Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 3 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah 3 December 2020: Zara enters Kabir’s house and shouts for him. All are stunned. Alina, Amaan and Ayesha runs to her. Kabir comes there. Zara greets. Zara says why you all are shocked? I have come to repair porch that I damaged, Kabir came to ask for bill, I want to ask that I am still his wife right? Ayesha says yes. Kabir says yes you are.

Zara says then he should bear my expenses still. Ayesha says true. Zara says it means that my husband will bear expense of damage I did, he thinks that he will make me hate him but I still see love in his eyes.

Azra says you cant stop love like that, he cant hide it. Ayesha laughs and true. Amaan asks when will she comeback? Zara says soon, now lets repair damage. Kabir says you are doing drama here? Zara says my father cheque but I didnt agree, it will be insult to you if my father paid, you are my husband so you shouldnt be blamed that you cant take care of me so I came to work on damage. Alina and Amaan say we will help you. Kabir looks on.

Zara, Azra, Amaan and Alina start working on pots. Kabir says enough Zara, I dont need damage money, you can leave. Zara says no. Zeenat asks Amaan to leave, he says I want to help Zara. Zara asks him to pray that Kabir’s truth comes out, he nods and leaves. Ayesha gets dizzy. Kabir and Zara runs to her. Zara says to Ayesha that you dont have to help me, you are recovering. Ayesha says you are still part of this house so you can do what you want, I will bring breakfast. Zeenat asks Kashan to leave, you dont need to do this. Zara says to Kashan that you can go to office, we will do it, he nods and leave.

Zeenat calls Shahbaz and tells that Zara is here. She says we have to do something before she comes back here for good. He ends call and calls head priest.

Kabir is in room and thinks that she keeps trying to break me, God do something. Kashan comes there and says I dont know how to make you understand, I did more mistakes. Kabir says you are my elder. Kashan says people always told me that I cant control my wife but I dont understand that men always have to control wives? cant we love them? they leave their house and family for us so cant we give them freedom? we shouldnt leave people whom we love, you love her so dont leave her. Kabir says dont force me to change my decision. Kashan says I wont force you but that girl is ready to fight world for you, she is your love, if she goes awway then everything will be finished. He leaves. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
Head priest says to Shahbaz that Zara is Kabir’s wife and we cant stop them from meeting. Shahbaz says you said to keep them away. Priest says at that time I thought they didnt like each other and should be away for sometime. Irfan says Zara wants to try her best to retain this relation. Priest says if their love didnt fade away even after one year of separation then even God want them together.

Zara is hammering a nail but hurts her finger. Kabir runs to her and pulls her inside house. He cleans her wound and kisses her hand… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. Kabir recalls Shahbaz’s words to make Zara hate him and stops himself.

Shahbaz calls his goon and gives him some instruction.

Zara is playing Kabir’s house with Azra. Shahbaz’s goon comes there and goes to balcony. He hides. Zara comes to worker. Worker says when are you coming back? Zara sees her washing clothes and sees Kabir’s kurta. Zara acts like talking to his kurta.

Kabir sees it. Zara hugs his kurta and says I miss you a lot, I will take you with me. Zara asks worker to bring bag for her. She goes. Kabir comes there and asks for his kurta. Zara hides it. Kabir points that its his. Zara shakes her head and says its just a kurta. Kabir says you wont get any memory of mine. He asks for it but Zara holds his hand and says why your eyes are telling something else? Kabir says what do my eyes say? He leaves from there. Goon throws pot from balcony. It is about to fall on Zara but Kabir sees it and pushes her away. Goon runs away from there.


Kabir asks if she is fine? he asks her to leave. Zara says I am fine. Kabir says why dont you understand? It could fall on you, if you stay with me then bad will happen to you. Zara says what? I saw Shahbaz threatening you. She shows him Shahbaz’s video and says why he was asking you to stay away from me otherwise bad will happen to me? what is it? please its stressing me, please tell me. She hugs him. Kabir recalls his promise that he will go away from Zara. Kabir pushes her away and says truth is that my soul doesnt you near me, I have separated you from my life, go back your home, he leaves. Zara is hurt. Alina and Azra comes to her. Zara runs from there. Kabir sees it and is hurt.

Scene 2

Azra says to Zara that how can he shout on you? I wouldnt spare him. Zara says his eyes show different emotions. I brought his kurta. Lets go home.

Zara and Azra comes home. Salma sees mud in their feet. Azra says there is so much pollution in city. Salma says you both worked on damage? Zara says who told you? Salma says Ayesha told me, dont hide from me, I am cool mom now. She says to Zara that dont worry everything will be fine. She says I am going for ramadan shopping. Salma leaves. Zara says how she became so sweet? Azra laughs. Alina calls Zara and says I want to show you something.

She video calls her and shows her Kabir interrogating servants for pot falling from balcony. Kashan says you could have hurt yourself Kabir. Kabir says what if something happened to Zara? Alina says to Zara that he is asking everyone in house, he loves you. Zara says yes, I saw love in his eyes, I have hope now. Kabir hears it. He comes to Alina and takes phone. He says there is no hope, I dont care about you Zara. Zara says anyone can see love in your eyes for me. Kabir looks away and gives phone back to Alina. Alina leaves.

Kabir recalls Zara’s words that love can be seen his eyes. He recalls Shahbaz’s words that he has to remain away from Zara. Kabir says if I stay here then Zara will find truth, I have to go away from Zara till divorce is not finalized, she will not see love in my eyes if I am away. Kabir tells family that he is going to Dubai, I will stay there for a month. Ayesha says why? Kabir says because of Zara and her drama, I will stay there till divorce is finalized.

Zara gets to know that Kabir is going to Dubai. She cries and calls Kabir at night. Kabir says where did you get my call? I am tired of you, Zara says you hate me so much that you are leaving? Kabir says I am going away because of your antics. Zara says God doesnt want us to break our relation, I thought you were happy being away from me but when I saw you, I saw love in your eyes for me, please dont leave, I dont want to end this relation, please.

Kabir is tensed and says stay away, you will only bring storm in my life, stay away, he asks her to not call him. Zara cries and says plays dont cut call.. it will give me peace that you are near me. Kabir tries to cut call but cries and cant. Agar tum saath ho plays. Zara says you are listening? please talk to me otherwise I will die. Kabir throws phone away. Zara cries. Kabir says no, what if something happened to her? I have to meet her. Zara thinks I have to meet Kabir.

Kabir drives away to meet Zara. Zara is walking on road to find him. She is dizzy and tensed. Kabir imagines his image stopping him and says dont go to Zara. Kabir says she is my Zara, I just want to see if she is fine. Kabir’s image says that only bad will happen if you go to her. Kabir starts leaving. Zara is nearby and falls down. A woman makes her sit down. Goon comes to her and teases her. Kabir doesnt see Zara and shoos goon away. He leaves from there.

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