep’s room. Deep says there are files on the table. she says my papa.. He says don’t worry about your papa. He will be fine. I hope he gets well soon. But we all have to work. I can’t see but I work. He leaves. Netra is in tears. He says you haven’t started work. She says I have to arrange money for papa’s treatment. He says how much money do you need? deep says I can’t take a favor from you.

Netra’s mom tries to take loan from bank. Deep’s man stops it everywhere. Deep says when someone enters my life, they never get out. Netra says I have done these files. Deep says you should do yoga it is good for health. Netra’s mo calls her and says no one gave the money. Deep comes. Netra says I have to go to hospital. Ma couldn’t arrange the money. Deep says I can drop you. Netra says I will go. He sasy they might attack you too. I can go with you. You are important to me Netra.Arohi wakes up and says water.. There is water on his hand. She says I need water. She says why don’t you kill me. Speaker says we can’t give you easy death.Deep says I know how you are feeling. I felt the same when I got blind. You have to be strong in these times. Your respect comes back when you are strong. Take the money from me. He asks his driver to stop the car. He starts driving. Netra says what re you doing.. You can’t see. There isa truck on the wall. Deep says I don’t like hearing no. Deep is about to hit car to a wall.

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