Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 25 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah 25 November 2020: Zara says that Kabir’s thoughts are wrong, he was blamed because of his wrong thinking. Kabir is shocked. Salma says to Kabir that dont listen to her. Zara sits with her Irfan. Salma asks Zara to say sorry to Kabir, why are you breaking your house? Zara says what will I say to women who are backing me to give them rights? I will not leave sharia board at any cost and will fight for them. She leaves.

Zara is walking on road. One woman says she is distracting women from following their husbands, she should be beaten. Women start beating her badly.. Kabir wakes up screaming Zara’s name, it was his dream. Zara wakes up and hugs him. Kabir is worried about her, he recalls all going against Zara and telling her that she never listens to her husband.

In morning, Kabir and Zara offer namaz together. Zara says I know you are worried but everything will be fine. Kabir says we have to be careful before taking a decision, Irfan is getting fine too, I think its better if you are not there when decision is given. Zara says why? I want justice for Kausar. Kabir shouts that fights will start again, this city had chaos because of you, I will be insulted too, what will people think when they know that his wife thinks his thoughts are wrong? Zara says if this is justice then why cant I come there? Kabir says you will start a fight there, Zara says I am sharia board member so why I am stopped? Kabir says as your husband I am ordering you to not come to sharia board otherwise.. Zara says what then? Servant comes there and says some goons are outside house.

All come in lounge. People are trying to enter house. Kabir holds gate. Electricity goes off. A man comes inside house and fights with Kabir. He puts gun on Kabir and says you hurt our friend but we wont hurt you, Zara have hurt our people, she tried to provoke women, we dont want our women to work outside of house. Kabir says you are threatening us and telling me that you respect me? Goon asks Zara to leave Kausar’s case, this is our last warning, they all leave. Kabir says same man is behind it who gave money to those women. He says I will go to police.

Shahbaz says how many people will you fight? all are against your wife, you cant handle her? they will not bear their women working outside, your wife works with other men, we men are made to work for our women, you cant bear her working but she wants all women to work outside? Tell her to not go to sharia board. Ayesha asks Zara to not put her life in danger for a small thing. Zara says they are trying to make me scared, they can stop me but I will fight for my people, nobody can snatch our rights from us. Kabir brings Quran there. He says to Zara that if you come to sharia board for Kausar’s case then I promise on Quran that you will never return to this house and we will never live under the same roof again. Zara is shocked.

Zara cries and recalls Kabir’s promise. Kabir comes there and hears her sobbing. He offers her tissue. She ignores him but he drops at her which says his message. Zara smiles. Messages say that her smile is his everything. Zara tries to ignore him but he comes infront of her, he wipes her tears. Zara says what? you are bad, you said what I couldnt think, is love not there? Kabir says you save our relation, dont come to sharia board, do this to save our relation.


Zara says dont you have to protect our relation too? Kabir says goons came to our house, I am protecting you. Zara says you care about my protection that is why you dont want me to go? if you are worried about my life then I wont come. Kabir says I told you that God gave me right to work outside and you handle house, you dont listen and this happened because of that. Zara says Prophet’s wife used to do business, Islam doesnt stop us then who are you stop us from working out? Zeenat hears their argument. Kabir says I dont want you to come to sharia board, will you do that for me? Servant comes to Zeenat. Zara and Kabir hears her. Zeenat says I just brought tea.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz and says I am going to police, Zara needs security. Shahbaz says if you file a complaint then media will know, Zara wont go now as you gave her a promise, I have arranged security for house.

Zeenat says to Zara that dont go to sharia board otherwise your relation with Kabir will end but if you dont go then women will think you are scared and they will blame Kabir. Zara says what are you saying? Zeenat says argue with your husband and calm down for now. She leaves.

Zeenat comes to her room and says 12 April will be fun, Zara will go to sharia board and their relation will end, I am so happy. Kashan says you are so poisonous. Zeenat says they destroyed my sister’s life too, she takes her phone from him. He leaves. Zeenat calls Rizwan and says how are you? I want to tell you that Irfan is going to become sharia board head again on 12th April, I have one more news but praise me first. Rizwan says dont irritate me, he ends call. Zeenat says he needs my help and once my work is done then I will send him away too.

Scene 2
Kashan comes to Kabir and says dont worry, your wife is mature and she loves you a lot. Kabir says I tried everything but her thoughts are different, what if she comes to sharia board? Kashan says you took many strong decisions, I am sure you will stop Zara. He leaves. Shahbaz hears all.

Shahbaz says to himself that I have to stop Zara from going to sharia board otherwise my son’s respect will be tarnished. Zeenat hides and hears it. Shahbaz calls a goon and tells him some instructions.

Kabir comes to Zara and pulls her from room. Zara says where? Kabir brings her to terrace and shows her food. Zara says we were arguing a lot so I thought to have a food with you. Zara says its very hot here, sun is out. Kabir says I am here too. Zara says I am a woman, I am different. Kabir says thats what I want to tell you, we have different duties. Kabir says husband wants to give all luxuries to his wife so wife needs to go out and work? wife should sit at home and give him peace and happiness in house, dont go to sharia board for me. He puts an umbrella over her.

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