A love to die for update Monday 4 April 2022

A love to die for 4 April 2022: new girl is on scooty. She says this is such a weird place but map shows this location. She is at an under construction site. She says someone ordered food? A drum falls. She gets scared. She says papa says we shouldn’t be scared. She says I am not alone. Who is it? I am leaving the food here. But I need money. A man is there in water. The girl says who is it? She goes near the water and screams. A man (like deep) is chained in water. She tries to break the cubical and get him out. It doesn’t break. She oes out and screams for help. She calls police and says a man’s life is in danger. She goes back in and deep isn’t in water. Police coems there. Inspector says no one is here. She says he was drowning. He says are you hallucinating? She says no. I am not crazy.

She says I came to drop food here. A man’s life was n danger. They take her with them. She says but what have I done?
Deep is there with hidden face. He says this is the place where you killed me Arohi.
The girl comes to her garage. Her father is working on cars. She says papa you are never serioys. Someone is recording them. She says papa you taught me nothing is small or big. He says yes that’s correct. Deep is keeping and eye on them.
They comem in to eat. Their mother serves them the food. She says I am in so much tension. There is no money in the house. She says mama don’t worry. I will bring something tomorrow. Her brother comes with his homework. Papa says you dont’ have to worry about his education. She says I care about his dreams. She feels like somone is at the window. Papa says what happened.

Security sees deep and says what are you doing here? Deep acts like blind. The guard says oh you are blind. Deep kills him.Deep comes home and looks at Aroh’s photo. Wasu looks at him and says in this craze of finding Arohi you have lost everything. Deep throws someting her way. He says yes I am crazy and I will find her. I told you no one will take her name in the house. I wanted to live a life with her but she didn’t trust me. I didn’t want to kill her but she forced me. And made me blind. I don’t want to hear her name ever again.

A girl is chained ina shed. She tries to walk to the cup of tea. She sits on chair. A speaker tells her what to do. Someone on speaker laughs. She says get me out of here. THe person on speak laughs. The girl falls down. She is Arohi. The person says I wont ever let you go from here.Deep is doing exercise. Tara comes and hugs him.Deep’s man comes outside neeta’s house. Her mother catches him stealing her paper. The man runs. She says why this man steals our paper every day? Neeta says ma don’t worry about it. It is just paper. Neeta’s mom says here is the vaccancy. You should apply. Her dad says you dont have to. Se says yea we will die hunry. Neeta says I will do it. Her dad says if you don’t like it then dojn’t do it.Neeta searches for Deep online but she can’t find anything. Neeta comes to Deep’s house. His man asks her to sit. Neeta sees tara. She doesn’t see her face. Neeta goes to Deep’s room.Tara says shut up. Who is that girl and why is deep after her.

The girl enters the house. She says is someone here? Deep says I am here. Tell me about yourself. He says stand like you are. She says I am neeta. I have done my BA. He says tell me about your look. She tells her height. He says I wanna know more. She says excuse me? She sees deep’s face and says you are the one who was drowning. I called police to save you. How did you save yourself? He says tell me about yourself. She says what do you want to know? Why are you asking all this. He takes out his stick. Neeta says he is blind?Tara and virat enter the house. Tara says wasu said she doesn’t know where deep is. She shows him photos of the new girl. She says what is going on in his mind who is this girl? Virat says he always fools you. She says no one can take my place in his life. I wanna know who he is. Virat says why should help you in that? She says you are alive because of me or deep would have killed you. Virat says he could never have.

Tara says who are you. Why are you in my life.Neeta says I didn’t know you can’t see. He says I was asking all that so I can see you from heart. He hugs her and says this is how I recognize people. He tells her how she looks. He says you can go now. Take your appointment letter. Neeta says thanks for giving me the job. Deep says it is not easy to work with me. Not a lot of people could be my PA. He says in heart but you are meant to be. This is what I had always wanted.Arohi enters a room. Her foot is chained. Arohi takes off tile from wall and then bricks. She says I will get out of here at any cost. Speaker says hi, what are you doing.

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