Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 14 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah 14 January 2021: Zara is leaving Banne’s house, his son comes there and says my father is a little difficult, we would be proud if our recipes are used on national level, she gives recipes to him. She calls Kabir and says I am coming.

She calls man and says I cant come today. He says my sister was praising you a lot, please come for 5 minutes. Zara says okay. She comes to man’s house, his sister asks her to stay. Police comes there and says search this house. Zara is confused, they check Zara’s purse and finds pendrive inside. Zara says its not mine, police checks content of it and arrests Zara.

Zara says its not mine, listen to me. Zara recalls how that girl met her at Airport. Zara thinks that I cant tell Kabir. She says I have to send this to Kabir, she sends recipes to Kabir but officer takes her phone.

Kabir gets ready as chef. He gets Zara’s recipes. Manager says we have to start competition, Kabir asks for sometime. He calls Zara but she doesnt pick up. Competition starts.Zara tells officer that she didnt do anything. She thinks what will I do now?

Ruksaar comes to mosqu and asks a man to tell Shahbaz his wife is in hospital. He goes and tells him. Ruksaar thinks Kashan cant stop Shahbaz from telling Kabir.

Shahbaz comes to hospital. Kashan says I tried calling you. Shahbaz says you didnt tell Kabir? Kashan says Ayesha asked not to. Shahbaz says are you mad? He needs to be here.

Shahbaz calls Kabir but judge takes it. Shahbaz asks him to give it to Kabir. Kabir takes call. Shahbaz says your mother is very ill, she is in hospital, come here.

Shahbaz shouts at Kabir and asks him to comeback for his mother, he ends call. Kabir tells judge that he has to leave.

Zara tells officer that she is from Lucknow, she tries to find her ID but cant. Zara says I am sure they are trapping me, let me call. She tries to call Irfan but his phone is off, she calls Ayesha. Shahbaz takes call, officer takes call and asks if he knows someone Zara Siddiqui? Shahbaz says no, we dont, he ends call. Officer says they dont know you. Zara says you are mistaken, I am not from this gang. She sees goons fighting and is terrified.

Ayesha becomes conscious, all come in her room. Doctor says its a miracle that she is awake. Ayesha asks if Kabir is fine and taking part in competition? Doctor says God wants him to be there. Ayesha gets judge’s all, judge says Kabir left from here, he is winning but he is leaving. Kabir comes there and sees Ayesha on video call, he says I am coming, just let me know how are you? Ayesha says I want you to comeback but I want you to be a winner, you are a fighter, you cant leave that front and come here, fight there and win, I am fine, I will be in peace if you win and then come here, if you are my son then do your duty and win. Kabir says you are right, I am your son. Ayesha prays for his victory. Kabir kisses her goodbye. Judge says lets fight for it, your mother is with you. Kabir goes to his table and starts cooking.

Scene 2
All leave Ayesha’s room. Ayesha glares at Ruksaar and recalls how she didnt help her when she was dying. Ruksaar comes out of room and says if she remembers that I didnt help her then I am dead.

Irfan and family watches food competition. Judges tell recipes to participants. Judges says you all prepared for these dishes but you wont make it. All are stunned. They call a special guest who says that you have to make a dish which I will show.


Officer asks lady constable to search her. Zara says no, she moves back, a man comes forward and says I am Zain Abdullah, you didnt recognize me? Officer says what lawyer? You are always here, stay away from this case. Zain says you are my friend so I am not filing a case on you, I am against crime and injustice. Zain says these goons did a crime so punish them but leave this girl, she is innocent, you are doing injustice, look at her face, I am feeling bad, whats your name? Zara says Zara Siddiqui. Zain says I want to be her lawyer and free her. Officer says why you want to free this girl only? Lawyer says I want proofs but I can look in person’s eyes and find out if he did a crime or not.

Zain tells officer that he can tell Zara is innocent and he will prove it. He takes Zara from there to talk.

Manager shows ice-cream to contestants. Kabir recalls how Salma told him to make some sweetdish and how he told that he is weak in that department. Judge says I was weak in making sweetdishes but I tried and made it perfect. Guest says your ice-cream should be right mix of soft and hard. All taste it.

Zain says to Zara that I am a good man and your lawyer, I can get work easily but I help people who are stuck in wrong cases. Zara says I didnt do any crime so I dont need lawyer. Zain says they wont accept it, I just want to bring you out of this trouble.

Contestants tell guest that this dish is amazing. Guest says you have to replicate this dish which looks and tastes like this only, you will get one life line, you can get help one time, your time starts now. All start cooking. Kabir is tensed and thinks. Salma, Irfan and Ayesha are watching on TV. Irfan says where is Zara? I will go and call her. Azra says Salma is worried like Kabir is her son. Salma says I like him a lot and if Zara is happy with his friendship then I am too, they can start a new life together when they comeback, I have seen their love and I was wrong earlier.

Zara tells Zain that I have to go somewhere, can you call one number? She gives him number and goes inside. Zain calls Irfan and says your daughter is in police station, she is stuck here and lost her ID so send her ID first, I am her lawyer. Irfan says what? He ends call and says I sent Kabir with her but he didnt take care of her, my daughter needs me so I am going.

Zain comes to Zara in police station and sees Zara praying. A woman says someone is waiting for her so she is praying for him.

Scene 2
All are busy in preparing dish, judge says you dont have much time, hurry up. Kabir is working on his dish. Judge says only 20 minutes remaining. Kabir puts his ice-cream in fridge and works on dressing. He brings his ice-cream out of fridge after sometime but a contestant strikes with him and his ice-cream falls down, all are shocked. Judge says you should have been careful, you dont have time to make another, what will you do now? Judge says you can use your life line with liquid nitrogen. Kabir uses it and freezes his ice-cream. Another contestant’s ice cream is destroyed so he throws it away. Kabir’s ice-cream is destroyed but he says I am ready to take challenge.

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