Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 16 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah 16 February 2021: Kabir comes to the kids and says that you people are going to school. He gives the forms to Zara and asks them to get ready. Zara thanks Kabir. Kabir says thank you for making me realize that.

Ruksaar shows new things to the kids. Firdous gives her a kiss and says it’s very pretty. Ruksaar gives them hijab and says ask Zara to make you wear that.
The kids come to Zara and show her the hijab. She says I am filling the form. The kids throw hijab away. Ruksaar and Kabir come there. Ruksaar sees the hijab on the floor and says this is important.

Firdous says Zara said that form is more important. Kabir shouts at Zara that this is my teaching and you are saying this to them? Zara says they are young, they can’t handle it. Kabir says this is our tradition, girls feel protected with it. Zara says we shouldn’t force them to wear the hijab. Kabir says this is our house’s respect and you have to follow it, he leaves.

Shahbaz meets the head priest. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz tells Kabir that if you talk to Irfan and ask him to request his followers to vote for me then they will listen to him.

Zara gets a weird message from an unknown number. Zara ignores it and makes Alisha and Firdous wear the hijab. Firdous says you don’t wear hijab? Zara doesn’t answer her. Firdous can’t hold the hijab.

Zara comes to Kabir. He is talking to the head priest.

Ruksaar makes Firdous wear the hijab with a safety pin but it opens.

Zara comes to Irfan’s house with Kabir. She says that Firdous can’t handle the hijab. Irfan says hijab is not a must for Firdous but we should give them teaching about it. Zara nods and goes with Salma. Irfan asks Kabir that if he has some confusion then he should ask his heart. Kabir closes his eyes and thinks. He thanks Irfan. Zara comes there. Kabir tells Irfan that I am always with you. Zara thinks that he is so sweet as a person.

Zara puts the things in Kabir’s car. A man passes by and says the same message that she got earlier, he leaves before she can see his face. Zara is tensed. Kabir and Zara come home. They hear Firdous crying and come to her. Firdous has been nipped by the safety pin. Kabir is shocked.

Alizah tells everyone the hijab pin hurt her. Zara hugs Firdous. She says Kabir I told you. Kabir recalls Rukhsar said she fixed the hijab with a pin. Rukshar leaves. Kabir says Rukhsar what are you trying to do? We don’t have to punish these kids. We just have to teach them about our culture. He leaves in anger. Firdous holds Zara’s hand. Zara says show me. She applies medicine on it.

Kabir reads the couplets from Zara’s diary. He says this darkness would get better if you come here. He looks at Zara’s picture. Zara comes in. She says thank you for understand the kids. She says I don’t understand some of the couplets from it. He says when you love someone, and they go away your heart turns barren. Because your desire to meet your beloved never goes away but you will meet them one day or another. Zara says wow. Zara says I will also read a couplet. She says no one takes opinion from me, no one gives importance to me. Kabir laughs. She says do you want coffee? Kabir says no I will sleep. Zara leaves.


Zara recalls her moments with Kabir and smiles. She sees a shadow outside the window. Zara hides. Kabir comes. Zara says Kabir, I saw someone there. Kabir opens the window. No one is there. Zara gets scared and holds his shoulder. Kabir says it was a cat only. Here’s an Urdu dictionary for you.

Scene 2
Shahbaz asks Kabir would Qazi help me? Kabir says he might not. He only gave me a suggestion. He said I should ask my heart and follow it. You’re my father. We would all want you to win this election. So I would be part of this campaign. Shahbaz says this is such a good thing. I am so happy. Come let me show you the newspaper. Jawad and his father Akhtar want to go against me but I will win the elections.

Javed sneaks inside the house and picks the newspaper. He says time will tell who will lose. My dad will win elections and I will win something else. He looks at Zara’s photo. Zara calls Azra and says I feel like it was the same man. Azra says you should tell Kabir. Javed looks at her.

Shahbaz says now my son Kabir will campaign for me. Kabir is bust with everyone. Zara comes there. She looks scared. Kabir says what happened? She says we will talk when you’re free. Kabir says we have to go for admission tomorrow. She says I will handle everything. Zara goes to her room. She says what is wrong with me when I am around him. Javed is there as a cameraman.

The kids are playing. Zeenat comes there. Alizeh says Zara api gave us a certain time to play only. Rukshar comes too. Zeenat says these kids are having an impact on Aman too. I won’t let them be in his school.
Javed comes to Zara’s room. He takes something from her phone.

Rukhsar says to Zeenat we have to make these kids fail in the exam. Zara hears a noise. Javed hides under the bed. Zara sees his phone on the floor. It has her photo on the wallpaper. Zeenat locks Zara in the room. Zara says I felt like someone came to the room. She tries to open the door. Zeenat says to Rukhsar I did what I had to.

Shahbaz says we we will give equal rights to everyone. Kabir says the first Muslim woman Bibi Khadija was a businesswoman too. Shahbaz says to Kashan Kabir would be an ace card in this election. Zara tries to go out but the door is locked. She screams open the door. Javed hides in the restroom. Zara hears the door locking. She looks inside but no one is there.

The kids are playing. Rukhsar says these kids have an exam tomorrow but where is Zara? She is nowhere to teach them.
Zara is scared.




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