Begusarai full story, plot, summary, synopsis and casts

Begusarai is a bollywood series that once aired on Zee world around 2018. Currently the series is showing on Televista. Monday to Friday by 10pm WAT.

Note: Begusaria is currently re-broadcasting on Zee world in double-bill episodes on Saturdays and Sunday by 5pm – 7pm WAT. Don’t miss the action

So what is Begusarai series about

The series gets its name from a fictional town called Begusarai in the district of Bihar, India. The land is a tough one where wealth, power and respect is earned only through violence. If you want to become influential and powerful, then you have to be ready for gunfights and bloodshed.

It is in this backdrop that Phulan Thakur lives with his family and has garnered respect and status over the years. He is the present ruler of the land.

Also, as the head of the Thakur family he has the task of picking a heir to his throne. This is not an easy task however because the family is presently polarized into different factions with sibling rivalry.

But because Phulan knows that troubled times are approaching, he therefore makes it his new life mission to unite his family into a formidable and unified force; he also seeks to promote peace in Begusarai.

His intentions are however thwarted when Bhindya arrives. She is a beautiful and renowned dancer who has evil intentions towards the Thakur family.

Even though she portrays herself as an agent of peace she is the opposite; she seeks to manipulate her way into the trust of the family from where she can make them fragment even further.

Begusarai full story.

Poonam is an intelligent girl who dreams study higher. Priyom is the son of Begusarai’s Bahubali, Phulan Thakur, a ladies man, and Poonam’s childhood best friend.

Lakhan is Priyom’s cousin brother, who is constantly under Priyom’s shadow and has loved Poonam since childhood. Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage is set by Phulan Thakur, and at first Poonam is not happy, since she wants to continue her studies. Lakhan at first agrees to let her study and then get married, but later  starts torturing Poonam.

Phulan Thakur finds out about this and breaks Lakhan and Poonam’s alliance. He then arranges Poonam’s alliance with Priyom and they start to fall in love with each other. Lakhan, finding out about this alliance, starts to wreak havoc on Begusarai and the Thakur family. He kidnaps Phulan’s grandchildren, this makes Poonam decide to marry Lakhan, so he will leave the Thakur family alone.

While this is going on, Bindiya, a dancer enters Begusarai to make money by dancing in Begusarai events. She brings chaos into the Thakur family, which cause Lakhan to start hating Priyom, his brother Mithilesh, and Phulan. It is soon revealed that Bindiya has come to Begusarai on an agenda. Bindiya’s father used to be the King of Begusarai, till Phulan Thakur killed him and took his place, and left Bindiya and her mother on the road. She has come to ruin the Thakur family.

Once Lakhan and Poonam get married, Lakhan once again starts to torture Poonam. Phulan asks Lakhan to move into the Thakur Haveli, and at first he denies the offer. Once Poonam tells Lakhan the truth about her and Priyom, Lakhan decides to test Poonam by moving into the Thakur Haveli. Priyom seeing how he is affecting Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage, decides to marry, and gets fake married to Bindiya, not knowing her real intents of being in the family.

Poonam sensing that Bindiya does not have the right intentions for the Thakur family, constantly butts head with her. But Lakhan Believeing she is only trying to break Priyom’s marriage for her personal benefit, he moves further away from Poonam.

Along the line, Poonam learns about Lakhan’s love for her and how he never hurt anyone when he was trying to get her, she changes her mind about Lakhan and starts to like him.

Phulan gets arrested in a kidnapping that Bindiya did and Thakur family is left distraught. Poonam starts changing Lakhan into a soft person and they start getting close. While Priyom constantly gets mad at Bindiya’s antics and tries to change her into a better person. Then enter Datta ji, a man with old traditions and believes men are the best, and women are nothing but servants.

When Priyom, Mithilesh, and Lakhan’s sister Guddi gets pregnant with Poonam’s brother’s child, Datta ji decides to get her married to the next person he sees. Poonam’s brother dies in an accident and Datta ji decides to bury Guddi and her child alive. All the women of the Thakur family get together with all the women of Begusarai and save Guddi from Datta ji and send him to jail.

Poonam starts to blame Lakhan for her brother’s death and Lakhan decides to free Poonam from their marriage. They start living separately while Bindiya changes and becomes a good person. She and Priyom start to love each other, and he becomes the Bahubali of Begusarai.

But Priyom’s older brother Mithilesh gets jealous of Priyom and decides to start his own business. When his business partner cheats him, he tries to kill the partner while Priyom tries to stop him. It is In this ensuing battle that Priyom becomes collateral and dies by Mithilesh’s hands.

When Bindiya learns the truth, she decides to get revenge on Mithilesh. The entire family opposes her, except for Poonam and Lakhan. She decides to file a case against Mithilesh, but loses when Badi Amma locks Poonam in the supply closet.

Later, Datta ji gets out of jail and comes back into the Thakur Haveli. He strips Bindiya in front of entire Begusarai and drowns her alive. Lakhan and Poonam try to save her, but are not able to. He also tries to kill Guddi and her child, but Poonam and Lakhan save her.

Poonam and Lakhan finally reveal their feelings for each other and start a new relationship. Bindiya is revealed to be alive, and comes back to get revenge against the entire Thakur family for not coming to save her.

She shows mercy to Lakhan and Poonam, but tortures the rest of the members of the family, and even kills Datta ji. Choti Amma’s granddaughter, Komal, comes to visit her while Bindiya becomes the Bahubali of Begusarai.

Komal starts to fall in love with Lakhan and starts to help Bindiya financially, by bringing her a business partner named Sarkar. Sarkar demands a lot of Bindiya which causes Guddi to lose her child and Lakhan and Poonam to almost get a divorce.

The Thakur family goes against Bindiya and Komal and try to figure out who Sarkar is. Sarkar is revealed to be Choti Amma (who was also referred to as The boss), he wants to get revenge on Thakur family and so brought Komal to Thakur Family. In a chase between Komal and Choti Amma and Lakhan and Mithilesh, Komal’s car falls off a cliff and Choti Amma and Komal die. Bindiya is revealed to be pregnant with Priyom’s child.

A couple of months later, Poonam and Mithilesh’s wife, Maya have also become pregnant. When all three daughter-in-laws are celebrating their baby shower and doing a puja by the river, Guddi gets pulled into the water. Everyone looks for her, but not in time and they find her dead body.

It is revealed that Komal is actually alive and killed Guddi. Komal then kidnaps Mithilesh and Poonam’s father, in demand that Poonam leaves Lakhan. Mithilesh and Poonam’s father try to run away, but Poonam’s father dies in the ensuing chase. Poonam decides to surrender herself for the safety of the Thakur family.

Lakhan finds Poonam and Komal, and shoots Komal in the chest. Poonam falls unconscious and Lakhan takes her to the hospital. At the hospital some goons kidnap Poonam and it is revealed that Komal was saved after she got shot. Komal shoots Mithilesh and Lakhan and Poonam dies during childbirth. Bindiya takes the baby and decides to raise him as her own.

After this incidence a 20 years leap occurs. Follow this link to read more about the leap… 

Who are the casts of Begusarai? Let’s meet them.

Shweta Tiwari stars as Bindiya Thakur

Shweta Tiwari as Bindiya

She is a beautiful dancer and a seductress. It is impossible for men not to fall for her charms. She is extremely witty and manipulative and when she has her heart set out for something, she will resort to any means to get it. She seeks to become the ruler of Begusarai

Vishal Aaditya Singh stars as Laakhan/Shakti Thakur

Vishal Aaditya Singh

Lakhan is extremely ambitious, possessive and least expressive man anyone would ever know. Laakhan is feared by the people of Begusarai due to his short temper. He loves his fiancé Poonam and is very loyal to her. Laakhan is Priyom’s brother and his best friend. Laakhan secretly desires to be the King of Begusarai one day.

Narendra Jha as Phulan Thakur

Narendra Jha as Phulan Thakur

He is the head of the thakur family and ruler of Begusaria. He seeks to unite his family into one.

Shivangi Joshi  as Poonam Thakur

Shivangi Joshi as poonam

Poonam is a shy and timid girl who has simply accepted her fate that she belongs to a male dominated society. She is extremely studious and is a very simple girl. She secretly desires a normal life, a loving husband and happiness she knows she might never have.

Sartaj Gill as Priyom Thakur

Sartaj Gill

Priyom is a happy-go-lucky charmer and an extremely kind hearted man. He is protective of the women in his life but the one thing he fears is commitment.

Others include:

Komal Real Name Rati Pandey

Rati Pandey

Amar Thakur Real Name Parichay Sharma

Parichay Sharma

Maya Thakur Real Name Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

RajKumar Thakur Real Name Aru Verma

Aru Verma

Mithilesh Thakur Real Name Darshan Dave

Darshan Dave

Bengusaria has 346 episodes in total 



  1. Begusarai is one of the most Indian series film, well entertain, enligh and educated, pls keep availing us with the best of Indian series movie

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  3. why should Lakan die? I am dissapointed at this writer. Couldnt you have a happy ending for once? The tragic ending reveals a waste of time for the entire movie. From the ending, are you saying Evil overshadows Good? Whats this?

  4. What’s wrong wt D’s writer y must Poonam n pryom die wht sort of movie is D’s am not watching again after reading ds

    • I stopped watching when pryom died. I came here to read all about it. And also find out that Laakan, Poonam, etc all will all die.What does this movies seeks to achieve? That evil override good? I’m now convinced its not worthered watching this series anymore

  5. This is one of the best fictional bolihood movies that l have ever seen.But the deaths are too many.l wish same of them would have survived e.g Lakhan and Punam

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