Zara’s Nikah Update Sunday 7 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah 7 February 2021: Kabir tells Zara that you are destroying Imran and Azra’s life. Zara says you can’t see pain of the kids? Kabir says I can but we can’t let Imran take this. They try to go and talk to them but room door is locked.Imran comes in the wedding venue and tells everyone that we have taken a decision. Azra says they have become a part of our lives so we want to adopt them. Kabir comes there and says this shouldn’t have happened.

Ruksaar sees them and thinks that I can’t let Kabir stop Imran. She tells Azra that you have a big heart, you have taken a good decision. She tells Zara that now kids will be happy. This is a pious work. All are happy. Imran’s father says that this is wrong, we don’t even know this Zara girl. Kabir asks Imran to think. Zara asks Azra to not do this. Azra says we will not move back. Imran’s father says you are demanding us even before the wedding, we don’t want this, we don’t even know about these kids, they must be cheap, they can’t enter my house.

Azra says I promised myself to be nice to these kids, I have decided that these kids will stay with me so you have to accept them. Imran’s father shouts that this girl is shameless, we are breaking this wedding. Irfan asks him to calm down, our daughter’s life is at stake.

Imran’s father shouts at him to stop it. Kabir asks Shahbaz to do something. Imran tells his father that he likes those kids, please. His father says I will never accept them, he takes a glass piece and says I will kill myself. Imran stops him and says what are you doing? He hugs him and cries. Imran sadly looks at Azra and says what can I do? I can’t go against my father. He leaves from there. All are shocked. Kabir looks on. Salma cries. Kabir glares at Zara and says you are responsible for all this. Zara says how can you say this? I came to you. Kabir says you have put this thought in the minds. Firdous asks him to not fight. Kabir says we are talking, don’t worry. Kabir tells Zara that you have done this, he leaves. Ruksaar tells Zara that they have done so much for you but you have used those kids to get a good life, you wanted to win over Kabir, he rejected you so you played a game with Azra. Zara says no. Shahbaz says we are from good families so we are sparing you, Irfan should consider your place here, he leaves.


Zara tries to talk Kabir but Ruksaar stops her. Zara says I will prove in 24 hours that I am innocent.Zara is on the road and recalls Kabir alleging her.Kabir brings the food for the kids. Kids say that how we will live without Zara? They cry. Kabir asks to calm down. He makes Firdous eat with his hands. She says I want Zara aapi here. Kabir calls her. Kashan comes there and says Zara is not at her house.Zara recalls her childhood and how his father divorced her mother, she says I have to go back to that man today. She gets an auto and looks at the kids’ picture, she says I will come back soon.

Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that your plan worked, Ruksaar says Zara can try again to propose Kabir but what if kids are gone then she won’t have the reason to go behind Kabir.Kabir plays with the kids. He makes them smile and eat. Ruksaar asks if they need anything else? The kid says Zara. Kashan gets the call from Irfan and says yes, Kabir will drop the kids.

Azra is crying. Irfan consoles her and says Kabir is bringing the kids. Salma says how will kids live without Zara?Zara gets on a road but a car hits her and she faints.Kabir brings the kids to Irfan’s house. He tells Azra that I pray for you, I have to talk to Zara. Salma says we don’t know where she went. Azra says I just pray for her safety. Kabir says why are we worried for her when she doesn’t care?Azra prays for Zara.Zara is in the hospital and the doctors try to control her breathing but she is critical.Kabir is calling Zara.

Irfan gets the call from adoptive parents that they are coming to Zaid.Zeenat stops Ruksaar and says Zara is innocent, you said too much to her. Ruksaar says why do you think she will come back? Zeenat says she will come back, she is not a runner.Inspector talks to the doctor and says we are searching for her family.The kids are worried for Kabir. Kabir says she will come soon. Kabir says I am going to find her, he leaves. Ruksaar comes to Irfan’s house.

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