Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 1 December 2020

Zara’s Nikah 1 December 2020: Zara says to Kabir that I wont go to Mumbai till I find out what you are hiding. Kabir says you will go back, your ticket is after two days. Zara says you know all information about me? you hate me but keep a tab on my movements?

Kabir says Ayesha told me. Zara says she must have seen you worried for me and told you. Kabir says you are in delusion, go to Mumbai and get treatment. Zara says you came to hospital and asked about my health. Kabir says dont try to conclude something, this relation will end.

Zara says if you want that then why you are sad to leave me? look at me and say that you dont love me, that you dont care about separating from me? Kabir looks in her eyes and is sad. His phone rings. Kabir moves away. Shahbaz calls him and says why you are still near Zara? you know what can happen to her if you go near here. Azra hears Shahbaz on call in market and records it. Kabir ends call and tells Zara to leave. Zara says I wont go. Kabir says please leave. Zara says Lucknow is my house and I wont go. Kabir says you are still stubborn, please go. Zara says I will go but till I dont find out why you are doing all this and still love me till then I wont leave.

Azra shows Shahbaz’s video to Zara and says dont know what he is threatening about to Kabir. Azra says you can talk to Ayesha. Zara says they took my phone because of rays and I dont have their numbers now and Irfan doesnt give me any number. Azra says Ayesha never came to check up on you. Zara says there must be some helplessness for her like Kabir. Azra says dont worry, I will get Ayesha’s number from Salma’s phone.

Kabir comes home and recalls his promise to stay away from Zara and how Shahbaz told him that if he goes near Zara then she will become more ill. He recalls Zara challenging him that he doesnt love her anymore. Kabir is tensed.

Alina shows Kabir saving Zara to Ayesha and says he is still loves her, Amaan says Zara bhabhi will come. He dances around. Kabir comes there and send Amaan away. He says to Alina that Zara cant come in this house, I told you many times that we cant comeback together. Zeenat asks Alina to stop asking about Zara in this house.

Ayesha’s phone rings. She takes call. Zara greets her. Ayesha says Zara? Zara says I want to meet you and ask you something. Kabir takes Ayesha’s phone. Zara says Ayesha you took me as your daughter so meet me as that, you will come? Kabir says no, she wont come to meet you, stop calling here. Zara says she took me as her daughter so you cant stop her. Kabir says you didnt fulfill your promise, when you left for sharia board that day, you proved that you are not this house’s daughter, dont call again. He ends call. Ayesha falls down and faints.

Scene 2
Doctor checks Ayesha. She gives her medicines and leave. Ayesha says I still have knee pain, Zara took me to Dr. Nagma but after her leaving, I didnt go to anyone else. Kabir says you can go to some other doctor. Ayesha says I listen to everything you say, you said you wont keep Zara in this house, I agreed but if I cant go to Nagma with Zara then I wont go any other doctor.

Azra is angry on Kabir. Alina calls Zara and tells her a plan. Zara smiles.

Zara comes to Kabir’s house dressed as driver. She smiles and calls Azra out of car who is dressed as nurse. She asks her to tell Ayesha her daughter is here to take her to hospital.

Scene 1
Zara is in driver’s dress and sends Azra inside telling her to tell Ayesha that she is here. Azra says I am scared of Kabir. Zara says show me your guts. Azra says I will do my work but ask Ayesha what Kabir is upto. Zara says she is ill so I have to make her fine first. Alina comes there and hugs Zara, she says you look cute. Azra says look at me too. Zara says she is my cousin. Alina says I want to get Kabir and Zara together, she tells about family out and says Shahbaz is home so we have to be careful. Zara wishes them luck. Alina and Azra goes in house.

Zeenat hears someone entering house and looks around. Zara is waiting outside. Zeenat starts doing to main door. Zara hides behind car. Zeenat doesnt see her and goes back inside. Amaan calls Zeenat and asks why she didnt come to school? Zeenat says Ayesha got ill, I will meet your teacher tomorrow.

Azra comes to Ayesha and says Dr. Nagma sent me to take you for therapy. Ayesha says I will not go without Zara. Alina says Zara will be with you.Kabir arrives at home. Zara sees him. Kabir says driver can you move your car back? Zara looks down. She wears her glasses to avoid him and sits in car. She moves her car back. Kabir puts his car in parking.

Zara calls Alina but Alina is taking Ayesha from there. Zara calls Azra and says Kabir is coming inside house, he cant see you. Azra sees Kabir coming inside and hides. Kabir brings medicine for Ayesha. Azra calls Zara and says what to do now? I am lost in this house. Zeenat hears voice and follows it.

She sees Azra and asks who are you? Azra says who are you? Zeenat says this is my house, why are you here? you look like a nurse. Zeenat takes her and starts going to main lounge. She brings her to everyone and says nurse was here. Kabir says Zappi? what are you doing here? Ayesha says she has come from Dr. Nagma’s clinic. Kabir says I met her in Mumbai, what are you doing here? Alina says I called Nagma so she sent her nurse here. Zeenat says then why she was roaming in house. Azra says I was going to washroom. Zeenat says Ayesha agreed to go without Zara. Ayesha says I am not feeling well so I will go and get checked from Nagma. Kabir says I will go with her, Alina can stay here. He takes Ayesha from there.

Azra runs to Zara and says Kabir is coming. Kabir brings Ayesha there and makes her sit in car. Kabir says to Azra that sit in back with Ayesha. Azra says no you can sit with her, I will sit in front. Kabir says no, you sit with her, you can help her. He sits in front. Zara looks away so Kabir doesnt recognize her. Zara sits on driving seat. She puts seatbelt on and starts car.

She is about to strike with wall, Kabir moves steering wheel away and car hits pot. Kabir’s hand is on Zara’s hand on steering wheel. He feels something and says you?

Kabir stops car and puts hand on Zara’s hand on steering wheel. He looks at her and says I have seen you somewhere. Zara is tensed. Azra says no you might be mistaken. Alina calls Zara and asks if everything is alright? Zara hmms.

Zeenat hears Alina whispering on call and thinks I will find out what she is upto. She asks Amaan to go and eat from Alina’s hands. Alina messages Zara. Azra replies her that everything is fine, we are going to hospital. Amaan comes there and asks her to make him eat. Zeenat sees Alina’s phone. Alina gets busy with Amaan. Zeenat says I will bring food. Alina says I will bring it, she leaves. Zeenat checks Alina’s messages and is miffed.

Azra, Ayesha and Kabir comes to hospital. Azra takes Ayesha inside clinic and asks Kabir to stay outside.Ayesha lies in bed. Nagma says Zara’s plan cant fail. Azra calls Zara and says Kabir is on reception, be careful. Zara tries to go inside but Kabir stops her and says you are a driver and man, why are you going in women’s ward? He makes her sit beside him and says you are a fool. He takes cap and glasses and sets it on her head. Zeenat comes there in veil and asks about Nagma. She goes inside.

Ayesha says to Azra that you told me that Zara will be here, where is she? Zeenat comes there and hides. Azra says to Ayesha that dont worry, she is coming inside, she was with you whole time.

Zara thinks how to go away from Kabir. Kabir goes to washroom. Zara runs from there.

Zara comes to Ayesha’s ward and takes off her mustache. Ayesha hugs her and says you did all this to bring me to doctor? Azra says Kabir couldnt find truth. Ayesha says to Zara that you are my daughter, I wanted to meet you and say sorry, you are bearing pain because of my son, I should have stopped Kabir from promising on Quran instead of trying to stop you from going to sharia board. Zara says it was not your fault, dont cry. Zeenat sees all that and says I have to stop that drama.
Zeenat calls Shahbaz and tells him that Alina and Ayesha are part of this drama. Shahbaz tells her some plan.

Zara says to Azra that be with Ayesha, I am going to Kabir as he might doubt me. She leaves.
Zara comes to Kabir as driver. Kabir says where were you? Zara says you were looking for me? Kabir says your smile reminds me of someone. Kabir says you drive like her too. Zara says your girlfriend? Kabir says I am a priest. She was my wife. Zara says you look sad, she doesnt live with you? my wife doesnt live with me too, she wants to divorce me. Kabir looks away. Zara says your wife wants divorce too? Kabir nods. Zara says you dont want to divorce her? Kabir looks down sadly and says dont ask more. Zara says you love her a lot right?

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