Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 27 October 2020


Zara’s Nikah 27 October 2020: In house, Kabir shouts for Zeenat and says enough of tricks in this house. He shows Zeenat’s video to everyone, how she mixed chemical in Zara’s water and made her drink it. All are shocked to see it. Kabir asks why? what wrong did we do with you that you did this with her? you did drama of accident so she cant reach sharia board and then you sent her to hospital? why? Zeenat looks at Shahbaz, he looks away.

Kabir says she wanted to kill Zara, she even used Ruksaar. Zeenat says dont put blames on me. Kabir says I have proof, you used your sister to kill Zara. Shahbaz asks what proof? Kabir says Ruksaar told me everything on phone. Ayesha slaps Zeenat. Zara tries to stop Ayesha but Kabir pulls her back. Ayesha says you crossed all lines Zeenat, you tried to kill Zara? Zeenat says forgive me.

Ayesha says I kept forgiving you, you kept putting Zara but I kept forgiving you but not today, today I will throw you out. Zeenat cries and says to Zara that forgive me, please dont throw me out. Kabir stops Zara and says not today. Ayesha throws Zeenat out of house and closes door on her. Kashan comes there and brings Zeenat in house back, all are stunned. Ayesha says throw her out, she tried to kill Zara.

Kashan angrily glares at them and brings Zeenat out. Kashan says Zeenat will not go, you all will go. Shahbaz says what? Kashan throws papers at him. Shahbaz sees agreement papers. Kashan says winds have changed, I am owner of your business and this house now, all are shocked. Zeenat asks Kabir if he read carefully? you dont have guts to throw me out now. Kabir says to Kashan that you cheated father? you took all his wealth? Kashan says I did what Shahbaz taught me.

Zeenat says as owner of this house, I order you all to bow down to my husband, Kabir and Shahbaz are nothing now, if you want to live in this house then you all have to be our servants. Shahbaz says you think you can take my signs and take everything away? this wealth have shares of Kabir and Alina. Zeenat says when you sold your wealth to pay for debts then its not yours. Zara says you are saying that Shahaz sold this house to Kashan?

Zeenat says Shahbaz’s Singapore’s business failed and he was in debt, he took money from Kashan to pay. Kabir says what money of Kashan? all money in this house is of Shahbaz. Kashan says his business failed and when I realized it, I started my business, his business failed but not mine. Shahbaz says I trusted him so much but today he ate all my money.

Kabir says to Kashan that you cheated them but we are standing with our parents. Zeenat says think about yourself first, if you want to live here then you have to live like our servants otherwise you all can leave. She asks parents if they want to live with these poor Zara and Kabir or peacefully live with us. Kabir looks on.

Kabir recalls Kashan’s words that he is owner of house now. He pours water on his head and recalls Zeenat’s harsh words. Zara stops him and says you will get cold. Kabir says this is their pride, this house is their honor and when its taken from them then what will happen?

Ayesha hugs Kashan’s clothes and cries. Shahbaz says he doesnt care about us. Ayesha says he can take our house but cant take our memories. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will get a bigger house for you. Ayesha says its not about a house, we have all memories here, we raised our kids here, we did everything for Kashan and now he is throwing us out of our house? I wont leave my home, this is our memory bode, why he is doing this? He hugs her and says cry, it will lessen your pain, we will take decision later.

Kabir says to Zara that I will take parents from here. Zara says Kashan wants that only. Kabir says you want Kashan to insult parents? Zara says we can live in a small house but we cant pain parents in this age, we can bear Zeenat and Kashan’s insults and let parents live in peace here. Kabir says they will make our lives hell, Zeenat wont spare your life. Zara says we will think about that later, think about parents and then we will take decision.


Zeenat laughs and says we fooled Shahbaz, I did a deal with Shahbaz, did everything he said to make Zara’s life hell while he trusted you and me but how did you get his sign on blank papers? he is not that fool. Kashan recalls how he went to Shahbaz and he was on call, Kashan said they were bank loan papers and Shahbaz signed on them without seeing it. Kashan says I just fooled him and got this house, he hugs her and says what else do you need? Zeenat says just wait.

Kabir says to Zara that think about our parent. They must be hurt over their other son’s betrayal, I will take them from here and take care of them.

At night, Zeenat comes to Kabir and Zara’s room and wakes up Kabir. She asks him to go and bring her medicines, Kabir will do outside work and Zara will do household work. Kashan smirks. Kabir says we will do work when we stay here but we are not going to, if you had headache then I would have brought it but I wont be your servant. Zeenat says okay then I will wake up Shahbaz and ask him to bring it. Kabir says to Zara that see them, thats why I dont want to live here. Zeenat says then leave from here. She says to Kashan that lets wake up Shahbaz. Kashan nods. Kabir stops her and says I am going. Zeenat says you are not rich anymore, so dont go by car. Zara says to Kabir that I will go with you, we will have a romantic walk. She thanks Zeenat for giving them a chance to have their moment, we will make this punishment an enjoyment. Kabir smiles and holds Zara’s hand. He leaves with her. Zeenat is angry.

Scene 2
In morning, Kabir and Zara are leaving house. Alina says dont go. They come in Shahbaz’s room and see them packing. Zeenat says we like this room so we are going to live in this room and Ruksaar will be back and will live in my room, they can go to some other room. Kabir says no they will live here. Zeenat says why do you worry? you said you will leave from here, dont think about taking parents from here because Ayesha have decided to not leave this house before death. Ayesha cries and says yes Kabir I wont leave this house.

Scene 1
Zeenat says to Kabir that you can stay but we will control you all. Kabir shows them a letter. Zara reads it. It reads that Zeenat provoked her sister Ruksaar and attempted to kill Zara. Kabir says we have Ruksaar’s statement and also CCTV footage, we can reopen Ruksaar’s FIR earlier too, I can send you to jail. Kashan says give proofs to me. Kabir says you were a son but now you are a businessman, I will do a deal, lets put our conditions, first you wont disrespect our parents, you will respect them like all the time, second condition is to not sell this house and third condition is to keep Ruksaar in hospital till she become fine.

He says if you dont agree then Zeenat will go to jail. Zeenat says okay we agree but you have to destroy proofs. Kabir asks her to say sorry to Zara and I will forgive you. Zeenat says sorry to Zara. Zara says my husband forgave you so I will too. Kabir hugs Shahbaz and Ayesha. They have a group hug. Kabir prays for his parents. Zara prays for them too. Ayesha cries and hugs her. Kashan is angry.

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