A love to die for update Monday 10 January 2022

A love to die for 10 January 2022: Tara says why did you slap me? Wasu says you said you lost your child because of Arohi. Your report say you could never be a mom. You told me all lies. You never had a baby. You said Arohi did so much unfair to you. Deep says how dare you lie to my mom. Tara goes to her room. Wasu says my family lies to me. Go from here deep. Deep shoves Tara in the room. He says why did you lie to my mom? She says ma was asking me about baby. I couldn’t her about me never being a mom.

She would be so hurt, Deep says she still is. I will kill anyone who hurts my mom. Tara says someone is doing this. I hid those reports. Deep shoves her and says everything is another person’s mistake. Don’t fool my mom ever again. He says you have to apologize to my mom.Aroi says thank you Abhi. Ma ji was so proud of her. Ma wont trust her again even if she forgives her. Tara would do some mistake in anger. She will be herself and ma will see her real face.Deep calls someone. He says what? This deal is very important for me. I can’t lose it. Do something. Deep says why is everything going wrong. It happened since Manpreet came here. Is arohi behind all this?

Deep comes outside Arohi’s room. Se took shower and comes out. She hides herself with blanket and says why you came here. He says I have doubts. Show me your face. SHe says I am not wearing clothes. I will only see you when I am ready. He turns her around. Abhi comes. Arohi says he came here without permission take her from here. Deep says what are you doing here? He says just saying ma ji was asking her to come. Deep leaves. Arohi says he came here to see my face. Deep calls someone and plans to catch Laila. He says find out where she goes. The guy says I am trying my best. Deep says I want all her details.

Abhi is about to shoot the girl. He says this could be Arohi. She takes off veil and it is tara. Arohi comes to abhi. He says I thought it was you. You keep making plans to kill deep. Arohi says I am glad to have a friend who protects me all the time. He says what is in your heart? Do you wanna own him? Why are you looking at the door? Why don’t I see fire of revenge anymore? You are here to take revenge. She says I never forgot. He says deep killed your baby. Aroi says I can never forget that.deep says to tara are you vrazy? What are you wearing? What if ma sees you like this. She says this is where you go to every night. I am your wife. He says we are nothing. Stop fooling yourself. Go and change now.

Arohi says deep you don’t know what is next you will lose everything you have.Tara asks servant to make kheer. She takes the kheer to wasu’s room and knocks on the door. Tara says mama I know I have hurt you but I did this for your happiness. I am like your daughter. Please open the door. She says for deep I can do anything. And that abhi.. He did this. He will see who real tara is.Tara says mama please open the door or I will hit my head on the door. she hits the head on door. She puts on fake blood on head. Wasu opens. Tara says I want to repent for my sin. I made this kheer. Wasu says how you made it? SHe shoves the kheer and says this is a lie too. You tell lie all the time. I can’t trust you ever. I wont ever tell deep to love you or trust you. I can’t even know who you are.

Abhi is outside. He gets all cameras fixed. Guru ma comes there. He says please don’t come here. She says I want to see you. I have to take you back to village. People are dying here. He says arohi? She says if she doesn’t want to come she has to do her fight. She is just your trainee. He says I promised her. Guru ma says why? Do you love her? He says no I am just helping her. SHe says your heart shouldn’t break. I know everything. She leaves and says take care of yourself and Arohi. Helping her is your mission in life now.Arohi comes to wasu and says please eat something. You will be sick if you don’t. Arohi comes to tara and says dinner is ready. Ma ji hasn’t eaten anything. Arohi says ma ji please sit. TV shows that deep has lost another deal. Reporter says he is more into dance bar than business these days. Wasu is dazed. Wasu says what is this deep.

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