Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 19 November 2020

Zara’s Nikah 19 November 2020: Bilal is crying looking at his family photos. He says my wife Kausar took my kids away. Kabir comes to his house. Bilal says my wife was bad, she was a cheater, liar, didnt have any shame, and didnt respect me, I kept bearing her for my kids.

Kabir says how are we responsible for all this? Bilal says not you but your wife made my life hell because of her thoughts, Kausar’s thoughts changed when Zara came forward, she says that she can do anything because Zara will stand with her, I gave everything to Kausar but if I try to stop her from doing bad then she says that she will file a case and get Zara on board. Kabir says we can call meeting for this issue. Bilal says no, its our family matter and I dont want it to go to sharia board. Kabir says I never heard anything like about my wife. Bilal says our neighbor’s wife threatens him with zara’s name.

Kabir says I can tell you that Zara doesnt want bad for anyone, you are wrong to say that Zara can hurt anyone. Rizwan hears all that and thinks to use it against Kabir and Zara.

Scene 1
Kabir says sorry to Rizwan for making him wait. Rizwan says you are working for people, what did Bilal say? Kabir says he thinks its happening because of Zara, I will find out, I will go in disguise and listen to people. He leaves from there. Rizwan calls his people to plan out.

Kabir dresses as an old man and comes to society. He hears men talking about women going out of control. Kabir orders for tea and says my wife doesnt give me money. Man buys tea for him and says I am worried about my wife too, she keeps threatening me with Zara’s name about divorce rule. Another man says that women now threaten us with sharia board and police.

Kabir comes to women and says I am worried about my daughter, her husband threw her out of house, she is poor. Woman says take her to Zara, she will scare him, we keep our men in control using Zara’s name, we have never met her.

Kabir tells everything to Zara. Zara says they are using me? I will talk to Bilal’s wife Kausar. Kabir says just make sure that word doesnt get out of his house.

Zara comes to meet Kausar. Kausar says I am so happy to meet you, you are my role model. Zara says I raise voice for justice, I am here to talk about Bilal, he says that you are creating troubles for him. Kausar says I dont want to talk about it. Zara says you have two kids, they need father and will use his name for life, tell me whats the matter?

Zeenat talks to doctor and says Ruksaar is improving? I will soon bring her home. Kashan comes and takes phone from her, he asks her to stop talking to Samir.

Zara comes to Kabir and says Bilal was lying, Kausar is doing job because he doesnt pay for school of kids or for anything, she was crying, I promised her to give her justice by sharia board. Kabir says I promised Bilal to bring it in sharia board. Zara says you will give justice to Kausar.

Kabir wakes up and sees case prepared on Zara’s laptop. Zara brings tea and says you are not drinking it? Kabir says my wife doesnt listen to me. Zara says I am not an activist here. Kabir says you dont respect me. Zara says Kausar is innocent, if Bilal is telling truth then why he doesnt want to go to sharia board? Kabir says because he is worried about his respect, I promised to not bring it in sharia board, he is innocent.

Zara says how can you tell that without any proof. Kabir says he told me in mosque, I have decided that this case will waste time only, she is doing job without his consent, I went there, women are blackmailing there using your name. Kausar is lying, dont do this, take this case back.

Kabir comes to meet Rizwan. He asks about Kausar-Bilal case? Kabir says Zara wants to fight that case. Rizwan says and you dont want to? Kabir looks on. Zara comes there and tells Kabir that I am going to society to talk to people there. Rizwan says Kabir went there, you dont trust your husband? Kabir angrily leaves. Rizwan says he is sharia board head too. Zara says yes and I trust him completely.

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