Zee World: Monday update on King of hearts 22 April 2019

The episode starts with DD getting a call from her friend and asks about yesterday’s party’s coverage. Roshni reads a news that a builder is building hotel on her NGO spot, tears the page and runs from there. DD asks Bablu to show news about party’s coverage and gets annoyed seeing her torn pic, shouts at Roshni.

Monday update on King of Hearts

Roshni reads eviction notice at her NGO and tears it. She thinks she will meet Sidharth Khurana and clear the matter today.

Sidharth is in traveling in his car and driver stops it. When asked, driver says a girl came in front of car, so he had to apply brake. Sidharth comes out and sees a girl walking carelessly and gets irked. He then sees Roshni and identifies her. He goes and sits on her car. Roshni sees her and asks why did he come again.

She gets hiccups while talking. He says he came to take his candy floss money and asks 300 rs. She says he gave 20 rs. He says he gave 300 rs and demands it. Roshni gets angry and starts scolding him, but her hiccups stop. Siddharth says his trick worked and her hiccups stops. He walks out happily while she is irked and thinks his second meeting was more interesting and hope third one would be much better.

Monday update on King of Hearts

Siddharth is busy with staff meeting. Roshni reaches there and starts demanding that she wants to meet Siddharth Khurana. Sidharth hears a sound and asks his secretary what is happening. She informs about the girl creating ruckoos outside. Roshi insists to give Sidharth’s mobile number. Secretary gives his email id and asks her not to tell him about it. Sidharth gets message from Roshni that if he is really daring, he should meet her at her place.

Sidharth calls his manager and informs him about getting mail from lady. He asks if they are not getting the hotel land illegally and if the basti people are getting another house. Manager says we are giving them new houses, but this lady is using her children to get some more money. He will handle her and not to worry.

Roshni is with her NGO students. She asks them to tell what to write back to Sidharth. They ask her to use Mumbai slum language. Sidharth asks his manager to take him to the spot as he wants to inspect himself. Manager thinks Sidharth’s loyalty will not let him allow extra kickbacks. Kids write message in slum language and sends it to Sidharth. Sidharth reads it and says it is disgusting. He writes back Roshni in Haryanvi language, bawri poonch, etc., and says this land is his and he will get it at any cost. She gets disgusted reading it.

Monday update on King of Hearts

Manager informs Sidharth that his next meeting is at a hotel and to change his clothes. Sidharth says he will change his clothes on the way as it is already late.

DD in her showroom attends her customer and shows her designs. Customer does not like her design and asks her to show something else. Customer sees jewelry on magazine and likes it. DD says she will prepare it. She asks her devar to get the diamond at any cost

Roshni reaching home. DD sees her soiled clothes and says she would have done better job than carrying mud. Roshni says she is coming from her NGO. DD asks her assistants to get Roshni ready with her jewelry and dress. Roshni looks at them and says if they are going to zoo, she can wear them and go alone. DD says it is our new jewelry store’s launch and she has to wear it at any cost. Roshni thinks she will not wear DD’s clothes and burns them. She wears her clothes instead. Naani likes Roshni’s dress and praises her as angel. She asks DD’s opinion, but stops looking at DD’s frowning face. Roshni says DD does not like it as she did not wear her clothes.

Monday update on King of Hearts

They reach Siddharth’s hotel where their store is launched. Paras praises Roshni’s dress thinking it is DD’s design. DD gets irked hearing that. Roshni sees her mobile and gets annoyed that Siddharth’s reply did not come yet. Siddharth reaches his hotel in plain clothes. Roshni writes him weird message. She turns and is about to fall in swimming pool when Sidharth holds and rescues her. They both start a verbal tussle. She searches her mobile which is with Sidharth.

Sidharth says he wants to see her boyfriend’s pic. She says she does not have boyfriend. He says she will get one soon. She angrily moves from there but turns back seeing Sidharth falling and writhing in pain. She starts laughing. Sidharth is mesmerized seeing her beauty. He gives his hand for help, but she does not help and leaves.

Resham gets irked with DD’s commanding behaviour and says her husband would have run because of her bad behaviour. Naani hears that and says Roshni’s papa’s was a bad man, so not even his pic is in this house. She asks not to talk about him from now. Resham thinks a big secret is hidden.

DD clashes with Siddharth, identifies him and says it is obvious to expect this from him and says he is a cheap man. Sidharth starts joking and says he comes here to steal items and says he can help her also steal cosmetics looking a cream tube in her hand. DD gets irked with his behaviour, throws cream tube and leaves while Sidharth still continues to joke.

Mrs. Khurana checks girl’s pics and says she has somany girls to choose for his son’s marriage. Mr. Khurana jokes that man gets trapped after marriage. Mrs. Khurana asks Sidharth if it is true. Sidharth says dad is joking and asks why is she looking at girl’s pic. She says he wanted to marry a girl like her. He says he wants to build his own identity first and then marry. Dad asks what kind of girl he wants. He describes Roshni and reminisces her.

DD asks Paras if he found diamond for MLA’s daughter’s jewelry. Paras asks Bablu instead and says he was busy in event management. DD says Ghafoor would be having it and calls him. She asks him a diamond. He asks if it is for MLA’s daughter’s jewelry and says he will not do business with an woman and asks her to send a man from her house. DD gets irked hearing that and says she will get diamond at any cost.


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