Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 1 July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 1 July 2020: Zara calls someone and tells her some instructions, she says now I will handle things before time runs out. Kabir’s mom asks Kabir why that girl came here? Ruksar says oh God that girl came to fought with namehram guy. Zeenat says she was arguing in that video too. Kabir is silent and recalls how Shahbaz said that he doesnt have to follow everything Kabir says and can follow his religion. He leaves.

Khalid calls Shahbaz and says Irfan called a meeting today, Shahbaz says is he ready to resign? Khalid says dont know, I am going there. He ends call. Shahbaz thinks its time for Irfan to leave and KAbir to become head priest.

Irfan gets ready for meeting silently. Mom asks if he can cancel this meeting, you dont seem so calm. Irfan says I have called this meting so I cant cancel it, and I have to show some people their place. Zara says you remember that I asked you to not resign at any cost, he eyes her and leaves. Mom says to Zara that I never saw him so angry. Zara says he wont ever be, she turns to leave. mom asks where are you going? Zara says I have to meet someone. Mysterious person calls Zara, she says I am coming and leaves.

Zara is on bike with Reema. They stop at signal and sees Kabir in car. Kabir eyes Zara and looks away.

Meeting starts, Irfan comes there and says did all get copy of resignation? Kabir is stunned. Khalid thinks Irfan is resigning, he starts to message Shahbaz that Irfan is resigning. Irfan shouts that Khalid you will be fined for using phone and whoever called media in last meeting, we will investigate for that and he will be punished, those who are trying to do politics and planning to attack me or my family, that person wont be spared as I am head of board and head priest behind whom all offer namaz. Irfan says woman member of board is resigning. Kabir says who is coming in her place? Irfan says resigning member Shaista will introduce her. Shaista brings Zara there. All are stunned. Irfan stands up and glares at her. All look on.

Zara glares at Kabir, Kabir recalls how she said she is with her father from now on. Zara greets everyone. Shaista says I transfer my membership to Zara Siddiqui. Irfan comes to Zara and says Zara Siddiqui.. I welcome you on behalf of board, you are member in replace of Shaista.. Zara smiles. Irfan asks Shaista to leave, she leaves. Irfan says as per rule, you have to take oath. Zara takes oath that I Zara, promise to follow Quran, board rules and government rules to work for my society and.. raise voice for women as a woman. Khalid says last line is not in oath. Zara says then it should be. Kabir is tensed to see her. Zara sits with members of board. Irfan gives instructions.. Kabir leaves.

Scene 2
Shahbaz comes home and says dont know why Khalid is not picking up call. He says to his wife Ayesha that I am very happy today, till now priest Irfan must have resigned and Kabir will become president now, all get happy. Shahbaz asks if anyone wants anything, they can get it. Zeenat says I want to ask you something.. to get Kabir married. Shahbaz says we have to find a girl. Zeenat says I have a girl in my mind, her parents are not alive.. she only have older sister, you people know that girl very well, you love her infact.

Shahbaz says who is that girl? Zeenat says I want my younger sister Ruksar to become part of this house forever. Ayesha and Alina are happy to hear but Shahbaz thinks about it, he says I am okay with that and leaves. Zeenat hugs family, all are happy. Ruksar sees all this and says my sister should get an oscar.

Kabir is outside meeting room. Zara comes out to leave. He turns to leave, Zara asks if he is defeated? Kabir says we will who got defeated after game, game have started now. Zara says dont dare call it a game otherwise you and your father will lose all stakes. Kabir fumes in anger, he says be happy to be with your father, you stubborn girl disappointed Irfan. Zara says people like you think everything is black.. I just want to tell you that I am with my father, he is not alone, his daughter is with him.

Zara comes to Irfan. Irfan asks his wife to bring Zara’s old saving box, we will have a dinner with her money today, for first time she have done something without telling, she is all grown up now, she became part of sharia board without even telling me, he shouts to bring her safe box.

Mom brings her box. Irfan throws and breaks it. Zara is stunned. Coins and some money falls out. Irfan asks Zara tell me how you want to celebrate this success of yours? Mom says you are now so grown up that dont even ask us, what was the need to do all this? Zara says I joined board because of my father, some people were targeting him so I had to tell them that my father is not alone and his daughter is no less than any son, I accept that I took this decision alone and if someone does any bad to my father then I will take another decision like that, she wipes her tears and leaves. Irfan cries sadly.

Kabir comes home. Ruksar comes to his car, he asks what? Ruksar says you said that you will marry a girl which your father choose so your father have chosen a girl for you. Kabir turns to leave, Ruksar says ask who is the girl? Kabir angrily asks where is father? he leaves.

Kabir says to Shahbaz that you said yes to Ruksar for marriage? Shahbaz says last decision is yours, what you want will happen, I wanted to congratulate on Irfan’s resignation. Kabir says he didnt resign? Shahbaz says Khalid messaged me, Kabir says Irfan fined him for that, the game you played, Irfan and his daughter played it.. Zara makes people in her favor, she made Shaista resign and take her place. Shahbaz says see you were taking their side and what they did now. Kabir says what you did was wrong too, they did wrong too so I wont take any side, but that girl coming to board was very wrong like that.

Shahbaz says they can try to form alliance against us but when it comes to politics, Irfan is like an infant to me.. tell your mom that we have to go somewhere, just see what I do.

Irfan meets lawyer and says make a case on media groups that are under Shahbaz’s orders so they will come to their senses. Door bell rings. Shahbaz enters his house with his family. Shahbaz greets Irfan, Irfan greets him back, lawyers leave. Irfan asks can I know why you are here? Shahbaz says father who have daughters dont call fathers on sons.. Irfan says what? Shahbaz says I have brought marriage proposal of Kabir for your daughter Zara, I am looking for people that have respect like us so we want Zara to become our daughter in law..

Irfan is stunned. Shahbaz says I thought about this before too but then I thought that your honor, your position is high that we lower respected people cant make relation with you but.. I realized that you are a jerk. Irfan is stunned.

Zara makes tea for Kabir’s mother Ayesha. Ayesha says when you came home that day, I didnt see you well but you are so pretty. Ayesha asks Zara’s mom if she is miffed with them? Mom says your husband made our daughter’s picture go in newspaper, destroyed our respect and we cant even be miffed? Ayesha says you have right, whatever they did, I feel that they shouldnt drag us in all this.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that you are way ahead of us in politics but you know what can happen to your daughter.. so you accept this marriage proposal?

Mom says to Ayesha that whatever happened was not nice but I am sure that one day God will bring best marriage proposal for her. Ayesha offers her tea.

Irfan says to Shahbaz that dont forget that I am head priest of this city, on my one call, people can throw you out of city easily so I suggest you to drink this tea and go back home. Shahbaz says now you are threatening? you have become human from an angel.

Ayesha says to mom that men can do their politics but we women will have good relation. Zara greets her, Ayesha says be happy always.

Irfan says to Shahbaz that if you are eyeing head priests’s position then I will not let you or your any men become head. Shahbaz gets angry and mistakenly spills tea. Ayesha comes there. Shahbaz says we are leaving but think about what I said, he leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room, he takes off shirt and goes to his washroom.. but Ruksar is there in towel, he is stunned and looks away. Ruksar says my room’s bathroom water is not working so I came here. Kabir says you could have gone to other room, Ruksar says but this is my would be room. Kabir says but you are not right now, atleast you should have locked it. Ruksar says I thought you wouldnt come inside. He starts to leave but Ruksar says can you pass me clothes on your bed? Kabir takes it and offers her.. ,, He is stunned.

Irfan tells Zara’s mom about Shahbaz’s proposal, mom says but Ayesha didnt say anything about that, she is very nice person, she nicely treated Zara too, you also like Kabir, if his father was not a bad person then we could have done this relation.

Ayesha says to Shahbaz that no I dont agree with this proposal, we cant bring darkness to someone’s house to light ours, you have to tell me why you are doing this? Shahbaz says tell me one thing, we were on page that Kabir will become head priest but Irfan doesnt want to make anyone related to me as head, I have given him a proposal, if he says no then whole city will know that he doesnt want to keep good relation with us. Ayesha is stunned and says we dont have to tell the world, its our personal matter. Shahbaz says its a public matter, you just prepare Kabir’s engagement with Ruksar, leave rest all to me. Ayesha is tensed.

Kabir is in office, he sees Zara there. Kabir says to Zara that its strange, office closes at 7PM and its 7:15PM, you are still here. She says you here? he says for work, he asks why you are here? she says this is not a park to I am working. Zara is working a file, Kabir asks what are you doing with this file? she says I dont want to tell, he says then you will have to tell board. Zara says I am working on case of instant divorce, dont you think that injustice happened with that woman? he says yes but board didnt do it, her husband did. She says I want to reopen that case, he says do that in daylight, in evenings, you only plot tricks. Zara says I am helping that poor woman and kid, that couple wants to live together. Kabir says they dont laws, board members have studied many books to give decisions.

Zara says the those books are useless if they cant help others. She turns to leave with file. Kabir says you cant take any file out of board office even if you are head priest’s daughter. Zara puts it back and says okay then I will do debate on this topic in daylight and infront of all board members with you in a few days. She leaves, Kabir looks on.

Irfan tells the head priest, Peer, he doesn’t know what’s going on there. Peer says he knows everything and he is coming to meet them.

Peer tells Irfan, nation got divided, Zara’s pictures came in newspaper and he let everything happen? Ifran says he tried a lot to talk to Shahbaz, but he didn’t listen. Peer says he’s doing all that because he wants to make Kabir Lucknow’s Kazi. Zara comes to meet Peer. Peer gives her blessings. Zara complains that her father emotionally blackmails her. Peer says he will take his class. Zara says she has complain for Kabir too. Peer asks her to call Shahbaz.

Shahbaz tells ladies that they have to do all preparations. He will just attend the function. Zara calls. Kabir picks up and is surprised. She asks him to give phone to Shahbaz. Peer asks Shahbaz to come to Zara’s house with Irfan. Shahbaz informs his family and says now Peer will choose date for engagement. Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says Peer is very important to them. They can’t go against what he says. They leave.

They arrive at Zara’s house. Kabir and Zara look at each other. Shahbaz greets Peer and introduces Kabir to him. Peer asks Zara to take Kabir outside. He wants to talk to their fathers alone. Kabir says he will go himself. They leave.

Peer shows his disappointment with both of them. He blames them for dividing nation in two. Shahbaz says Irfan can’t take harsh decision. Irfan says he is against the fight for no valid reason. Shahbaz replies that you don’t get all rights sitting home, sometimes you need to go out on street. Irfan says they could solve that by talking, he didn’t need to bring his family in that matter. Irfan informs that Shahbaz came with Kabir’s alliance with Zara to insult them.

Outside, Zara and Kabir are staring at each other.

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